A German Shepherd puppy training. How to teach a command Give it

A Shepherd puppy training. How to take away a toy using force. There are different methods of teaching a command ‘give it’. This video shows how to do it using force. Harper! You are so strong! Take away the sleeve. – Give it! Sit! Give it! Give it! Sit! To take the sleeve away, do not put it on. Spurt the leash. Give it! Give it! Give it! Taking away an object improperly causes ignoring the command ‘give it’. Or can make the dog stop playing with the toy. Give it! Give me, drop it! Seize the collar. If you command ‘give it!’, take it away. Seize the leash and pull it up. Drop it! Give it. Give it! Do not pull the sleeve when taking it away. Pull the collar upwards. Here is one of available techniques to take away an object by means of force. Well done! You should fix the pillow tight – clasp it to yourself and pull the collar. Give it! You’re like sticking him on the pillow to make him tired of it. You don’t like it, do you? Give it! Well done. Yes, good boy! Good, good boy! Good boy! Okay, give it to me! Well done. Yes, that’s right. Good boy. Well done! Good boy! Well done! He will give me the pillow at once. You’re next to train him. Give it! Good boy! It is very important while teaching the command ‘give it’ to keep up the puppy’s interest to the toy. After the dog gives you the toy, resume the game and excite the dog to the initial stage. Good boy! Don’t let it go. Well done! Again, pull the collar. Give it! Good boy. Do not move the toy in order not to provoke the dog. As soon as you move the toy, he can snap it. Well done. Yes, that’s right! That’s right! Good boy. Give it! Come on, come on! Yes! Well done! Good boy! Don’t let it go! Good boy! Well done. Good! Give it! Professional dog training school Walkservice (499) 343-83-86 If you liked the video, subscribe to our channel for free. And click ‘Like’.

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