They’re all coming! Oh my god This is heaven! Hey guys! Guess where we are right now~ Well first of all, let me introduce who I’m with Chris (Abroad in Japan) Jun and Rachel And we are headed to, the best place in Japan! CAT ISLAND And we’re on the boat, we just made the boat Go watch my vlog videos on my 2nd channel if you wanna see our whole adventure getting here But yeah! We’re headed to Cat Island! I’ve wanted to go here for probably 2 years now I think I first heard about it 2 years ago and I think it’s gonna be amazing The weather is perfect, so we are really lucky Oh my god we’re almost there! Is this it? I think so yeah Oh! We’re there we’re there we’re there we’re there Almost. 5 minutes! I’m just picturing the cats to come swarming to us as soon as we get off the boat I really hope that happens Let’s just come out with handfuls of food We have taped it to our clothing! We’re here!! Look at this place, it’s gorgeous!! Alright guys, it’s time to go find some cats, where are the cats!? I don’t see any cats yet Heh, it’s a lie! It’s all a publicity stunt They call it Cat Island to lure us here But actually, there aren’t any! But there were! Tashirojima (Cat Island) is located in the Pacific Ocean Off the coast of Ishinomaki City in Miyagi Prefecture Tashirojima is inhabited by more cats than humans Which is where it gets it’s nickname of Cat Island There are less than 100 people living on the island But there are several hundred cats In order to get to Tashirojima you need to take a 1 hour long ferry ride which you can board from Ishinomaki The boat will stop at both of the island’s settled areas A tiny village near the North, and a more developed village in the South We decided to get off at the stop in the South We are venturing deeper into the island now in search of more cats We already saw 3, yay! Wowww Awww He’s so friendly OMG YES FOOD PLZ What a cutie It’s the good stuff, it’s not the cheap stuff Aww It’s my favourite one Ahh they’re all coming, they’re all coming! OMG This place is heaven, I’m never going home FUN FACT: Nobody owns a dog on Cat Island In order to protect the cats it’s actually not allowed to bring a dog onto the island at all It’s probably his first cat toy ever Aww they’re so happy~ Oh my god that grey one is so cute! Aww I wanna bring him home~ There is one store on the island where you can buy drinks and snacks But surprisingly they didn’t have a very good selection of cat food So if you would like to feed the cats I recommend bringing your own food and snacks for them just in case there isn’t any you can buy in the store My recommendation would be to bring some cans of wet food Or some bottles of water and bowls you can give them the water in We saw a few people feeding them dry food But we didn’t really see any bowls of water anywhere So I was kinda worried that the cats were dehydrated So that would probably be a really good idea This is paradise It’s a chocolate cat! The tsunami is 2011 partially flooded Tashirojima and both the villages had several buildings that were destroyed Luckily, the island is located behind a peninsula which helped protect it from more severe damage We are now in search of the Cat Shrine Which Chris has been telling us stories about Tell us the background story Chris, with your best accent! So it’s said… About 100 years ago, this island had a thriving textiles industry And then, shit went down. There were load of rats, and they were eating all the textiles I can’t remember what it was, silk or cotton or something? All the rats were eating it So they were like, I know what we can do! CATS! So, they brought the cats along The cats killed and ate all the rats And they saved the economy of the island! So to thank the cats, they made a Cat Shrine And lived happily ever after, the end. And now we’re looking for that shrine… This Cat Shrine is located at the centre of the island between the 2 ports So if you get off at either one, and venture in towards the middle of the island You should be able to find it It was a good half-hour walk to reach the shrine And it was really hot, there wasn’t much shade around So definitely bring enough liquids! We found the shrine! We made it to the Cat Shrine and this cat is so happy to see us FINALLY PEOPLE Hey~ DID YOU BRING FOOD? We brought food! ANYTHING GOOD? Hey~ HURRY UP LADY He’s so happy, he’s like “No one ever makes it all the way up here!” This is pretty awesome Look at all the… Oh my god there’s cat toys! That’s so cute! This shrine was built in dedication to a cat that was accidentally killed by a falling rock After visiting the Cat Shrine, we decided to head out to the North side of the island to see if there were any more cats to find over there There weren’t as many cats as there were over on the South side But the cats that were there, all came flocking towards us and they all looked really happy to see us So if you get a chance, definitely go visit them So far we have seen more cats than people, definitely How many people have we seen so far? Maybe… 6? Yeah, maybe 10 at the most Lots of them were tourists, at least half of them were tourists And we’ve probably seen at least 30 cats I would say. Probably about 30 cats. So that’s awesome! Obviously we came to Tashirojima for the cats But look at this view! We had a wonderful time just relaxing down by the water here It’s a really gorgeous place As you’re exploring the island You’ll probably notice that there aren’t any restaurants around But after a quick Google search we discovered that there is one And we head off to find it! Aww there’s a cat coming to welcome us! And Chris terrifies it. It flees into the bushes So we have discovered probably the only place to eat on the island It’s a house actually, it’s someone’s home and they have a little cafe And it looks like there’s only one thing on the menu Probably each day they change it Today is… Octopus Tomato Sauce Pasta It was nice to be able to just come in and wash our hands And use the washroom, they have a really nice washroom here So if you’re looking for somewhere to do that this is probably the only place on the island Otherwise you’d have to use an outhouse, those were the only other washrooms that we saw He’s following us home! Aww what a cutie It’s time to get back on the boat and go home 🙁 I don’t wanna leave, this place is really nice We’re on the ferry now Which is really sad 🙁 Are you sad Chris? Chris is so sad There’ll be tears in a minute Seriously this place was so nice, it was gorgeous! Really, really relaxing And the cats were so cute!! They were so friendly! It’s so rare to find stray cats that are friendly in Japan that will like, come up to you! They were so cute Shrine cat was the best! And that pretty grey cat with the long hair that kinda looked like Maro Those 2 were my favourite I will put all the information about Cat Island down in the description box Check that if you’re interested in coming here It cost 2500 yen for the boat ride here and back, both ways Yeah, it’s not too bad You can get lunch on the island for 800 yen We are heading back to Sendai now, to continue our road trip So check out the videos on Rachel and Chris’ channels And look forward to more from me too! Bye!!

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