A French Bulldog Cafe Is Coming to London and Nothing Could Be Better – News Today

 This new pop-up cafe in London isn’t just pet-friendly, but pet-encouraged.  Frenchie Cafe is a one-day only event during which customers will get to enjoy a cup of coffee with their four-legged friends right by their sides The event will be held at The Happenstance in London on Sept. 9, and the space will be turned into a cafe completely dedicated to French bulldogs  The dog-filled day is organized by Pug Cafe, another pop-up in Guildford; this is the company’s first event dedicated to Frenchies In the past, the group hosted similar events for other breeds, such as dachshunds  The cafe will not only provide for the Frenchies’ owners, but for the pooches, too At the event, all pets can enjoy a menu full of delicious doggy treats and “pupuccinos,” according to Pug Cafe’s website Even if you aren’t a Frenchie owner yourself, the cafe is allowing customers to sign up to play with the dogs and enjoy coffee, cake and cocktails  News of the Frenchie pop-up was posted to Instagram by the Pug Cafe on Aug. 3.  If you’re a dog lover, get your tickets fast  Frenchie owners will be charged £10 to get in, £15 for Frenchie lovers without a pet But don’t worry, your Frenchie gets in free!  Although you’re probably eager to bring your pup along, all Frenchies must pass a certain set of criteria before being allowed to join  First off, Pug Cafe pop-ups are breed specific, making it a Frenchie-only event The cafe also asks that your Frenchie be well socialized with other dogs, up to date on vaccines, well-behaved, friendly and, of course, healthy  The event is a great way for Frenchies to meet others just like them, and for owners to mingle as well More information can be found at the Pug Cafe’s website or Facebook page. These pup-filled events have been extremely successful so you don’t want to miss out on the pawty!

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