A Friend in Sight (Guide Dog Documentary)

you [Music] you [Music] [Music] okay think of the partnership between a guide dog and its master that’s like a marriage you want it to be like a marriage and it takes time for that partnership to grow into the bondage I’m Julia Moses and this is Carrie my seeing-eye dog you [Music] I trained with Carrie for a month before I got her we started doing small routes in small quiet streets we were getting used to each other as that month progress were training more in urban environment busier places I got to trust her she trusted me [Music] she comes from a school called the seeing eye and she is now five years old probably the first thing that I can remember is coming to New Zealand and I had been on a long 12-hour flight with Kerry and when we arrived in Auckland to do the transfer she just puts her her front paws on the seat and looks out of the window as if to say wow where are we now [Music] perfectly fine I just put the harness over my head give her a command she’s on the schedule usually but you know because she had water come on hours ago mm-hmm I thought I better give her a chance to go [Music] the [Music] why I tell her where to go and I also do hand signals so if I say carry forward I would say her name first then I would say the command and do the appropriate hand signals she saw the car I am I described back and she judge to be close around the gift that color had been going faster she would have stopped get moving okay um okay if we miss something because I’m not paying attention to what she’s doing or I misjudged a distance yes we can we can still get lost and that does happen yes the club shop sometimes we used to go there take away there you get something so I knew there was something mister she turned to the right who had turned to the right look at what it was it was all dogs they’re not perfect and they have their animal instincts that we can’t take out of them and now she just saw something over here no sit he’s gotta sit come here – I hit it oh it’s because first and foremost they are dogs they’re Guide Dogs second but they’re dogs first so your counter but he has blanked on sex I’ve been working with seeing-eye dog since 2002 she is dog number 2 my first dog was a golden retriever and I had him until he was nine and a half [Music] so this is my flat in the central city [Music] so we usually wake up between 6:00 and 7:00 Carrie wakes me up and I take her out to do her business and then I feed her [Music] [Music] [Music] okay okay so the interface is a special one for dogs so they can swallow it [Music] Thank You Kari sit good girl open good girl I can do this all day for just one today I love this I love Kari I’m with her 24/7 she’s itching is it just like oh I guess when I go outside we are with each other 24 hours a day seven days a week we both take care of each other so I I groom her I couldn’t her teeth you know I played with her she gets her food from me yet she also looks after me in terms of guiding me and so it’s a it is a really good partnership you [Music] you [Music] you

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