A Bulldog Day: Eric Jones

[Instrumental music] Hello, my name is Eric Jones.
I’m in my third year here at Gardner-Webb. I play baseball,
and I’m a part of the exercise science program. This is how you get.. [voice fades] I want, I kind of want to do physical therapy.
It’s really awesome. It’s just a lot of, like I said,
motor behavior is one of my classes. Exercise physiology,
and kinesiology is one of mine. It is just a lot movement,
a lot of just exercise related— sports related stuff,
and, so I really enjoy that part of it. Gardner-Webb.
1, 2, 3. REAP Dawgs! Woop! Coach Stroupe, he’s a great man,
great role model, someone to look up to. Every day, usually in our practice schedule
there will be, like a quote or something. Or he will send emails. And he will send
a little quote just to keep you, I don’t know, mentally strong,
mentally focused, and he just gets you to think about,
you know, the mental part of the game. [ball making contact with bat] [Instrumental music] We try to plant some thoughts in there
that are going to last beyond just their playing days. We want to make it a whole lot more
than just being baseball players. They are student athletes,
so we want them to get a great education. But, Gardner-Webb is
all about total development of the person. And so, we talk about academic achievement,
athletic excellence, spiritual growth, and social responsibility all the time. I would say, Eric Jones is the epitome of
what we want a Gardner-Webb baseball player to be. We’ve had players do a whole lot more than
just go play baseball when they leave here. We’ve had one of our players be the
youngest bank executive in BB&T history. He became a bank manager at 21.
Graduated early. I’m as proud of those as I am the couple guys
who have gone on and played in the major leagues and several others who have played
professional ball. It’s really nice to see them go out and do things
in the world and make a difference in their community. My favorite part of Gardner-Webb
is the professors that I’ve met. Which I know,
my brother and my sister go to a bigger school. And, I know,
there you are really just a number, and here, you are more than just a number,
and I really appreciate that. [Swoosh] [Instrumental music] [Swoosh]

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