A Labrador Retriever kutya fajta

I am Orsolya Szalai, working for the Countrybelle Labrador Retriever kennel. In connection with the history of the breed there are a lot of uncertain things. According to the most widespread theory, the Labrador Retriever originated in Newfoundland. Their ancestors were the St. John’s water dogs, who were a black, middle-sized massive dogs. They were used by the fisherman of Newfoundland to carry the fishing nets, to apport the things that fall into the water and to tow the fish carts. They were perfect for these tasks as they had very dense. waterproof hair and they had webs between their leg fingers. The St. John’s water dog lived almost entirely in Newfoundland until the end of the 19th century. Later on they were imported to fishing boats to Europe, England. During the 1880s, the 3rd Earl of Malmesbury, established the modern Labrador breed. He was the first to recognize that this dog is a perfect gun and retriever dog. The Earl od Malmesbury created the first Labrador Retriever, whose name was Evan. All of the modern Labrador dogs’ bloodlines can be traced back to this dog. The name refers to the fact that Labradors Retrievers originated from Labrador and they are perfect retrievers. The original color of the Labrador is black and they did not have any other colors until the early 20th century. Count Redcliff created the first yellow colored pair of Labradors, which first were considered to be “wrong”. Of course, later on this color version was accepted. The chocolate brown color, which is the most popular in our days, appeared only in the 1970s. My name is István Horog and I am the owner of Countrybelle Labrador Retriever Kennel. I have been breeding them since 2011 and in the past years I fell in love with this breed. The Labrador Retriever is a middle-sized breed, the bitches are around 30 kgs and the males are around 45 kgs. The good Labrador Retriever is neither fat, nor thin, we usually say that if you do not see their ribs, but you feel them with your fingers, than the dog is in good condition. They like to move a lot and they do not like to be left alone. They like to be around man all time. They can be integrated to the family, they are extremely social and can be taught easily how to live together with people. They can easily live in, or outside the house. As their short hair is very dense, they stand cold weather very well. When our Labradors are puppies, we usually give them super premium quality dry food until 9-12 months of age. Later on we give them premium quality dry foods. They like apples, carrots and cooked rice as well. You should be very careful when you feed your Labrador, as they are deeply disposed to obesity. If they were allowed to, they would eat everything in all times, this is why we should give them their portions. Using a self-feeder is absolutely not advised as they are the emblems of gluttony. Although they like to move, they are not long distance runners. They like to walk with the family and they adore swimming and everything in water. When they are puppies, you should be cautious and let your dog move to the extent what they like. They constantly like to be close to water and they can swim very well, because of the webs between their fingers. The Labrador Retriever is one of the most popular breeds around the globe. They are extremely popular in the USA and in Europe as well. A lot of politicians, movie stars and celebrities own Labradors and they played in a a lot of movies. They are so popular, that for example in Rabbit Cash, Kentucky, a black Labrador was elected mayor (Junior, 2004-2008). This dog is absolutely not advised for those people, who want a guarding or protection dog. They are friendly with everybody and will not protect you, or your house. They will not do any harm who enters your territory, if “licking him to death” is not counted. They are ideal only for those families, who want a friendly friend and playing pal for themselves. Of course, as all middle sized breeds, Labradors are sometimes inclined to dysplasia and cataracts in eyes. The breeders should screen them for both illnesses and exclude those dogs from the breeding program who are prone to these illnesses. They are a short haired breed, they shed only in autumn and spring. Some brushing of their fur and rare dipping is enough for them. I, as the owner of Countrybelle Kennel, am a big lover of the American type of Labrador Retrievers. In our kennel we are concentrating of these bloodlines and this type. We primarily not concentrate on shows and show results, but we would like to breed happy and healthy puppies who are ideal for dog lover families.

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