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Hi everybody and welcome back to Calm Your Dog. Today we’re going to be talking about facts about another dog breed and today
we’re gonna be talking about German Shepherds.
German Shepherds are such a beautiful dog and one that I’m really excited to do
my research on, and to find some facts for you guys. So, we actually have eight
different facts about German Shepherds so let’s just get started. So, the first
fact is that they are actually the third most intelligent dog in the world.
Obviously we know, Border Collies (like this one here) are the most intelligent dog in the
world and German Shepherds are third on that list. Now even though they are the
third most intelligent, they are actually the second most popular dog food in the
US, just one behind a Labrador, which is crazy. Now we know that they are very
intelligent and that is because they can learn at simple tasks very quickly.
They can actually recall something they have learnt after five times
doing it. It is really impressive of the German Shepherd. Now the next fact is
apparently first ever sort of guide dog training began in Switzerland in the
1920s all of the dogs that were trained were German shepherds so it just shows
how intelligent and amazing these dogs are now the average life expectancy is
pretty average for a German Shepherd as it is ten point nine five years so quite
a long time for a dog really if you think about it number six is one I can
definitely vouch for when I’m younger and that is that they are commonly known
as Alsatians when I was younger I used to think that
our stations and German Shepherds were two separate breeds I used to think in
our station was like a small version of a German Shepherd but I was obviously
not very clever as a child because it just they’re exactly the same breed and
that was actually because after World War one in Europe there was obviously
quite a bad perception of Germany at that time and the next fact is all about
their coat they actually do have a double coat and the outer layer of that
coat does actually shed all the time so get ready for a multi dog if you do get
one and the very last fat is all about the dogs colouring and actually there
are some German chef’s that have very unusual colouring and some of them
actually called a panda Stafford’s because of this unusual
coloring on the dog but that is it for this week’s video thank you all so so
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