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You’re Watching Animal Facts “A dog is the only thing on earth that loves
you more than he loves himself.” – Josh Billings. For the most part, all doggies are sweet and
loving, but certain breeds are known for being more gentle and affectionate than others. We’ve gathered you a short list of big affectionate
babies. We present to you 7 Most Affectionate Large
Dog Breeds. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. 7. Collie This Scotland native is a sensitive and intelligent
dog, known for his undying loyalty and amazing ability to foresee his owner’s needs. He is a great family companion and is still
a capable herding dog. He is a family dog and enjoys being part of
all household activities. He’s especially fond of kids, and he enjoys
playing with them and protectively watching over them. He will be your child’s best friend. Just like the Hollywood Superstar Lassie,
your Collie would swim through snake-infested rivers to protect your child, but she would
probably rather cuddle on the couch. 6. Irish Wolfhound It might be surprising to some that the tall,
muscular Irish Wolfhound is a big cuddly teddy bear. The Irish Wolfhound is known to be incredibly
patient with kids and loving towards his family. This gentle giant is sometimes calm and dignified,
sometimes playful and silly, always easygoing and loyal. He is friendly with strangers and expects
to be petted. 5. Old English Sheepdog Who needs a pillow or a blanket when you have
a Shaggy Old English Sheepdog in the family? This cuddly canine is perfect because that
thick coat of fur practically demands to be touched. He is a great breed for kids and is known
to be playful, energetic, and affectionate around them. He also has a remarkable sense of humor and
enjoys his fun-spirited antics. If you get your heart set on the Old English
Sheepdog, be prepared to devote about three-to-four hours a week to grooming your hiss shaggy
coat. 4. American Pit Bull Terrier The American Pit Bull Terrier has gotten a
bad name. The evening news just loves stories about
Pit Bull attacks. Some cities have even gone so far as to ban
the breed. But a well-bred Pit Bull, living in a loving
home, is far from the monster he has been painted to be. He is a loving, loyal, clown who makes an
excellent companion. He loves being with people and wants to be
included in all family activities whether it’s a ride in the car, a neighborhood stroll
or a romp in the park. In a loving family, a Pit Bull is a sweetheart,
which many owners describe as a big baby in a dog’s body. 3. Greyhound People are often amazed by the Greyhound’s
gentle and quiet disposition. But those that know him call him the 45 mph
couch potato. He is tolerant of children and, being non-aggressive,
will usually walk away from annoyance rather than snap or growl. In spite of his great athletic ability, the
greyhound is quite happy to spend most of the day sleeping. He’s quite happy curled up next to you on
the couch. Most Greyhounds are politely reserved with
strangers and prefer to lean against their owner’s leg rather than approaching people
they don’t know. 2. Labrador Retriever What list of gentle dogs would be complete
without the quintessential Labrador Retriever? He is an excellent family dog. The Lab’s gentle disposition and sometimes
overwhelming friendliness have made him the most popular dog breed for quite some time
now. He’s friendly with everyone, including strangers. He’s large and bouncy with a positive outlook
on life. And he’s not afraid to show it with plenty
of cheerful tail wagging. One of the best dogs for children of all ages,
Labrador Retrievers are kindly, good-natured, and take most things in stride. Why isn’t the Lab number one on this list? Well, you had your say in the comments of
previous videos and we listened. Before we get to number one, have you seen
our Animal Facts Merch? If not, check out the link in the description
after the video. 1. Newfoundland You would have never let me get away with
making this list without the Newfoundland. As a matter of fact, the AKC Standard says,
“Sweetness of temperament is the hallmark of the Newfoundland.” Calm, dignified, and generally quiet, this
big breed does best in a spacious home in the suburbs or country, preferably in a non-humid
climate, ideally with access to a lake or pond. Newfoundlands love love love the water! And he loves loves loves his people. This kindly dog is good-natured with everyone,
especially children. He is very sociable and needs more companionship
than many other breeds. Newfoundlands don’t do well when left alone
for long periods. He is after all a people dog. If you like this video, check out some of
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bell for more fun, fauna facts. And as always, catch ya next time.

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32 Responses

  1. Animal Facts says:

    What breeds do you think are the most affectionate of the large dog breeds? Let us know.

  2. Lisa A says:

    Yay, rough collie ! Xoxoxoxo.

  3. Charlene Daugherty says:

    The English Mastiff. Gentle, loyal, and great with children.

  4. Siamesemama1 says:

    Rottweiler. My kid's Rottie "Ty", was "the best dog ever"! Sweet, sociable, funny & very, very smart.

  5. Janus Loggins says:

    I do love big dogs and I enjoy being around them but when it comes to my own dog, I can take care of a small dog better.

  6. Candice W. says:

    Newfoundland ! So cute

  7. Pelle Haglund says:

    What about the golden retriever tho 🙁

  8. StarFruit69 says:

    We have a pitbull named Ziggy and are two cats bully her. She hasn't figured out yet that they cats don't want to play with her! 😅

  9. Destiny Rose says:

    Where are the Aussies?? 💕

  10. Jenna Hilton says:

    Uhh, for the Old English Sheepdog, I think you actually showed us a Bearded Collie as Old English Sheepdogs don’t have tails.

  11. SaoirseVlogz Saoirsethemuser says:

    For me a pointer! There are so good with children I have a black bracco italiano which i think it's a mix between a bloodhound and a pointer xx

  12. Sofie Veskrnova says:

    where is Great Swiss mountain dog??

  13. Winnie the Pooh says:

    Is beagle can grow up? Please awnser it 😅🙏😅🙏

  14. Marcelo Zanuski says:

    Whats up with the creepy child’s voice?

  15. Yeti’s Place says:

    LOVED the Samoyed in the beginning!!! You needed to add them, as they were bred to live with their families inside in Siberia. Samoyeds used to keep their owners warm at night, by laying on top of them in bed, acting as a super warm blanket.

  16. Nancy Ohara says:

    Golden retriever

  17. Gomaberry says:

    My grey is so sweet to me. The more we develop our relationship, the better it gets.

    She totally leans into me like how you said in the video. It’s not just if they’re in an uncomfortable situation, but also their way of expressing affection—a “hug.”

  18. Jack says:

    I have two old English sheep dogs the don't take long to brush

  19. Lil Savage says:

    where is the great Dane the just overgrown chihuahuas but much more friendly. great Danes don't know they don't quite fit in your lap and they're always up to a good snuggle!

  20. 2koolaree says:

    You neglected the biggest most loving cuddler – Bouvier des Flandres

  21. Sexy Meme says:

    No fox?

  22. doris collins says:

    I have a St Bernard which is so good with my Grandson, who crawls all over her, and plays with the cats and allows the cat suck on her jowls.

  23. Helena says:

    Does the collie shed alot?😁

  24. Walthe the havanese - says:

    What about the Samoyed

  25. Reese Pyrtle says:

    Ok…Where are the English bulldog, boxer and GERMAN SHEPHERD?!?! They are the most sweetest and loving dogs and in my opinion the funniest!

  26. fabygoo says:

    Yay for pitties! 😍

  27. Dick Gravestone says:

    Pitbull 😘

  28. Lawrence Osborne says:

    What a load of rubbish you included a pit bull but omitted the best dog with children and people the Boxer , l am 78years old and have had dogs all my life and in my opinion the boxer bitch is unbeatable.

  29. Epic Tammy.s says:

    I’ve got a Newfie and she wouldn’t even hurt a fly! She is a very very gentle giant though. She is so kind and loves me so much and I love her 🙂

  30. Anne Baskerville says:

    7. Border Collie
    6. Irish Wolfhound
    5. Old English Sheep dog
    4. American Pit bull terrier
    3. Greyhound
    2. Labrador Retriever
    1. Newfoundland

  31. aswathi achu says:

    Where is St Bernard🙄🧐

  32. ligertnek Ligertnek says:

    Im surprised that golden retriever is not on the list..

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