A Country Pup | Puppy Days

NARRATOR: At eight
weeks old, Angus needs to sleep up to 20 hours a day. But today, he’s waking
up to a whole new world. ADRIENNE: So so
far, Angus has only met things around the house. He’s met the cats
and things like that. But today I have a lot
of ranch chores to do, so it’s the perfect day
to bring Angus outside. Come on. The [inaudible] family
live on a small farm, and Adrienne knows that Angus
has a lot to look out for. All right, Angus. Let’s go. There’s a lot going
on on a little ranch. We have a lot of
visitors and a lot of activities on a daily basis. I want to make sure that
Angus gets to know everything, and he’s comfortable. One of the main goals to
introduce Angus to a chicken. We let them out, and
we let them graze. And I don’t want Angus to
ever mistake them as dinner. Uh oh. NARRATOR: He’s also
got to make friends with the other
dogs on the ranch, including Olive, a
Great Pyrenees cross. You’re never quite sure when
you bring a new puppy home how they’re going to be. Olive is such a big dog
that I’m more worried about how Olive behaves
around Angus than Angus behaves around Olive. NARRATOR: Olive weighs
in at 150 pounds, more than eight times heavier
than the new Great Dane puppy. See, that’s Olive. Say hi, Olive. You’re going to be good to him? NARRATOR: Olive may be
giant, but she’s very gentle. Really nice to see Olive
being so sweet to him. NARRATOR: Angus will
soon outgrow Olive. Even at 18 weeks, he’ll be
almost 2 and 1/2 feet tall and weigh up to 80 pounds. But even a fully grown Great
Dane needs to learn not to mess with the biggest
animals on the ranch. Horses are my
biggest concerns. Say hi, Wizzy. Make sure that he respects
them, he stays out of their way and out from underneath their
feet so he doesn’t get hurt. He’s definitely curious
about the horses, and the horses don’t like him.

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