A Foxy Challenge | Smudge & Squeak: Working Puppies Ep. 8

Previously on the Adventures of Smudge and
Squeak: The sisters sniffed out fun in the garden, and Squeak proved to be the better
investigator. Then the gals took a trip with the herd, and all the animals settled in for
a quiet evening. So what are Smudge and Squeak up to this week? Let’s find out. There’s a
lot of ground to cover on Moss Mountain Farm. And while each of the animals has their own
style, Moose has to wonder about Smudge and Squeak sometimes. Apparently, becoming the
ultimate defenders of the flock is dirty business, so now it’s time for a bath in true farm fashion.
And which of our little ladies can handle it best? Smudge seems to have more delicate
sensibilities, while Squeak remains calm like a real farm dog. Baths these days are a far
cry from when they first arrived on the farm, when they were dipped into a warm tub and
then dried with towels. I guess Squeak always understood the importance of just relaxing.
But these little ladies have grown accustomed to farm living. They enjoy afternoons in the
paddocks and lounging in the grass. Out on the property, a fierce enemy is watching the
goings on at the farm, just waiting for the perfect opportunity to make a move. It looks
like a fox has made its way onto the property. Eyeing the chickens and the sheep and the
other members of the flock. Creeping through the grass, ready to strike. And which one
of the girls will prove to be the better protector? Will Smudge step up to the plate? Or will
Squeak finally exert her energy to take this rascal down? Let’s have a looksy. Hands down,
Squeak has this competition in the bag. She quickly springs into action, doing everything
in her power to stop the predator in its tracks. Laying her life on the line to defend her
farm family. Which begs the question: Is Smudge the lesser of the two? Is she not cut out
to be an ultimate defender of the flock, or is she the one smart enough to realize it’s
only a toy? These happy girls sure have had a busy day, but work never stops. It’s time
for the afternoon patrol of the grounds
to go see what’s shaking with Moose and Trudy, the Dorpers, and the rest of the farm family.
These gals are feeling fine and ready for what’s next in the next Adventures of Smudge
and Squeak.

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4 Responses

  1. 69irene says:

    still adorable

  2. Herpdaderp says:

    I love those gals!

  3. Lizzie Hodge says:

    like 4 smuge reply 4 squeak

  4. 432mag says:

    Aww, these two are so cute! My favorite is Squeak!

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