8 Out Of 10 Cats Does Countdown S18E07 HD – 06 September 2019

Tonight on 8 out of 10 cats does countdown Sean Lock, Jon Richardson Katherine Ryan, Joe Wilkinson Sean Bean Susie Dent Rachel Riley And your host Jimmy Carr Hello and welcome to eight of ten cats does countdown, okay, let’s meet tonight’s players first up it’s team captain John Richardson Jon has talked a lot about unnecessarily worrying about things things like as he left the gas on Is his Marriage all right and do people think he’s boring. Don’t worry John. You probably haven’t left the gas on That’s a relief. and Jon’s teammate, it’s Joe Wilkinson Joe’s got a little bit of everything stuck in his beard Up against them this evening is team captain Sean Lock Sean’s got a face for comedy and a head for baldness I’m not bald. Oh I mean, yeah, Joe doesn’t work. I would say you look a little bit like an egg that’s been dropped on a barber’s floor Like a dog’s favorite tennis ball But it’s not bald Well I take it back And joining Sean tonight it’s Katherine Ryan Some people have accused Katherine are being two-faced but to be fair one of those faces is underneath the new one Sean are you superstitious? I know more than the average person, you know usual things What sort of things? Well, I wouldn’t wear new slippers on a full moon those If you happen upon a sheep on a rainy day curtsy Just the normal ones Jimmy the regular stuff everyone yeah, never trust an electrician with no eyebrows If you find a pigeon in your bathroom salute and say, how’s the Admiral The usual ones. Never read a pop-up book about giraffes You know Just the usual Well I’m glad I asked Katherine you’re a keen follower of celeb gossip. Who are you into at the moment, who do you like Well, you know, I’m massively into cardi B Very much on your own explain Well cardi B is an incredible artist and very famous social media comedienne of sorts But she started as a stripper. She got a record deal on Love & Hip Hop now She’s famous my favorite person, Cardi B and I have a lot of the same experience and growth and in life Even though I never started as a stripper in the Bronx I started as a Hooters waitress in Canada and a Hooters waitress essentially as Jimmy tells me all the time Well that’s a stripper the can’t dance, right? I’m guessing is it your accent or is she not for this country Oh curr, Cardi B talks like she’s from the Bronx Like this all the time, you know what I’m saying I’m sorry what was the bird noise at the beginning She invents a lot of her own language so she calls money shmoney and then when she says okay she goes oh curr Like that. Can you do that? Because I’m not at primary school Okay, John, mm-hmm John have you let yourself down recently, oh curr I Let myself down a lot Every day I try avocado again and let myself down Keep thinking this time. It’s gonna be nice Looks looks green and looks like it’s gonna be like an apple like a mushy like a starburst And it keeps on tasting like a dick that’s been buried What did you want to be when you grew up What I really wanted to be was a cameraman on this show because it’s the best job in the world because they do Fuck all Cuz nothing happens on the show yeah half of them are asleep if you look And then a few months ago. There was a there was a job going as one of the cameras are applied. Alright Yeah, and I got down to the last two. But I was there pipped to the post by that Gerry Cunt What annoys me she is she is dog shit, right just show what what our cameras pointing at Absolute shit’s not who you know, it’s who you’re blowing it Joan have you gone mask? Oh, yes I thought it would be nice to catch up with some of the correspondents that would get on the show get a lot of tweets sent in and Some of them are mean and I’m not showing you on Twitter So that would be nice for you to understand some of the sort of witty banter that goes back and forth. Mmm. Thank you They’re not all horrible I have to say this is this is the first one coming from smiling axolotl The way the other people on countdown treat you makes me genuinely sad to be honest No genuine are they these are genuine? Yeah when they post these big in a big info yeah big stamp And they certain x1 is for all of us Oh you all need to have a long look at yourself to think about the responsibility we have here this came in from Andrew Pickford 5 my favorite band Sorry, but this program has spoiled the original Yes, poor bastard and look 11:00 in the morning he slept on that This one serious now you have to accept when like myself you’re one of the edgy comedians I say a lot of things Sometimes you say something and I know when I’ve done it, I’ve said something pretty controversial you piss people off So I said something that upset Victoria Switched off a ten caps to two John which there’s unnecessary comments about kittens Not at all funny and she’s gone straight to the bigwigs What did you what did you say about kittens I think someone had a kitten on and I said that they eat birds and I think Victoria has taken on bridge with that fact Switched over to watch a nice, you know Attenborough documentary where a gazelle gets ripped to shreds by four lines You don’t expect kittens to be slagged off on a toes Hank cats know why she turned in she was confused Well, I suggest you might enjoy a show called 10 out of 10 cats You can be ruthless Served John John towel because you just got rinsed You responded to her in the way the car TV might you’d say something like How you gon suck your man’s dick with my name in your mouth What camera my oh hey, Victoria Yeah, yo Victoria, how are you gonna suck all it With a fruit pasta in your mouth So sweetly Catherine need to go to Moscow. I do have a mascot Jimmy I Attended my daughter’s recorder concert at the school and it made it very clear to me straight away that the arts need to be urgently defunded We can’t be going to any more of this garbage So I confiscated her recorder and then also her dad bought her these drumsticks. I save her dad It was my best guess at the time And so these are drumming sticks and they’re really fun, actually you don’t even need a hard surface you Can drop mine anything you want to give him a go Shawn. Yes very much socks day, so Shawn and I could do for the program is um spice it up a bit with some percussion perhaps happy music when we win celebrate, you know, so if we get the conundrum whoa, I mean Let’s not get ahead of ourselves. If we beat Joe and John ahead of ourselves It might get a word more than three letters. Yes, we’ll do a celebration like this Sap my nipples my nipples Sean of you, have you got a mascot I do Jimmy What I thought I’d do is I thought you know You’re always making jokes about me about my age and granddad and all that and I thought Well, I’m gonna get digits old on your ass and I’d finally created my own website Oh, yeah, and I made it myself. I did it. Of course. I Didn’t have to do it online, so I do post it Looks great. It seems like there you can go in there that there’s fun facts about Shawn. There we go Look Oh fun facts about Shawn But there’s other states I’ve got merchandise there’s my merchandise now I’ve chosen Just get rid of some stuff from my locker. Oh So there’s a leaf blower that I’ve signed there and if you look at it it’s a seriously powerful leaf blower Apparently we don’t have rim thread That’s our double bed which we are selling that’s got a lot of sense works all our children were conceived on that they’re Either on that bed or near it What else is there oh, there’s my inbox. So if you see I’ve got 270 unread messages Beyonce bought the leafblower And Cause the minute she’s been upset basically because she’s realized how powerful it was. I Think did it actually took the skin of jay-z’s rice pudding Experience about that and there’s always a surprise one here. There we go lovely photo And that’s one of my peculiarities about my family we’ve got baboons after Short once I everyone You’ve got a mess. Yeah. Oh, yeah how I brought along 80s pop singer Paul Young Is he gonna sing one of these classics for us no, no, he’s not gonna sing now How would he not be sing I couldn’t afford it He’s 80 quid to hire for the afternoon and it’s an extra forty if you wanted to sing and I fall off So I stared ooh, I thought we could do I thought we could just stare in for 30 seconds while we have a Cornetto Go Jimmy So we’re having a cone accident staring at poor young for 30 seconds Oh What over in dictionary corner, it’s the legend that is actor Sean Bean Bastards Anyone that might be I’ve been living in a cave could you tell us who is Sean Bean? Well, imagine if you will the world of celebrity is a map find the town marked a list then head south Sean Bean is an actor and star of such films as the one where a taut like this and the one where a tort like this in a dress I’ve been shot stabbed beheaded and devoured that was all just on way here this evening Sean laughs Sean laughs You still wanna know Sean Bean is just ask Internet just get out my device Alexa who is Sean Bean did you ask what is straight-to-dvd? Who is Sean Bean what is three-dimensional – one Boom, boom what is children born out of wedlock? That’s a bit more like it. You’re busted good Has sure been everyone I’m sure you’ve had worse things. What does that mean Jimmy? I’m sure you’ve had worse What could be worse than someone spitting it grows heads there’s not much worse than that Just in case um and awaiting Earth Day, I’m which John of course, it’s Susie diamonds Tsu’tey have you discovered any new words recently yeah, I’d like the sort of new old words that old was that have kind of completely faded from view and then I’d like to Bring those back. So there’s whooping soccer which is quite nice a whooping soccer. It’s something extremely large of its kind like yours What if you’re gonna do it Oh like my cock Honey charts the numbers, it’s Rachel Riley Well, Ronnie recently celebrated 10 years on countdown and she’s irreplaceable to the show just like des Lynam before they replaced it So ten years on countdown How did you celebrate and I posted loads of Filth over the last 10 years from countdown break get a countdown Regular countdown from yeah, so things that popped up on the board like a few penises Come budgie humbug. Hey, you know your your come budgie That’s got Jimmy’s not of Approval soon to be smutty I’ll get the price or tooth we competing for tonight. Is this the countdown pancake it? Okay, let’s count down everyone time for our first game Sean and Catherine you get the first pick of the letters can we have Three consonants, please Rachel. Yes, she s and O and then a vowel please Oh And then another vowel, please hi, and then a consonant please L and then a vowel please I mean consonant vowel and then constant battle, please and T and a Okay, your 30 seconds is about to start but as a special treat, please welcome back the legend. That is all yeah. Yeah Hi John how many Oh 800 eight my art should have been to nine Yeah would be very hard to say our way and then go Man 1 50 50 50 It was a chat room from the 90s, I believe 150 50. Oh, yeah, the guy doing that Make new friends on itself Joe how many eight know how many letters spy Like it I Catherine how many six okay shortly seven, let’s say let’s hear yours Joe later Hi Catherine, I only have three allure soiler. Yeah like a baby Shawn you’re seven loiters. Okay Lotus John you’re eight-letter word glow toes Okay, Sean Bean we had glottis as well Good could they have done any better than conscious we had toe rags as well. It’s your rags seven. Yeah So at the end of that John and Joe are in the lead with AIDS George oh, you gotta cook the numbers. We’d like one big one in five small ones, please. Thank you, John 10:1 Please don’t do that, please. Okay. I’ve got it I don’t want to break his heart, please. It’s 108 come bothers. You don’t get it Rachel oh great Okay, your time starts sim possible So the target was 719 Cho did you get it I think so. Yeah. Okay. I think I did John did you get it? Yes, sure, did you get it 720 a Catherine I only got 722 720. Okay. So John, how did you do it a hundred times eight? Ten times eight is 80 take that away and take the And where is your teaser that words are neat touch the clue is yes, please that’s neat touch. Yes. Please see after the break Welcome back the answer to the tease the words were neat. Touch. The clue was yes, please it was of course enthused Okay, so John and Joe are in the lead they’ve been playing in team so far But this game is just for Shaun and Joe so Joe your turn to choose Consonant, please. Thank you Joe You consonant and H.o Consonant see a cabal. Yep, eight consonant Hey, Jen, you don’t know if I laugh And I I’ve got six Jimmy Okay time starts now Oh actually my neck feels better Joe, what do you got Emily? I’ve got six. Okay, sure seven You’ll six a hunter okay Sean, what is your seven that hunters Never gonna catch me because I’m thumper Susie’s thumb forward bumper is in Sean Bean could they have done any better? Impossible Suzy? Can you turn my head back the way it’s meant to be? Yeah, right Okay, so the end of that Sean and Catherine had 7 John and Joe have 18, yes Okay time now for John and Catherine to go head-to-head Catherine your turn to pick the numbers Could I please have one big Rachel and five small, please? Rachel? Yes, Catherine they are to nine ten for one and 100 Okay target 832. Okay, your 30 seconds starts now Okay, so your target was 832 John did you get it yes Cuz I’m a twat cuz I got maths a-level and I want everyone to know about its deep down I’ve got a CSE. This is before GCSEs If you couldn’t do an o-level, it’s equivalence having a sticker saying Sean done map Catherine did you get it? Yes, you did. Yeah, you did I Want to use the hundred and the four? No. Sorry. Did you get it? Yes, she did. Yeah, did you get it Catherine? Did you get it Oh, yes, I did did you do no 9 minus 1 is 8 9 minus 1 is 8 times 100 plus 4. That’s 4 I Did not get it I Didn’t get it either. I haven’t got my say level. I just did a lot of blow and shagged everyone at school How did how did you get it John I Did the eight times the hundred and then I did ten minus two x for ten points to John I Type to take a trip over to dictionary corner Shawn you look deep in thought. What’s what’s on your mind? We’re just thinking about acting lessons great idea. I think I mean Even if you just took one, I mean teaching him car you bustard not taking permission to demonstrate permission granted gratitude ascension Walking walking You join me I’m about to open up me acting master class give them and get up here Welcome you’re about to learn how to act like Sean or as I like to call it shaqtin 101 Arms by your side I face forward good a First question straight off the bat you a fan of Sean Yes is the correct answer? Second question prove it by name in all of me films and bear in mind The world’s record for naming any of me films is none And Many others It’s not easy is it I want Google myself for me laptop shrugged Let’s get down to business. Do you know what this is? Current aka fun in a bottle You pull on its tail and it explodes, you know like a field mouse This is a party popper gone I’ve loaded it with several mice and I’m about to fire in around and directly at your face Cuz Sean Bean doesn’t flinch it’s impossible you could lose a grenade up his nostril and he wouldn’t even sneak Stay stoic and you’re well on your way to being beam flinch and I will hit you until I pass out Like the arena Don’t let me see you smile neither should be too hard you haven’t laughed to anything I’ve said online You married kids never marry a kid son Do you activate the arena I like it I like what I’ve seen here tonight welcome to climb give my hands Everyone And Here is your teaser. The words are penis art. The clue is good to decorate your house That’s penis art good to decorate your house. See after the break Welcome back the answer to the tease the words were penis out. The clue was good to decorate your house It was of course painters. Ok comedy game Sean Catherine your turn to choose the letters. I Was just gonna have a look at some more on my website There’s my gallery picture gallery, oh that’s bookworm That’s a parking space Reason I’m so near my car with me that day and I’ll see yourself That’s a sunset That’s a red squirrel is it he’s very old And then there’s mature dates and I just like sound my fans, thanks for the smaller venues this year I’m playing the little chef in ode be Register Johnstown exhaust Center Wrexham My opening line is there, you know Wrexham tires and exhausts. Yes. It does a veneer our Luckett and My London dates I’m playing the o3 is it? Sean’s website everyone Sean Catherine your turn to choose the letters coastal invited rent and their balance adding a constant basic Austin, please Consonant W cosine T vow 808 cosas s and your time starts now Catherine how many I’ve got a risky eight a Risky eight. Mm-hmm. Okay. Sure seven. Okay John how many I’ve got a joke nine But if I say nine everyone will get excited and then the joke will fall flat You’re gonna lose the game. Is it? Okay. Well, let’s let’s build it up because I think it’s nice sometimes to disappoint people All right, how many of you got nine? nine It’s not just a joke bond this better be good Joe how many of you got a 4 Okay, what is your for today’s Shawn you’re seven donates. You’re risky eight Catherine know You’re risky I was sweated when I thought there were two ears Okay, and the nine well, I think it’s because of Shawn’s website. I’ve put town dates Oh From your tour sheduled. Yes now do the joke one Minute and I thought Shawn’s just done his tour So I’ll say oh I got town dates, but I think that’s just cuz you did your talk I’ve got a nine, but I don’t think it’s very funny Luckily after my a-levels. I got a degree in disaster management Okay, so seven points to shoulder Catherine Sean Bean Suzie don’t could they have done any better lady? Don’t take the honor you have found a 9 There is a 9 and it’s almost as boring as John’s downstate Yeah, Suzie did One final trip to dictionary corner Sean Bean allow me to introduce you to a friend of mine meet yacolt This stuff I can’t get enough of it a drink it snort it inject it into me Johnson bottle an old funk Lady dead, what’s they’ll care to join me? Yes bacteria can be classic Love to It’s not yes, that’s a vintage it’s our date Well of this truly do I’ve been drinking it steadily to the point where I’m now two thirds yogurt But it’s not all good news Sometimes it can create a bloating or bloating the likes of which that can only be relieved by the hand of another So, why are you talking about I’m talking about milking Lord car John sort of Richard What’s they laid me in my dilemma yes Put that on knead it and relax my friend it’s far worse than you could ever imagine Down there, let’s Go listen for threescore years and ten. I’ve been a slave to the Japanese guts Punk Well sister an untold wonders inside the outside is turned my body into a car crash it’s caused changes mutations to the point where I’ve now Ground help me actual thorax Actual orders Oh boy, oh boy do they look right for the milking right now? The nail down for this one my friends It takes to learn why not now open up your and it’s a three-point procedure Nice and flat now just gather up builders Warm your hands up first Guys Oh, hey go I said delicate does it now what I need you to do a man toward me like you were aiming Aiming trebuchet it was a castle with you digit finger puncture my for one at a time. I’d go Oh Now it’s final power procedure it’s so warm I’ve been stopping for an hour Now my friend we drink the milk Know you’ve you you have that you you I’m vacant as a now Give it up I really feels like a rock bottom for you. At least now. I’ll know why people are shouting Yakult at me in the street Sean Bean everyone This could get messy that’s bonk list this could get messy Welcome back the answer to the teaser the words were bunk list the clue was this could get messy it was of course ink blots okay time for our final letters game John and Joe your turn to choose a Consonant, please. Thank you. John. See a vowel please. I a vowel please a An a consonant, please D and a Consonant, please. Ah a Consonant Oh A vowel, please you and a Consonant, please H and a final letter, please. Which one do you want but a I think Okay, your 30 seconds starts now Oh Rhys satirical I money I miss reading this or do you want to Okay Okay, so how many John sighs okay Joe a risky for Okay, Shawn look For okay. Let’s see you for Shawn arch Okay, Joe, you’re risky for dropped could use it listens Oh drops a word Would you think luck might mean forward thinking That guy strapped The city is a straw would know Okay Catherine your five fruit fruit. Okay and John chair, okay five points to both teams Sean Bean Suzy didn’t could they have done any better? We got seven haircut. Ah Ok, so Sean and Catherine have 19 John and Joe have 33 Okay think it’s on buzzers time for today’s countdown conundrum we can’t lose right? Yes, you cannot lose about NIT for a piston Okay your time starts now What don’t do it there Is the ponytails yes Okay, so the photo scores are Shauna Catherine have 29 Jonah Joe have one with 33 Now please welcome back Paul Young with come back and stay Next Friday Squeeze upon the sofa that comfiest critics about a back for bran a brand new series with all eyes on the box at nine You on Sunday survival could mean a hundred K. Just don’t chase the cash and ditch The basics bear won’t be impressed Treasure Island at nine next the robber endure verdict You

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    oh i am in tears…

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    You know what I love about this fake Sean Bean? His first appearance was universally hated online, but instead of counting his losses, he doubled down on the act, came on a second time, and did so well, he got invited again. So much respect.

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    Body, brain and all. But those sexy bedroom eyes gets the tingles going everytime.

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  79. Biggus Dickus says:

    Sean Bean lookin good for his age.

  80. P3RP NZ says:

    sean always cracks me up man what a legend

  81. TheTerzula says:

    Who did the fucking subtitles!!????

  82. L S says:

    Man they really couldn't afford that guy's song

  83. Jon Dunmore says:

    Are Katherine and Rachel the same person? And why are they so fucking perfect? They are the most beautiful women in the world.

  84. PewnTangKlan says:

    @21:12…. That YT caption LMFAO !!!!
    "So at the end of that John and Joe are in the lead with AIDS"

  85. TooLittleTooLate says:

    43:28 Even Rachel’s arms are beautiful!

  86. Ciri says:

    "I would crawl over a broken glass…"

  87. Michael Tavares says:

    Anyone know on what cahnnel Rachel uploaded the regular countdown smut she mentioned at 17:45 ?

  88. Peter Sedesse says:

    instead of Mary Ann or Ginger, we should do Rachel or Susie

  89. Charlie says:

    Edith lol

  90. Charlie says:

    That's not Sean Bean farken

  91. Nathan Hunt says:

    Anyone found Sean’s website?

  92. peteM3rlin says:

    Katherines Boobs.

    That is all.

  93. Laura Ann Callaway says:

    Sean Bean is not funny.

  94. Andrew Ocean says:

    Rachel Riley . . . yum.

  95. Tim Whitehead says:

    The "Sean Bean" joke wasn't funny the first time and it's only got worse

  96. fatterpillar says:

    Susie Dent is a treasure, and also listening to Sean Bean just cracking up in the background is a blessing

  97. asterix811 says:

    What happened to Katherine’s face? Too much plastic surgery. It looks like everything was pulled really tight, then varnished.

  98. Taylor Flanders says:

    As an American, listening to them talk about their Maths 'Levels' is funny but I have no idea what it means.

  99. parlance1 says:

    Normally I’m here for countdown, but in this case, I’m just here for Paul Young.

  100. Shanice Jaggoe says:

    Can anybody tell me what Sean Bean said at 39:03? Because it sounds like "dankjewel" which is Dutch for "thank you" and now I'm just very confused

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