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I am Henriett Tatar, the owner of Gold-Sierra Kenell. I have been breeding French Bulldogs for 24 years. I am a 3 times Golden Level Master breeder. This breed is connected to my life for a long time. The reason why I decided to have them is that they are mini molossers. Real funny guys and friends who can be loved very much. They always bring sunshine and happiness to our days. They love children very much and fits perfectly to our family life. First in my life I saw a French Bulldog in a book, when I was a child. As soon as I saw them. I fell in love with the breed. Since then it was a dream for to have one. As soon as I became 18 years old, I bought my first Frenchie. I can say that I choose them consciously. They are small molossers, who are said to be “the clown of dogs”. They can love me, us very much and this is extremely important for us. The French Bulldog, as a breed, started from England. The English lace workers, who went to work in France in the 19th century took their mini, toy bulldogs with them. The French Bulldog originates from these toy dogs. It was these workers for example, who fixed their standing ears. The breed first became popular in France and started to spread all over the world from this region. They are the so called Companions and Toy Dogs breed standard (FCI Group 9). Ideal family dogs who adapt very well to human and urban surroundings. As they are not too agile, fit perfectly to your home, you can even watch TV with them. As they they cannot stand warm climate, you should take it seriously when it is more than 20 Celsius (68 Fahrenheit). If the temperature is so, it is better to walk them in the morning or evening. In cooler weather they like outdoor walks in small distances. Fortunately, nowadays you can buy cooling vests, which make their life easier. Otherwise, they can adapt themselves very well to almost all conditions. If the weather is not hot, they like having short walks with us. The French Bulldog can easily live together with other animals. Interestingly, they are getting more and more popular among horse riders, maybe because they are a small molosser, full of muscles. Because of the origins of the breed, it is not ideal to keep them in bigger packs. What they prefer is to be in a 2 – 3 dog companion. They come up well with a cats in the family and like small children very much. Keeping them in bigger packs can lead to serious dominance fights. French Bulldogs have become very popular and there are a lot of them all over the world. By now, two basic types exist, one of them is the so called show quality French Bulldogs. These have longer legs and have normal breeding, which is very important. Their movement should be perfect in the ring. Because of their good movement, they can be used for agility purposes, as well. The other type has shorter legs and very wrapped, leathery heads. For them it is more difficult to breathe, because of their soft palate and very short muzzle. it is very important that a French Bulldog have open nostrils and good breathing, as it makes their life easier. As the lifespan of the French Bulldog is around 10 years, these things make their life better. If somebody falls in love with this breed and would like to buy a puppy, it is extremely important to check and find a reliable breeder. If you decide to have a French Bulldog and it will fit to your family, first, you have to decide who you buy the puppy from. As it is a very popular breed, it is very important how you can communicate with the breeder. How can you count with him/her in the oncoming 10 years? What level of support you get? To what extent the breeder concentrates on the health checks and screening? As I mentioned earlier, the French Bulldog is a short muzzle breed, sometimes with breathing problems. Other issue can be the heart and susceptibility for heart problems, which can shorten their lives. The third important health issue is the patella (dysplasia) problems. A good patella is required for balanced movement. This is why I deeply advise to find a breeder, who regularly checks these issues and guarantee for future health issues. In my opinion a puppy should have an FCI, AKC, or KC registry. The registry of bloodlines and ascendants is a good documentation for finding any health problems. If you choose a puppy, one of the most important thing is that you get a guarantee fro genetic defects. It should include that (like for example us) the breeder gives a 12 month guarantee for all congenital genetic defects. What we mean by it is: guarantee for heart problems, trachea narrowing and serious patella deformity. Any deformity of the spine and hip dysplasia. In my opinion a trusted breeder wants the best quality puppies, this is why he/she concentrates on the health of the puppies. 24 years ago, when I started to breed French Bulldogs, no guarantee existed at all. The only thing that we could check was the movement of the puppies, dogs. If a dog had a good anatomy, and could move well, it was quite probable that there will be no problems. As French Bulldogs have become so popular and the aim of some breeders is to have very short muzzles, it brought a lot of formerly unseen health problems. When you choose your puppy, you should concentrate on these issues very much. Like with other dogs, early socialization is very important with this breed as well. Good breeders usually concentrate on holding the puppies in their hands a lot. Our puppies brest-fed once in every three hours and we keep them in our hands a lot. By the time they become 6 – 8 week old, they regard us as their second mother. In general, we send puppies to almost all over the world. As they are socialized early, they come out of the crate happily after a 24 hour air travel. When they come out of the crate they “say hello”, behave kindly and friendly. The travel does not leave a negative mark on their personality. This why we hold them and love them so much. We consider it of utmost importance. If you plan to buy a French Bulldog puppy, first, you should decide about the personality of your future dog. There are very calm puppies in the litter, who sleep all day with a low energy level. And of course there are real energy bombs, like she, as you can see, . It is very useful if you tell your expectations to the breeder and he helps you to choose well. The energy level of a dog can be seen in a very early age and it gives a sign about what type of a dog she will be. Look at her, she is a real energy bomb 🙂 It is very important that your and your dog’ s character be the same. If you prefer sitting at home a lot and do not move frequently, it will not be good to choose a very energetic puppy. A dog with high energy level likes to come and go, walk and play a lot all day. If you are not that type, there will not be a balanced, happy connection between you. I do not recommend the French Bulldog to those who like to go for long outdoor walks, or likes sun bathing. This breed can not stand hot weather and not a sports dog. These two criteria is important, in all other respects they are very good family dogs. Some say that a French Bulldog is not a clever and intelligent breed and cannot be trained at all. I don’t agree. Everything depends on the level of training you give to your dog. We have French Bulldogs that are prepared for shows. Some of our clients want them with basic obedience training. They are easy to train in which it is a big help that they like their bellies so much. A small sausage, or a fur toy can help a lot in motivating them. They can easily reach the basic obedience level, but do not expect guard, or protection work from them. We are breeding French Bulldogs for almost quarter of a century. We work as a team and what we have achieved was a consequence of a team work. Without the family and friendly background, we could not get further and get to this quality level. Presently, I am a 3 times Golden Level Master Breeder. Our French Bulldogs are present in almost all parts of the world, from Australia to the USA. There is only Alaska without Gold-Sierra French Bulldogs. Our specialty is the fawn, or red French Bulldog with black mask. We like this color combination and try to get the best out of it. She, who sits here, is a 7 month old female, who is very active, as you see. In Her there are all the bloodlines which are very kind to my heart. We have high expectations with Her in the future. The French Bulldog have become so widespread and one of the most popular 10 dogs all around the world because they adapted themselves perfectly to urban life and human society. They like to live in flats with their owners and alone. If we leave them alone in the morning for the whole day, it is not a problem for them. When we arrive home a funny love “package” is waiting for us. As they do not have agility of a terrier , they are just happy that we have arrived home and can be with us. They do not have very high needs or expectations for long walks, simply, they like to be with us. This is the main reason they have become such a popular breed and the reason why we love them so much.

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  1. Andrea Trombitas says:

    Milyen kicsi a vilag! Belgiumban elek es mar evek ota szerettem volna egy francia bulldogot. Vegul talaltam egy megbizhato tenyesztot Hollandiaban, akinek voltak kiskutyai, ki is valasztottam egyet. Aztan kiderult, hogy a kutyus apukaja magyar felmenokkel dicsekedhet, meghozza a Gold-Sierra kennelbol :).

  2. Csaba Demeter says:

    kapok en is buldogot

  3. Magyar Ármin says:

    Valaki tud olyan tenyészetet ahol hosszab lábú és mozgékonyabb testalkatu kutyák vannak ?

  4. Petra Smile says:

    Azt megkérdezhetem, hogy körülbelül mennyibe kerül egy kan franciabulldog a ti tenyészetetekből? (Érdekelne, és hol található a tenyészet?)

  5. Dániel Győrfi says:

    Nagyon nyáladzanak?

  6. kristof 17 says:

    Valaki tud magyaroszágon jó tenyésztőt

  7. Róbert Hiczpán says:

    Nekem is francia bulldogom volt ma halt meg ugy hivjak willi

  8. Róbert Hiczpán says:

    :(((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((((( :….((

  9. Sándor Fülöp says:

    Mestertenyésztő, de a kutyája allig kap levegőt!!!
    Én ismerdtem a 70-es évek elején 1 Francia Buldogot, és sokkal hosszabb volt az orra meg nagyobb is volt,sokkal elegánsabb volt!

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