7 Ways to Tell If a Dog Is Pregnant 2018 ! Week By Week Calendar

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25 Responses

  1. Z - Juan Tawsan says:


  2. sarah s. says:

    Whats with the tragic mood music….lol.

  3. Vankdas Vankdas says:

    my dog pregnant aga vedanum dogerutha solluga

  4. Catherine Cullen says:

    Wish these had a real voice. Awful video. Can't even watch with the fake voice. Ew.

  5. Aurora Tillotson says:

    My dog was not preggo 😊 but she has been doinbg strange stuff lately so thats why o watfged this

  6. althea says:

    the music is kinda sad it made me laugh

  7. Johnathon Wheeler says:

    speed up to 1.5x

  8. Joshua Purugganan says:

    My dog is not pregnant she is just really fat

  9. Diamond Jemison says:

    I'm pretty sure my doggo is preggo

  10. The UnBelievable Amiyah says:

    My dog is probably pregnant because she. Has been throwing up and is starting to get fat 😭

  11. I’m GAy says:

    I can’t tell if my dog is fat or pregnant.

  12. Meggie .M says:

    That’s some depressed mucic.

  13. DreamyXraindrops says:

    My dog might be pregnant! I’m sad because my mom said she was going to give her away!😭😭my mom does not want puppies😭😭

    Edit:my mom is deciding to keep her maybe because she felt bad

    Edit 2: she was had a fish bone stuck in her throat we took her to the vet and she feels much better!

  14. iiOml_itsVanah Oof says:

    Ok…idk if my dog is rlly pregnant bcoz her tummy is kinda hard as fuck..and she loses her appetite but ends up finishing it all bcoz yea she had no choice XD

  15. alina morosanu says:

    Why sad song lol

  16. RDonut says:

    My dog doesnt seem pregnant but…ders milk in her nipples or somethin

  17. Gacha Lai says:


  18. Alicia Hern says:

    Omg my dog might be preg

  19. Lady Fudge says:

    Informative 🐶🐶🙏🙏

  20. Samir Malakar says:

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  21. GurSeNi PraMiSha says:

    My dog became fat and lazy and I thought it was pregnant. Then it losed weight and became active😅 lol

  22. carlos Quezada says:

    I can’t tell if my dog is pregnant so I needed to watch this

  23. FeatheryFables says:

    I honesty can't tell if mine is or not, shes barely hitting her seven month mark in August, her nipples aren't big but since we got her home again after leaving her at a pet sitter's home while we went on a cruise (when she went into her first heat cycle) she hasn't been the same. Her appetite has dropped, she gotten fatter and less energetic… it's really hard to tell. All I really have to go off of at this point is her having vaginal discharge. It worries me a bit, because she used to be so hyper and fit, but the dog sitter didn't take care of my dogs very well… theoretically, if she WAS pregnant, she'd be at about her 23 day mark… anything in particular to look for here? She might just be fat because of the sitter but she's been slowly gaining weight even though she hasn't eaten a lot since she went out of heat.

  24. Guru Sai says:

    How many days dog give a birth

  25. Anto Bush. M says:

    My dog is pregnant but she is not delivering after 70 days

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