8 Best Dog Breeds For Newlyweds – Best Dogs For First Time Owners

Labrador Retrievers are some of the most pleasant and easy to care for breeds, making them a popular choice for millions of families across the country. Their even disposition, trainability and easy upkeep makes them a good choice for young couples. They require consistent grooming and exercise but with proper care make healthy, happy companions. An intelligent breed with an eager to please attitude, Golden Retrievers are also a great fit for active couples and young families. They can adapt to many different living situations and aren’t predisposed to many medical conditions. Their friendly temperaments may also be a good fit for a couple looking to have children. The state dog of Maryland, the Chesapeake Bay Retriever is another active breed with a strong, powerful build. With a distinctive double coat that’s dense and wooly underneath and short and wavy on top, the Chesapeake is a happy, intelligent breed that loves the water. They’ll do best with outdoor-loving families and other easy breed to keep up with. A lovable, energetic breed, Boxers can be stronger willed than Retrievers and show some aggression towards other dogs but are very loving towards people. They’re patient and spirited with children while also being protective, making them a popular choice for families. Boxers have minimal grooming needs but require daily exercise. A nice, clean breed, Dachshunds make a good choice for couples in search of a smaller dog. They’are lovable, playful companions, and make an ideal pet for many homes. Because of their size, they can easily adapt to many living environments and do well with children under adult supervision. Another smaller breed, Boston Terriers have a great disposition and make good family animals. Because they’re brachycephalic, or have short-noses, Boston Terriers may have respiratory problems or be prone to overheating but it doesn’t diminish their suitability as an excellent companion and house pet. A loving breed, Miniature Poodles are easy to please and cooperative. Their small size can work in nearly any size home and their hypoallergenic coat may help reduce allergic reactions. The Poodle also excels in obedience training, a must-do when raising any type of dog. Yorkshire Terriers easily adaptable to a variety of living situations, travel well and make suitable pets in many homes. They require minimal exercise but love human interaction. Yorkies can have both long and short coats, which require very different grooming needs.

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    For many newly wedded or young couples, raising and caring for a dog together can be a wonderful opportunity to strengthen their bond and pave the way for starting a family.

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