7 Things to Know About Owning a Ragdoll Cat Cats 101

You’re Watching Animal Facts People love the Ragdoll. And it’s easy to see why. He’s a gorgeous cat with unique characteristics
and traits. Truth is a lot of cat lovers would love to
have a Ragdoll companion. But, do you really know what to expect from
this beautiful feline? Considering how rare and expensive this beauty
can be, here are seven things you need to know about owning a Ragdoll Cat. Let’s get started, but before we start,
make sure to hit that subscribe button and click the bell icon to become part of our
notification squad. 7. You may have heard that The Ragdoll doesn’t
shed. The truth is that your fluffy kitty will shed
a LOT, despite some internet claims. This is especially true in warmer climates. There is little you can do to stop this from
happening. As a result, you’ll have to come up with
creative ways to rid your furniture and clothing and likely every other surface of your house
of kitty hair. And, you’ll likely end up brushing your
feline friend at least twice a week and regular trips to the groomer will definitely need
to be added to your schedule to keep him free of mats and to trim his coat. Oh, and if you’ve heard that the Ragdoll
is hypoallergenic, he’s not. 6. Not all Ragdoll cats go floppy when held. Although many expect the Ragdoll to be wilt
into their arms like his namesake child’s toy, not all Ragdoll cats feel obliged to
play the role of a fuzzy baby doll. All cats are individuals and the Ragdoll,
despite his reputation for doing so, may not go limp when being held. Like other cats, he might not like being held
at all. You might get one that does, but don’t base
your decision to get a Ragdoll on it. 5. The general consensus of Ragdoll lovers is
that he is exceptionally affectionate. Take this with a grain of salt, again cats
are individuals. If you want loner that will leave you alone,
the Ragdoll should probably not be your first choice. The Ragdoll loves to sit on your lap, be near
you and have your attention. He’s not going to hide while you’re entertaining
guests either. He’s going to make its presence well known
and he’s going to demand attention from anyone who will give it. He loves being very close to people and demands
attention. But, then again, your Ragdoll might not be
a lap cat at all. 4. Related to the fact that he loves people;
the Ragdoll is not a huge fan of being left alone for long periods of time. If you work a lot or are out of the house
for often, a Ragdoll isn’t going to be a happy kitty. As a matter of fact, many Ragdoll fan report
that he’s not content to wait outside the bathroom while you shower or even a short
trip to the potty. Some suggest you could get two Ragdolls so
that they’ll have someone to have a decent conversation with while you’re out. 3. The Ragdoll is intelligent, which can lead
to a bit of mischief if you’ve not set guidelines at an early age. When it comes to cats, there are rarely rules
per se, just guidelines of acceptable behavior. But, if you start early, he’ll learn quickly
what is acceptable and what is not. If you don’t want your Ragdoll on the counters,
for example, be firm and consistent and start early. 2. If you are used to having short-haired domestic
cats, then you might be surprised by just how big the Ragdoll can get. Of course, there are smaller Ragdolls. But he is considered to be a large cat breed. So, you need a larger litter box, a larger
cat bed, a larger cat tree and larger food bowls and ummm larger bags of food. You will also need a larger cat carrier, as
the Ragdoll not only weighs more but maybe taller and longer than your average kitty. Have you seen our Animal Facts Merch? Of course, we’ve got cat t-shirts and more. There is a link in the description or on the
card in the upper right corner of this video. 1. As a breed, the Ragdoll is relatively rare
and thus expensive and can be a bit hard to find. Any time there is a scarcity, you run the
risk of scams. There are a surprising amount of scams online
when it comes to adopting a purebred kitten. Make sure that you’re adopting a Ragdoll cat
through a reputable breeder who is registered with TICA and CFA if you have your heart set
on a Ragdoll or any other purebred animal for that matter. Ask around on Facebook groups and forums,
if you don’t know where to start. All the kitties in this video are from House
of Steward Ragdoll Kittens’ YouTube channel. There’s a link in the description. And, of course, the cost of having a Ragdoll
in your home doesn’t end at the breeder either. A Ragdoll is a 15-20 year commitment which
includes food, grooming, and larger amenities. He’s also prone to certain breed-specific
health issues, such as heart conditions and bladder stones that could require veterinarian
care. And, of course, there ’s always the chance
of addiction and that one Ragdoll cat may be the gateway to a houseful of Ragdolls. If you like this video, check out some of
our other videos here. Don’t forget to subscribe and hit that notification
bell for more amazing kitties. And as always, catch ya next time.

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77 Responses

  1. Animal Facts says:

    Tell us what you love about the Ragdoll Cat?

  2. Teri Warzeka says:

    There beautiful

  3. Janus Loggins says:

    Wonderful and beautiful little kitties!!! Is this handsome young man at the beginning your son?

  4. Carol Wilson says:

    Very cute little cat. It looks like they can be a lot of fun.

  5. Gaby J. says:

    Stop saying it’s a “he”
    It kind of well… i dont know annoying

    just say “they”

  6. Maiza Furqan says:

    I love the fact that ragdolls have the best personnality just like me maiza

  7. Christina Waldrop says:

    The ragdoll is a beautiful animal. I have one, she's 2 years old. But from the beginning this cat has turned my household upside down. She is INSANE. She does what she wants, and that's usually what I don't want her to do. She is very affectionate and demands attention of anyone who comes within paw's range. Very active, and very vocal. Until we had her fixed she almost constantly paced and howled all night long. The fixing didn't calm her as much as I'd hoped it would.

  8. vitaly Kn says:

    Thanks for telling the truth because I have a Rag doll that sheds but not a lot and it is very playful 😺

  9. vitaly Kn says:

    I love that they want attention and they listen to you and they're very playful and my cat Luna doesn't care when I'm giving it a Bath

  10. Kyra en Lizzy cats says:

    I am a Ragdoll fann!!💙💙

  11. Emily Wilson says:

    I have on! 😂😂😂

  12. Tommys Shinebox says:

    You might consider using balanced pronouns such as “he” and “she” instead of just male all the time. Alternatively, “they” could also work. Good info, just not all kitties are males.

  13. GachaXblues says:

    Are they affordable?

  14. Layzer HD says:

    I have a miniature dachshund and I’m thinking of getting a rag doll does any one have advise or worries or think a different type of cat would be good

  15. Jayster553 says:

    thank you for letting be on your video

  16. Fox250R says:

    That girl in the picture looks like Alizee!

  17. rylatkinson says:


  18. Gillian Jenkins says:

    I have a beautiful rag doll cat and he is very loyal to me. He sits by me at night whilst I watch the tv and he nods off. In fact he sleeps a lot during the day. He is also very nosy and if a shopping bag is open he will just jump in. Just love him.

  19. Whitney Mohrhauser says:

    I have a cat that looks like rag doll. It follows me home and the most obedient cat. I said he looks like rag doll meaning gorgeous blue eyes and fluffy coat (no undercoat). Gets lonely easily. No papers or documentation to say he is but appearance wise he looks like the part.

  20. CrashPro says:

    Ragdolls Cat Great!

  21. vero_7712 says:

    My 4 months old ragdoll Missy is crazzzyyyy. She sleeps most of the day and when she wakes up, she's a devil. Runs around like crazy so many toys and cat stuff (trees, tunnels etc) are recomended lol. But she is a VERY clean cat and is indeed very affectionate. She looooves belly rubs 🙂

  22. SalBtheGhost says:

    I got lucky and this cat chose me…she started by sneaking in my house and ended up staying here. Follows me from room to room and is affectionate. I wasn't even a cat person by she stold my heart.

  23. Sue Carmody says:

    Good video! I liked how the video stressed that all cats are individuals! Our rag doll I think sometimes is a dog. She comes when I whistle and sits.😂 She also acts as our house alarm clock. We affectionately call her PITA! Figure it out! The video is again right on!

  24. Steve Abbott says:

    People see our two females and say "wow they are really big" then Winston our Blue Point male comes walking into the room and they can't believe he's a cat! He wants belly rubs from anyone who will give them to him. They are the most affectionate playful cats I have ever seen. Our girls are 13 years old and Jump out of bed in the morning and run down the hall to the scratching post ready to play…right now please… Best cats ever!!!

  25. Devils don't Fly says:

    Got my ragdoll for free from my moms friend, she is a cutie pie.

  26. Donna Noe says:

    My ragdoll is very much a lap cat. He follows where ever I go. He does fall limp in my arms, and he loves playing fetch. He definitely is a bed hog.
    My ragdoll is much larger than my Maine Coon.

  27. Rebecca's Sofa says:

    My cat is just like this…

    But she's not a rag doll, she's a moggy. A sweet little calico girl, and I love her so much. 🐱💖

  28. Gail Fouts says:

    I want one. They are Soo beautiful .

  29. sarah95 says:


  30. Daria Barnea says:

    Are they expensive

  31. Henri boy says:

    I love my Kitty. Ragdolls are amazing but zero survival skills

  32. Benjamin Douglas says:

    I have a rag doll

  33. Charlostain Sawshades says:

    This is for anybody wondering about the price for purebred ragdolls in USD value: Seal point rag dolls are the most affordable ranging around 750 for registered purebred. Males tend to be less expensive and unregistered kittens can sometimes be sold for 600 if you are lucky. Blue point rag dolls go around 800 for unregistered purebred and around 1000 for registered purebred (including spay and neuter). The most expensive are the bicolours, females will never be under 1000, registered or not. Registered bicolour females can go beyond 1500 depending on quality. The most expensive ragdoll my breeder friends ever sold was a cream female bicolour for $1800. They could have sold her higher but they are passionate breeders who are not there for money. I have only seen bi colour males below $1000 for not registered. Better registered or unregistered, it depends on you. People buy unregistered for lower price and have the choice for spay/neuter. Unregistered cats can also be bred if you are interested in having some babies. If you buy registered cats, you must sign document to spay/neuter your cat or request for breeding rights.
    All the values I have given are for 8-14 week old kittens. If you wish to buy a unregistered pregnant queen, they are sold around 3-5 thousand dollars depending on if the breeder has a situation. If the kitten is around 6months to one year old, their price is much lower. Registered Bi-colours at that age are around 600-800 for males and 900 for females. If you are buying a retired parent (~2 years age), they are sold below 500$ each, spayed/neutered, registered or not.
    The bicolour pattern can also vary in price. If the colours in the face is not symmetrical or if the white colour is not well defined down the nose, the price may go below 600. However, kittens with unsymmetrical mittens (paw colour) will not deduct in price.
    Ask questions if you have any!

  34. Water Sheep says:

    i had a ragdoll cat once… her name is majestic, she’s a special one i will never forget her❤️

    sorry for bas english

    edit: bad*

  35. My Opinion Matters says:

    My rag doll attacks my legs when I go to work. He gets very upset!

  36. pnutbutterCHIchi losey says:

    not all ragdolls like to be held. they like their own terms. Jack is so independent and he loves me. he will melt before my feet and allow me to pet him with my feet without biting but when he is done, he is done. times up and he is off to other things. he is a great big boy with lots of fur. i have to cut it down because he gets so hot and just wants to be in the cool air. summer is coming and i m getting him a summer cut. especially his belly and sanitary area. i got Jack through a friend who found the tiny kittens. no one knew what they were. at about 6 weeks he was not that fluffy. his mane grew in and i got this great big cat. he is a beauty

  37. Christoph Bouche-eh! says:

    So true about their smarts. I just have to look at him and say his name firmly and he'll give me a look of, "fine" and utter a little meow of protest and get down from whatever it was that was a no go. 14 years of awesomeness so far

  38. Bryan Buffington says:

    Mine just was diagnosed with diabetes at 14 years old. He gets 4 units of insulin every 12 hours and it's amazing how big and plump he's gotten since I started giving it to him. If he wasn't a ragdoll it would be difficult to give him the shots, but he just gives me a look and let's me stick him twice a day with the needle.

  39. Jayne Melgar says:

    Can somone tell me how much one would cost?

  40. NovaDoll says:

    I’ve had poodles. But their fur is a pain to deal with.

  41. BattleAngel says:

    I like their grey and white faces , it looks really cool .

  42. G. S. says:

    My Eki is extremely vocal, she demands a lot of attention both from me and my mom, she absolutely loves to have us around her, giving her good care and attention. She doesn't really go limb when we carry her but she doesn't mine either. She's very intelligent and witty. Not messy at all, just like most Ragdolls 🙂 she sheds a lot though,m. Her size is majestic 🇵🇱👑

  43. Matt says:

    If my new Ragdoll won't go floppy i want my money back ! LOL

  44. Ashley • says:

    I have a ragdoll that looks like a persian also she is a girl and allows greets me when Im back from school but she is sick with fungus please give me tips!!

  45. Fariha Mohamed Hilmy says:

    That doesn’t stop me from wanting to have one in the first place 😁

  46. Graham Hazelden says:

    My rag won’t stop whimpering what is wrong with her

  47. Lora Vipperman says:

    Never knew the ragdoll cat was a gateway drug. Makes sense though…😂💖

  48. Blue Steel Gaming says:

    I have two rag dolls named Jupiter and Neptune. Jupiter is the alpha male and Neptune is the shy one. Jupiter loves me, he will cuddle with me on the couch and let me know if hes hungry and hes very playful especially at night. Where Neptune dose not come around much. He was very scared of everything when he was a kitten and hid a lot where now hes a very sweat cat but not really right in the head. Anyway I love them both!

  49. Katie Page says:

    I had a ragdoll for 13 years and she was the absolute best cat. She really chose me to be her human and loved to lay on my neck/head.
    Tomorrow, we are getting our second one. We also have a ragamuffin who thankfully has the demeanor of a ragdoll.

  50. Kimberly Bracken says:

    She hisses and kisses my BOXER PUP at the same time

  51. Vicki Townsley says:

    Never once had to take my cat to a groomer. I brushed him and bathed him.

  52. SteveR says:

    I would caution against just providing a larger food bowl for this or any breed.  If your cat eats frequently, he or she may be doing this out of boredom.  Bored cats aren't going to be active and will start gaining weight.  Overweight cats can become diabetic.  I had a Turkish Van cat while I was living in Denver.  I had to leave Babe alone during the workweek, and it didn't take  long for him to gain weight; at his heaviest, he was around 15 or 16 lbs.  I noticed his cat box would be soaked every day because he drank a lot of water and urinated frequently. These are the same traits human diabetics have.  If you want to avoid having your cat develop diabetes, and the attendant expense ($$$) and problems that come with it, wean them off of eating too much while you're out of the house.  Give them lots of toys and things to do doing the day.  If you have a family, ask members to play with them or otherwise occupy their time so they don't just eat to have something to do.  Monitor their eating habits; if the food and water bowl(s) you set out around your home are always low or empty, your cat's eating and drinking too much.  Only put in half as much while you're gone and provide more toys or activities for your cat.  Provide a "maintenance" diet for them when they've become adults.  Cats sleep most of the day, so they don't need large amounts of food.  If you have specific problems or questions about your cat's health, check with your vet.  Do it now, rather than later, when it may be too late.

  53. Adrian Abrahams says:

    Are ragdoll cats the result of a recent chance mutation ?

  54. Patrick P says:

    I'm here because a test, told me that a Ragdoll would be the perfect cat for me 😁 and i do like it 🐈

  55. Jenna O says:

    In other words, ragdolls have no specific characteristics. Everything said ended with "but that's not true" or "but not all are like that."

  56. Sharon .MB says:

    My Ragdoll has such charms, he even made someone love him who does not really like cats. Also, dog lovers also love him. I always say that my Ragdoll is just not a Cat….if he growls at the mail man, and lays on his back all the time and let me rub his belly without scratching or biting, he's just like a dog!

  57. apiece ofdirt says:

    So basically they’re just like any other kitty except for the ones who are in shelters who will NEVER have a loving home because they’re not of a “special breed!” Yes, Ragdoll cats are absolutely adorable and some can cost well over $1,200 but a regular shelter cat or kitten can be just as special, affectionate and adorable. ADOPT FROM YOUR LOCAL SHELTER

  58. Deloris M Threet says:

    We were walking around this old farm house about 23-yrs age, and as we got to the old barn on the property, we heard this fant meowing and found this adorable tiny little white kitten…she was by herself.. So we took her home and to the vet. And as she grew…SHE GREW BIG!! I mean real big! Like 19-lbs of big, very fluffy and solid white fur, she had pink skin and nose, crystal big blue eyes…she was a beautiful sweet in your face, want to be with you at all time kinda cat!! She would follow me around all the time and just talked my head off! She was a gentle giant of a cat, love our other cat and dog, love our teen son, she would chase him down or jump out and and tackle his feet! I, I mean, we loved that cat dearly.. Our Vet told us she was an albino Rag Doll cat (I've never heard of a Rag Doll cat breed before), he could not believe were we found her! She passed away at 12 with kidney failure, it broke our hearts, especially mine…she was my baby..

  59. UTubeGlennAR says:

    >^. .^< Vary Interesting and Informative, Thank You……………………

  60. David S. says:

    All the Ragdolls I’ve had have shed loads!

  61. David S. says:

    I have a 14 weeks kitten male Ragdoll and thinking of getting another male Maine Coon, 12 weeks kitten. Would these kind get along?

  62. David S. says:

    They were handing out Ragdoll kittens for free in my neighborhood

  63. wiresandbeads.com says:

    Rescue a cat or kitten. Why do people still breed!

  64. Julie Parrish says:

    I have two female ragdolls–a calico, and a seal-point tortie. They are both 4 years old now, and my husband and I could not love them more. They are our constant companions–sit with us at night, sleep with us, and lay outside the bathroom door pushing pony-tail holders under the door for us to push back to them with our feet the whole time we are behind the door. The calico talks–I mean TALKS. Call me crazy, but she can actually say "Mama." Seriously. We have children and grandchildren, and they have all accused us of loving the cats more than them, to which I have replied, "No, but we love them almost as much!" These are precious, precious kitties. Would have no other. Highly recommend them! BTW, the information in this video was very accurate, I thought. I would only add, not ALL ragdolls have blue eyes… Our tortie does have blue eyes, but our calico has large, golden-green eyes, and yes–she IS a ragdoll. There are calico ragdolls.

  65. Fatima says:

    I want one my fave cats in tge world.

  66. Angel stewart says:

    My boy will cry if I'm not home, gets in a mood while I eat my food, sits in shower while I shower, follows me down the Rd if I'm walking, talks back to you. Puts all his weight in his butt if u pick him up. My boy is 1 year n half old and weighs 14kgs and is on raw food with dry biscuits once a week, he is fed 2 times a day 😊

  67. Southern Bella Donna says:

    My ragdoll I thought had no survival skills because she never chased squirrels or birds and she let lizards basically run right past her. When my dad got an outside cat a bunch of other neighborhood cats kept coming around and harassing him. My Ragdoll got out one day and beat every cat up and they ran away terrified. Then she just plopped down by my Dad's cat and licked him until he fell asleep. I couldn't believe it.

  68. Southern Bella Donna says:

    The only thing that kind of sucks about my Ragdoll, and there is only one, and that is the shedding. It gets everywhere and my poor kitty gets pretty bad hairballs even when she is brushed all the time and groomed.

  69. jimin you got no jams says:

    i have two ragdolls and one of them is really shy with everyone else but always following me everywhere! and my other one is always at the door and loves being with people, i love both my cats💖also my shy one plays fetch and brings it back in his mouth and i think it’s so cute!

  70. charlotte quillen says:

    great video, all true too, but no matter what kinda pro/con list is assembled…the puppycat is still…..king, of the domesticated cats.

  71. Matt Knudsen says:

    Please adopt, not shop. I have a mixed rescue rag doll, shopping for cats for the perfect Instagram picture is just cruel

  72. Sara DeJesus says:

    I love the "danger of addiction' LOL We have a cat that I am pretty sure is a ragdoll mix. He's huge, has the 'flop' behavior, etc. And MISCHIEVOUS! When we got him he was about 9 months old, and I must be honest, he had the worst manners of any cat I've ever owned. I often wondered "What did I get myself into?" He's gradually improved over the years and now is just a brat rather than a terror. I thought he was just a 'mutt' with lots and lots of personality until I saw a video on ragdolls; that's when I decided that must be what's wrong with him LOL. My daughter met a lady who breeds ragdolls and when my daughter described ours, she laughed and said, "Yes, they really are a$$h0les" He also seems to be a bit schizoid – or has multiple personality disorder. He'll be peaceful and an awesome house cat, for days, then he'll go on a rip snort where he's harassing the other cats and even (I saw him do this!) starting fights between two other cats. It seems to be "I'm bored; let me mix things up a bit around here." For a long time I thought "If my daughter didn't love you so much I'd find you another home – pronto" Then, when I realized he's just being a ragdoll I now break up the arguments he starts, shake me head and often laugh. He can't help himself. And he makes the most amazing lap cat. He sheds less than our short haired cats and keeps himself impeccably groomed – a real beauty. Like a kid he looks so sweet when he's asleep LOL. Anyway, best wishes to those who own ragdolls. If you love personality I think ragdolls even give Siamese a run for their money.

  73. Candis Carnegie says:

    OMG!!! This video has awful facts! If you want a ragdoll bc it will flop in your arms – – it may or may not. The ragdoll is very social, but don't count on your cat being social. You may buy a cat and get a dog. – – DUDE! Like the music in this video – – I couldn't take much more of your facts!

  74. BillP says:

    The video is right about shedding. I had a ragdoll and it was crazy! Unless we brushed him daily, the hair was everywhere. No exaggeration, when I emptied the central vac, it was basically one big dirty furball. My wife did not brush him for a week, and I took 40 brush fulls of hair off him and he actually looked smaller. As well, they crave attention 24/7. If we left Herbie for more than 24 hours, he would soil the carpets. We had to replace an area rug in the living room three times. Though he was a wonderful and loving cat, he was high maintenance.

  75. HyldenLord says:

    About that not being hypoalergenic – they are not that, but most certainly they are less alergenic than regular cats. I have an alergy to cats and I own 2 ragdolls and a british cat. When I only touch the british one I need to clean my hands asap or I get the red eyes and itching skin, but when I play with my ragdolls and sqeeze them and fluff them I get little to no alergy reaction, and I'm in no need to wash my hands.

  76. Susan Ragdollfan says:

    In the US, the Ragdoll is far from rare. In my home state alone, there are 9 registered breeders and a few backyard breeders. As per CFA, the Ragdoll is the 2nd most popular cat in the USA

  77. Ffion Owen says:

    "May need a bigger bed" looks at my double bed "…exactly how much bigger are we talking here!?"

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