A Cow Adopted an Orphan Puppy And Found The Foster Mama Again In Korea

We have seen many examples of the caring relationship
of human-human and human-animal. It is a fact that animals get emotionally
attached to each other. In the outskirt of Korea a motivating love
bond has been observed between a cow and dog. A few years ago a puppy, Rookie was brought
into an animal farmhouse. And Rookie was about not well when his owner
brought the dog at farm. Because Rookie was an orphan dog and he was
not nursed by his dog mother. So a mother figured cow adopted that sick
and lean puppy. With care and love of cow, Rookie became healthy
and playful again. As time passed Rookie grown up into a naughty
dog but his love remained the same with the mother cow. Everyone at farmhouse loved this affiliation. But unfortunately, this love bond came to
an end when the farm owner had to sell the cow due to face they suffered from the financial
crisis. When Rookie saw his mother leaving him he
felt so stressed being alone. Although he became grown-up he was dependent
on cow and once again felt the pain of past as orphan. He ran after the vehicle which took the cow
away. This situation was very nerve-wracking but
no one could do anything about it. After that day, Rookies shut himself from
the surrounding and stopped eating. When farm owner realized the impact of leaving
the cow on Rookie’s life he thought to do something about it. One day Rookie became so frustrated that he
ran away from the farm. He marked out and found his mother cow by
smelling his mother scent. When the owner came to know about Rookie was
with his foster mama, he arranged to get back the cow. He contacted the new owner and after bearing
the loss he bought the cow again just for Rookie. The poor dog was literally crying when met
his mother. Rookie yearned for this moment so long and
became contented by staying by his mother side. And Rookies once again was a spirited and
playful dog again. But his owner felt worried after this incident
and thought to do something about Rookie. Because if he had to sell the again how would
he tolerate this parting again. So he consulted a veterinarian and he suggested
brushing some cow’s hair with a dog. So that Rookie can smell his mother scent
from that dog and used to attach with that dog. At first, Rookie felt hesitant but he found
his new friend in a dog. At last, his owner found the solution of Rookie’s
problem and it will help him to be an independent dog. Do you think that his the owner did his best
for Rookie? Please share to pass on the story with family
and friends.

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    Please share to pass on the story
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