9-Year-Old Snake Handler Krista Guarino

KRISTA: I’m never afraid of snakes, not even a little bit. I’m crazy for snakes. LAURA: I really don’t like them at all. they, they kinda freak me out. COMM: Most nine year old girls enjoy playing with dolls. But Kirsta Guarino from Michigan
is one of a kind. She prefers snakes, and lives with thirty of them. JAMIE: It’s just an anaconda, c’mon, it’s harmless. KRISTA: Ow! MAN: How do you feel? KRISTA: Um…excited. 00:32
COMM: Krista gets her love of snakes from dad Jamie, and held her first when she was
just two years old. 00:38
JAMIE: It was her third word y’know snake, she would always point and just say snake!
And i just knew right then and there she was gonna be, y’know this was gonna be her passion.
I could just tell. COMM: Since then she’s developed a natural talent for snake handling. Some are twice
her size and known to bite. COMM: But it hasn’t put her off, even when she was out hunting for rattlesnakes. 01:08
JAMIE: Oh it’s a rattle! KRISTA: Oh cool!
JAMIE: All right we’re gonna release them far away from people. JAMIE: He loves you. COMM: Mum Ashli isn’t a big fan of snakes. JAMIE: Hold him! C’mon! ASHLI: No! You guys do what you want but I think you’re crazy. COMM: And grandmother Laura isn’t happy with Krista’s hobby. LAURA: It bothers me a lot, to me I’m afraid she’s going to get bit, hurt, who knows strangled.
It really upsets me, a lot. JAMIE: I’ve had some specific negative comments towards Krista and snakes, y’know “You shouldn’t
let your daughter be around those evil serpents, she could get killed and strangled” and y’know
some ridiculous comments and I just have to come back with y’know you’re not educated
at all, she’s never put in danger so y’know I kinda get mad but I laugh at them. COMM: Today Krista dedicates most of her free time to her favourite animal. JAMIE: You ready to feed all these? Krista: Yep. COMM: And she even helps out at the reptile centre where Jamie works. JAMIE: Hey Krista how’s it going over here? KRISTA: I only got one more left. JAMIE: One left? All right feed them up because
it’s time to feed some alligators. KRISTA: Cool. BRIGAN: Even though Krista is very young I think she probably knows more about snakes
than I do. Her knowledge is insane, she’s so smart. COMM: Despite her young years Krista already has her future planned out as the owner of
a reptile zoo. KRISTA: I wanna teach people about reptiles, I wanna have every kind of reptile in the
world. COMM: And she’s determined to prove that snakes aren’t as bas as we think. KRISTA: Some people, they’re afraid of them and they like kill ’em, and I don’t want no-one
to kill snakes because they’re cool and interesting.

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100 Responses

  1. Victoria Troianas says:

    Such a pretty white snake

  2. Tiki Clicky Spoonbending Fox :3 says:

    Nostalgia (I bet I spelled that wrong :/)

  3. Alayah Camrud says:

    I'm a girl and I've looked makes I'm only 10 and I really want to a snake but my family can't afford one so I really appreciate that there is someone in the world that like snakes like me!!!!!

  4. Curtis Nelson says:


  5. Kirsten Leas says:

    I love snakes

  6. Faydecoolemeid89 De klerk says:

    I have an own snake :3

  7. Sydney08 says:

    She’s 14 now …

  8. Mark Johnson says:

    I’m nine and I love snakes to

  9. Toy Girls says:

    When 9 year old can hold snake and you won’t even go at least 10m near one

  10. Jose Guzman says:

    🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍I love them

  11. shania reese says:

    well with me i have a big snake named "milo" hes white with yellow specks and i love him and have two tarrantulas there name is shila and shyla and am not afraid of them same with her

  12. Connor Cliff says:

    I love snakes too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. ITZ_Anisha roblox player Galaxy gacha rahman says:

    I’m a 8 year old and I don’t play with dolls

  14. Leena Bennett says:

    She is so cute

  15. Ashlea Bruce says:

    I don’t like dolls I like snakes I have one

  16. Arts And Crafts with MARIA! says:

    Cool Kids be alert!

  17. [ k t h x a r i a ] says:

    gets bitten by a snake
    how do you feel?
    um, excited.

  18. Moshi Creator says:

    I wanna be like her. i got 6 lizards and one snake and 2 geckos, I want more snakes

  19. Aisha The Disturbing says:

    I always wanted to at least hold one.

  20. Madison Miller says:

    I hate snakes like she is amazing

  21. Damon Courtney says:

    If she has a rattle snake and a king cobra she is dead

  22. SheepishSharkie says:

    I mean their faces are adorable but they also look like a slimy noodle.
    I saved a Gardner Snake from the middle of the road. I picked it up and like put it in the grass but I hated the feeling of the spine moving in my hands D:

  23. Manika Kok says:

    I’m 9 years old too but I’m scared of snak

  24. Lynn Bryant says:

    Girl you are like so right my name is Ashley I am a 9 year old girl I live in Oklahoma City Yukon Oklahoma Banner Road and that I may be 9 I may be cool but I love snakes like you all snakes are cool except rattles rattlesnakes are not good cobras Professor bad rattle bat rattles or bad

  25. •Smexy.Burrito• says:

    I love snakes

  26. crybaby nia says:

    My 3 favourite animals are the ones that people are really scared of

    1. Stingrays
    2. Sharks
    3. Snakes

  27. Breanna Cruce says:

    So true my mom won’t let me get a snake but win I grow up I am gettin a snake!

  28. Ann-marie Martin says:

    Your a some 😀😁😃😄😆

  29. Chris Mancil says:

    Me too I’m also nine my passion is reptiles too!

  30. MerDoSea says:

    Seems like she knows what she’s doing. Very cool

  31. MerDoSea says:

    Seems like she knows what she’s doing. Very cool

  32. solomon mohammed says:

    I hate snakes she loves the devil and her fathers is devil

  33. Galaxy Kids says:

    #me I love snakes

  34. Safa Musarrat says:

    I. Hate. Snakes. Periodt.

  35. Isabel Shepard says:

    She could get strangled but she is so brave!!

  36. Magical Stonk says:

    Im 9 And I LOVE snakes

  37. Keymoni Stokes says:

    I 💕them too

  38. Hamza Mohamed says:

    X. Jkj

  39. Windy Seagraves says:

    L like snakes to

  40. Jennifer Delaney says:

    I think she is Supa dupa brave🐍🐍🐍

  41. Fortnight Gamer 237 says:


  42. Jason Brown says:

    I LOVE snakes

  43. 333 gurl says:

    “Most nine years olds like playing with dolls”

    Me:ima tomboy ._.

  44. Fujitsu YT says:

    You sure you want every reptile??? You really want a Komodo dragon???

  45. Jonė Tarvainytė says:

    Like snake love👌👍😍😘

  46. Renny Leach says:

    I love ❤️ snakes 🐍 my brother has one

  47. Charlene Todd says:

    i love snakes

  48. Isabella Amstutz says:

    Love snakes so much

  49. Ariella Sheely says:


  50. Dayna Christian says:

    Why are people afraid of snakes I love them

  51. Niki 113 says:

    For some reason Im scared of a mosquito and completely fine with a snake

  52. Kaia Ford says:

    I love snakes to I’m not even scared of them I have got bitten by my snake and a mans snake

  53. Theodora Brice says:

    if I was that girl I've been so scared I bet that snake will just hit me up to the Moon

  54. Kevin Price says:

    i also love snakes

  55. Danica Reyna says:


  56. Celia Alexander says:

    So Cool

  57. TSM_HYPER 802 says:

    My name is Austin
    My strange addiction is breathing
    This happen when I was born🤣🤣🤣🤣
    Anyone else that can relate

  58. Nike_PlaySSs says:

    I love snakes as she said i wanna prove that snakes can actually be cute and not scary

  59. killer boy says:

    she is the devils

  60. Funky Panda says:

    I love snakes and I am with you girl leave a like if you are with me

  61. Shadow Clan says:

    I want to work with this kid when I’m older. I’m more a lizard fan though

  62. 달의 아이 says:

    She should seriously meet Brian brazack he’s awesome!!

  63. Sandra Brasel says:

    They no evil

  64. reevesterry47 says:

    I love snakes I love snakes I love snakes 🐍🐍🐍🐍

  65. Megan Tabor says:

    She’s fine do want y’all want

  66. Bill Cipher says:

    I love sneks

  67. t Mukane says:

    Not all snake r pisoned

    One line for this video is
    Humble for snakes and care for them

  68. Mr Falsebat says:

    I love snakes yes

  69. muffins does stuff says:

    I'm 9 and I love snakes

  70. Crystalfong says:


    And also, I do not like dolls

  71. Lightning Derp says:

    My pop has a snake it’s cute

  72. Jessica Matrow says:

    I love snakes. Hog nose snakes are interesting because they pretend to be a cobra to scare of predators and if that doesn’t work they play dead

  73. Rebecca Anderson says:

    I loved all your videos but I wish I had a snake but my mom won't let me have one your veare lucky to have some of your own for a pet 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍

  74. Maple Syrup says:

    Snake are rlly cool i love them

  75. Katelyn’s cool World says:

    Actually that’s wrong blah blah blah “most nine year olds play with dolls” I find that rude. I love snakes too and frogs.

  76. Tatum Brown says:

    I'm 9 and I live with 5 snakes and one spider

  77. IBBY STARBOY says:

    You could die because they are dangerous and sometimes poisonous my mum Is afraid of snakes

  78. Masam Ali says:

    Hopefully she gets the knowledge

  79. Carol Bruce says:


  80. IDKHow Rat says:

    Thid is what we need. Children realizing snakes are precious

  81. Muffin time 306 says:


  82. Agne Lide says:

    Dolls waaaa

  83. amber galv8n says:

    I got ya to i loveeeeeee snakes💒my home and cutter

  84. Nichole Jaskoski says:

    There stupid like you

  85. Anna gacha says:

    I love snakes tooo😍😘❤️🐍

  86. Lara curiosa soouza says:

    Oh my God

  87. Heather Stone says:

    I love snacks😍

  88. Wolfss Santacruz says:

    I think she is cool because snakes are cool and she loves them I love them to.

  89. Shanta Coates says:

    I don’t like snakes 😂😂😂😂😂

  90. Ken Nguyen says:

    I love snakes there my favourite animal

  91. Tash M says:

    I.ve got to say you and your daughter is crazy for snakes BRO!!!!!!

  92. Kāylā Pêrsøn says:

    Fun fact! dogs actually have been known to attack people MORE than snakes…I also went to a wildlife park and funnily the only animals that HASNT bit anyone is their snake I held donoven really I dont see why people are afraid of snakes again dogs are more aggressive and easier to see just on the streets! I live in australia and I've seen ONE snake in my yard

  93. julie lacs says:

    Awww so cute:3 snakes are just the cutest

  94. Plahgg Instagram 68k says:

    I wish I had her childhood

  95. Brian Conway says:

    You’re so stupid letting your daughter handle steaks

  96. Shlee says:

    This girl is so epic. Pursue that passion!! 🙂

  97. Unicorn Squad says:

    I’m a snake lover as well

  98. Smart says:

    I'm afraid that she will die one day

  99. emmy blouin says:

    Aww! What a cute carpet python!

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