9 Dangerous Dog Breeds That People Still Keep as Pets

Dogs are known to be “man’s best friends”,
but some friendships are more complicated than others. You gotta be careful with a doggy that can
hunt a leopard and take over, you know. If you’re brave enough, get ready to meet
9 most dangerous Indian dog breeds. 9. Indian Mastiff or Bully Kutta
Bully Kutta literally translates from Hindi-Urdu as “heavily wrinkled dog”. Other names for it are Kumaon mastiff, Sindh
mastiff, and Pakistani bully. Given that it is the largest and strongest
kind of mastiff from North India, it could also be named “massive mastiff”. Adult bully kuttas reach 154 lbs in weight
and 28-33 inches in height. This breed was created in India in the 16th
century as a working dog that makes a great hunter and guard. Indian mastiffs are energetic, intelligent
and protective so they really become perfect hunting companions and can protect their owners
from wild animals. But, they can’t really live with other pets
because of their aggressive character they show towards them. So it’s no surprise people have illegally
organized dog fights with them in India and Pakistan. Veterinary experts don’t recommend getting
a bully kutta if you’re new to dog owners’ world because it needs proper training to
be a loyal friend. Still, a lot of people, especially in the
Punjab region, keep them as pets. 8. Caravan Hound or Mudhol Hound Caravan hounds also known as Mudhol, Maratha
and Pashmi hounds are popular pets in villages of Karnataka state in India. Just like Indian Mastiffs, they make great
hunters and guards because of their great speed and stamina and can hunt in any conditions. The Indian army decided to make use of these
awesome qualities and is currently testing Caravan hounds as border protectors. To stay graceful and elegant as they are,
these fellas need plenty of exercise so keeping one of those in an apartment would be cruel. If you raise a caravan hound properly, giving
it the kindness and respect it deserves, it grows into a loyal and protective friend for
its owner. But, it will never be friendly to strangers
so don’t try to pet one of those if you ever get to meet them. And, if the owner shows cruelty to a growing
caravan pup, they shouldn’t expect to be treated with love and respect either. 7. Himalayan Mastiff As you might guess from its name, Himalayan
mastiff comes from the Himalayan region. It’s also known as Tibetan Mastiff and Drog-Khyi
in Tibetan which means “dog which may be tied”. So, they were indeed tied outside by homes,
tents, monasteries and palaces for protection centuries ago. They would bark in the darkness alarming their
people of upcoming danger and were most active and night sleeping during the day. These massive dogs weighing up to 220 lbs
still serve as family guardians with great protective instincts. So how did these bear-like fellas end up on
the dangerous dog breed list, you might ask. Well, the Himalayan mastiff medal sure has
a reverse, and it is the fact that it will only be kind and loyal if you train it properly
and constantly show it who is the boss in your family. It takes real patience and experience to make
it a friendly guardian and even then it will still be hostile to other dogs. And, when something goes wrong, it might as
well forget all the kindness you taught it and take down two wolves on its own. Another interesting fact about them is that
they hate warm weather so the mountains are the perfect place for them. 6. Rajapalayam
If you’re a dog lover you’ve definitely remember how huge and muscular Great Danes
are. Well, Rajapalayams, also known as Poligar
hounds, are about the same size at 25-30 inches tall. These muscular heavy built beauties served
as wild boar hunting companions for the royal family and aristocrats in the Southern Indian
town Rajapalayam, and this is where they got their name from. Their superpower is their incredible sight. When trained properly, these gorgeous animals
become perfectly dedicated one-man dogs. They are pretty reserved with feelings and
won’t jump around the owner like an anxious pup but will be loyal till the end. However, their hunting instincts are still
so strong they can be really aggressive to strangers and other pets so it’s best to
give them enough space on their own. 5. Kanni dog
In Tamil language, “Kanni” stands for “pure”. When it comes to South Indian Kanni dogs,
it’s surely about the purity of their loyal hearts. They are also often called Maiden’s Beastmasters
because these pups are a popular gift to newlywed brides that’s supposed to protect her from
wild animals. And this graceful beauty sure can protect
the maiden because it’s used to hunt deer, hare and other rodents and can run really
fast after the prey and you can train it easily to follow hand signals of the master. The Kanni is light and muscular at the same
time, has a large heart and a flexible spine, much like a cheetah. It might seem like a shy and kinder version
of a Doberman pinscher, but it will do anything to defend its human in case of trouble, so
you don’t really want to mess with it. 4. Rampur hound
Rampur hound comes from the Northern Indian city of Rampur. It was no less than Maharajahs favorite breed
for hunting lions, tigers, leopards and panthers and protecting them from jackals. It takes true courage, skill and speed to
take down a jackal, and the Rampurs sure do have all these qualities. They have an amazing stamina and can run at
a speed of 42 miles per hour. Plus, they have an amazing balance, much like
cats, and can gracefully walk on fences. These dogs need plenty of space to stretch
their legs so it’s not the best idea to get one and keep it in your apartment. The Rampurs are intelligent and loyal to their
owners but don’t exactly like to share them with anyone else. They get pretty aggressive as their protective
instincts turn on when strangers or other pets approach their beloved human. And you don’t want to mess with them during
those moments! 3. Bakharwal
The Bakharwal breed comes from the Himalayan region. The word Bakharawal comes from bakri, that
means goat, because their original task was to protect livestock of nomads, including
goats, from wolves and bears. One interesting facts about the Bakharwal
also known as Gujjar watchdog and Kashmiri mastiff, is that it’s vegetarian. This broad-shouldered long-legged pup prefers
milk and bread to any other type of food. However, it does have quite a character, is
super protective against enemies, and can be well-trained. No surprise the Indian Police Service uses
it to capture militants. 2. Combai
The first known mention of Combai is from the 15th century. At that time, they were mentioned in the records
of Southern Indian region of Tamil Nadu as great helpers in hunting wild boar, bison,
and deer. They can still boast powerful jaws and a broad
chest for protection against any intruders. If you see a Combai, it might seem lazy and
off-guard, but that’s just an illusion. It only takes them a moment to transform into
a ferocious guard. And while they are great family dogs that
love kids, they are really aggressive to other dogs they don’t know and are always ready
to protect their humans from strangers. 1. Dhole
Have you ever read the stories about Mowgli by Rudyard Kipling? He has a whole one dedicated to Dholes called
the Red Dog and if you read it you probably picture these fellas as bloodthirsty and aggressive
creatures living in huge packs. In fact, it’s not far from the truth. Even though they’re pretty little weighing
26-40 lbs, Dholes can kill animals that are ten times larger than themselves. These African wild dogs’ look-alikes can
run at a speed of 34 miles per hour and live in clans of around 12 dogs. They rarely kill livestock and mostly hunt
in the wild of the Central Indian Highlands, but you can actually meet them all across
the country. Do you love dogs or are you afraid of them? Feel free to confess in the comment section
below. Don’t forget to give this video a like, share
it with your friends and click “subscribe” to stay on the Bright Side of life!

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    I have a kombai he is really nice to the family but tries to attack at anything he thinks is a threat. When he says that they seem lazy and stuff that is definitely true he is always laying around and then once he hears something (even in another house) he jumps up and starts barking like crazy.

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