A funny walk with German Shepherd – Major/Zabawny spacer z Owczarkiem Niemieckim – Majorem

Come here Here you are Are you reading the SMS? Doggy SMS On every pillar & tree. And on hydrant Yeah, of course Water! A little bit more warm, so Major has to enter to the water Did you drink? Now a stick But still you didn’t bring any stick to home I saw a dog on YouTube, who was bringing sticks to home on every walk Here! Let’s go I won’t let the stick. I’ll take it I knew it Oh right So how will you make it? How to do this Major? So? Think Use an intelligence Clever dog He’ll find a new stick It’s also clever A lot of sticks How you dogs are funny Do you also leave the SMS? There’s no walk without taking any random sticks to teeth & walking with them through the half of a walk. Right Major? Yeah, we dogs like wa….sticks & walks too Probably he would tell like this You could walking closer We’d can see you better But no! He has to in front What, you took? A bamboo? But you won’t catch this Good Major He’s returning, when I’m out of his sight & grabs everything with his teeth, which resembles a stick Doesn’t matter, if it’s grain, grass Stick, bamboo, anything This is Major, Major loves to catch sticks There’s nothing like a peaceful walk with dog Thumbs up for peaceful walks with dogs Thanks for watching & see you next time More funny walks Later

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