A Man Says That He’s The Owner Of A Lost Chow Chow…But Is He? (Part 2) | Kritter Klub

“I’m watching on the computer right now” “That’s our Jjang-ga..?” In Part 1, A Chow Chow wandered around alone on the dangerous road This is the second part to the Chow Chow’s story Local resident: Even though the dog roams around, (the dog) always returns to this spot From the same spot every day The dog waits endlessly for someone.. And this man here “I lost my dog on June 29, 2018” “I wrote the flyers myself and posted them all over the neighbourhood..” I’m also waiting endlessly for someone.. “My breathing was so bad.. It was to the point that I had to be on a respirator for 24 hours a day” “If I didn’t have my dog..” Jjang-ga was a source of strength for me to live My special family, Jjang-ga “I think that Jjang-ga protected me when I was sick..” And there’s a Chow Chow on the streets who looks just like Jjang-ga “This expression is ‘Jjang-ga’ correct” Expert: Like how people have fingerprints, dogs have nose prints Like with fingerprint recognition, You can distinguish dogs’ identities through their nose print! Expert: His(Jjang-ga) nose is close to a circle shape and this part is very close “If you say that at this time (Jjang-ga)’s weight was quite a bit bigger physique..” Depending on the angle that he’s photographed, there’s a possibility that they could be (the same dog) After almost a year, He’s on his way to see Jjang-ga.. “Jjang-ga, come here” !!! But..? “Jjang-ga! Jjang-ga!” … “Must not be Jjang-ga..” “I thought (the dog) would tug at my pants like in the past..” PD: If (the dog) was Jjang-ga, the dog would’ve come running? “Yes..” As big as his excitement was his disappointment is also big.. His ardent hope gets deflated.. “We can write, ‘Chow, let’s run and live happily'” “Let’s love and live” “When I saw (the Chow Chow) through broadcast, I felt so sad (for the dog).. uh.. I thought I should raise (the dog)” It’s a new hope that has found the Chow Chow “Oh~ Hi, Chow!” From today your name is “Chow” Testing the new ground The dog is so excited.. even poops?! haha;; Mom: Saying it’s (Chow’s) own home now hehe Dad: What shall I do, I’m happier than the dog haha To Chow, the new family that has reached out their warm hand Carefully Chow accepts their hand.. ♡ Dad: We’ve become the guardians “Have to register as pet and we’ll definitely take good care of Chow” “Don’t worry too much and we’ll do our best” We’ll be happy from now on ♡♡

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100 Responses

  1. Khwaja Shaikh says:

    Thank you kritter klub

  2. Sweet Vanessa Gantuangco says:

    Why people abondon now a chow chow . Chow chow is the one of the cuties and one of the top 10 most exspensive dog in the world

  3. Bruno Cst says:

    Sarà, ma sono perplesso.
    Così come ha accettato la nuova famiglia avrebbe certamente accettato la persona che aveva perso il suo simile ed il finale di questa storia sarebbe stato più felice.

  4. yourjoking Right says:

    I feel so bad for the old man. I want to give him a hug and take care of him. Poor guy.

  5. Eleanor Southee says:

    Came as soon as I found this!!!!

  6. Phụng Trần says:

    I crying ? ??❤️❤️❤️❤️

  7. 찹쌀대장CHAPSSAL says:

    차우야 이제 위험한 도로위가아닌 좋은 주인분들 품에서 행복하게 사랑받으면서 꽃길만 걷자❤

  8. { Akiraa_ PlaysGacha } says:

    1 eins = 1 leið til að finna raunverulegan eiganda sinn ..

  9. Лера Терентьева says:

    А хозяин????????чао

  10. Her Avocado says:

    I hope the owner finds jjang pa

  11. Pat Depaula says:

    If the man adopted the dog and was very patient with time this could work out

  12. Gabriel Komatsu Honma says:

    I feel bad for the old man crying i can feel him

  13. Clarice Spindula Marcal says:

    Que pena que não era daquele senhor, fiquei com pena dele?

  14. •Wolnera Catters• says:

    Мне жаль мужчину, который думал, что это его собака…

  15. Tarento7386 says:

    Wait, how did they catch him

  16. Aiko’s Vlog says:

    I feel bad for him ?

  17. spareman edel says:

    Part 2 for the old man.

  18. Barbara Rodriguez says:

    Nosotros no los escogemos a ellos son ellos los que nos escogen. Me gustó ésta familia para el perrito. Gracias por adoptarlo no se arrepentirán. Saludos

  19. You Mee says:

    Puppyyyyy oh noooo waccchouttt the cars will hut u pupoy ????

  20. Emily Medina says:

    I felt very bad for the man who lost his dog 🙁

  21. Bella _Playz says:

    The chow chow looks like jake the dog to be honest

  22. SHINY DIAMOND says:

    It is funny the new owner’s face resembles the chow’s face. They connect!

  23. 眠子 says:


  24. wh0aLena , says:

    The fact the man was upset and teared up that it wasn't his chow chow, I just hoped he finds his dog. He still even hold his dog's picture. And I'm glad this Chow Chow has a new home and family though; hopefully they'll love the chow chow this time. I was hoping the man would take the chow chow in but he was probably broken atm too.

  25. Lim Lila says:

    ….I feel very bad for old man…???I wish he find his lost pet oneday??

  26. Olga Delgado says:

    Pero el perro no estaba identificado???

  27. Kathleen 168 says:

    I used to have a red Chow. He was very protective of me when I was pregnant with my son. They make great dogs!

  28. Fan art life :v says:


  29. Gerardo Aguilar says:

    Puras mamadas para sacar likes

  30. gurjit singh says:

    Great job Guys, you are so good peoples and I love you all????????????????????? God bless you?????☘️??

  31. RodeoSwappingBoogie says:

    Wait… couldn’t they take the clothes as evidence or hint?

  32. FORGET NYC says:

    I come from Vietnam , I am crying when sew video, I think I would feel very happy when there are Support animals ♥.ko bt cấu trúc câu có đúng ko ?

  33. Алексей Садовой says:

    Не понял, получается что это не его собака?

  34. Sally Kidson says:

    Beautiful dog x

  35. Roberia Alencar says:


  36. blue rio says:

    Can u feature a different story about the missing chow and the old man

  37. Lydia Koo says:

    Oh my God….help this dog please

  38. Karina Solange says:


  39. LMFM 1303 says:

    El hombre que había perdido a su perrito se lo hubiera quedado :'/

  40. Rutabega says:

    That poor man. If his dog can't return to him I hope he gets a new companion to love.

  41. Денис Реджепов says:

    Собака своего хозяина за киллометр узнает -это ни его собака.

  42. ศศิธร รัจพจน์ says:


  43. maihi2012 says:


  44. зоиаска Mothra Mosura зоиаска says:


  45. Game of Tony says:

    Happy ending to the Chow Chow. But that guy still looking for his lost dog, sad for him?

  46. Robin Golas says:

    So sorry for that man, I hope he finds his dog. Happy for the dog that he found a family.

  47. Ginny kitty Lovett says:

    I felt sadness watching guy crying. He was happy thinking he found his dog. Please helps him to find his dog. Its pain not knowing where is our doggo who had give us nice memories and happiness. Something made me happy is know chow chow got a loving and caring family and he will be saved from danger of the cars.

  48. Suie D says:

    ?? so happy Chow got a home ??

  49. 我操你大爷 says:

    0:02 music Pls ??

  50. Adilene Garcia says:

    Me sentí mal por el hombre que de verdad perdió su perro unu

  51. Animals Fan TV says:

    Thank for take care them. God bless you. Loving from Thailand

  52. Саттар Жолдасбеков says:

    Собака 100 раз вернее человека он знает кто его ностящий хозяин и чувствуют в радиусе 1500 метров! Тут показывает какой то приут.

  53. manjula naik says:

    Hoo man??????But, I am soo dam sure that he will get his pet back…. ?b positive?
    Lord Jesus…. Please, let the man get his Dog back in your name…. Amen?

  54. MaxDirley Silva says:

    Tradução ruim, muito adiantada, não deu pra entender direito, uma história muito explicada, desculpa mais não gostei.???

  55. Крутой Френк says:

    Это как про Хатико

  56. Nime Ki Anime says:

    Kenapa harus menyakiti perasaan awal orang yg inginkan menyayangi dan merawat seperti anjing miliknya jika akhirnya harus diberikan ke pemilik baru bukankah itu sama saja .. bodoh classic



  58. Sokyoung Hong says:

    That baby is absolutely a cutie!

  59. sam crawford says:

    So cute and fluf

  60. Waheed Hussain says:

    Double coated dogs shouldn’t be shaved like this. He won’t be able to regulate his body temperature !!

  61. Ale Chirino says:

    Yes is hem

  62. Ale Chirino says:

    Yes is him

  63. 潘Esme says:


  64. Della Vinci says:

    Not sure but some thing feels nefarious with that other guy the dog didn’t really even want to get close to him! Hmm?!?

    The pup is much happier with the the couple good choice ?????‍♂️?‍♀️?

  65. Eduardo Teodoro Dantas says:


  66. space gamer says:

    I feel bad for the old men hope he find his dog

  67. Rita Silva says:

    Pobre perro con esa cantidad de lana y encima ropa debio estar asandose de calor ellos no necesitan ropa es como si nosotros rn pleno sol salieramos con un.abrigaso

  68. Eddy Viggers says:

    Help him to find his chow dog

  69. Дневник Светланы says:

    Не нашёлся хозяин???

  70. Galaktika IC 1101 says:


  71. maria d says:

    Was a short time to the Chow Chow remember him, if that happen to me I’ll talk in the same way I was talking before so maybe he doesn’t recognize my smell but the voice and love he’ll never forget

  72. Lunkis says:

    So sad it wasn't his lost dog ☹️ but happy news that chow got a loving forever home ❤️

  73. Cheryl Mailloux says:

    Losing a pet is devastating, I'm so heartbroken for this man ??

  74. アレックスAlexander says:

    This is the definition of bittersweet. The cute Chow Chow got his happy ending, but what about the poor man who got his hopes up?

  75. 0megalegend 98 says:

    So what happend to the guy? Did he find his lost dog?

  76. Ethan Yuan says:

    It’s okay man, you will meet your dog someday

  77. christorpher84 says:

    English please

  78. Lady Adair says:

    It's clear to see it's his dog. Look at the pics

  79. Eva Lopes says:

    Boa noite amigo Vim deixar meu like e dizer que é maravilhoso esse cachorro ou essa cachorra não sei eu não sei mas muito linda parabéns uma ótima noite

  80. ACat Nipp says:

    Wish the old man adopts the chow than the one whose adopter,i feel sad that the old mans chow dog didnt find him

  81. John Baldwin says:

    The new owner's fence is too short needs to be 6 ft/ 2 meters high…

  82. TrueCuLLurz says:

    Aww what a happy happy ending. Im so glad that this nice couple adopted Chow and now he will finally have a home and won't have to roam the dangerous streets anymore ?

  83. Cecília castro says:


  84. Egenhardt Buisan says:

    Can u do a next part when the other owner found his chow?

  85. Kritter Klub says:

    Here's the first part of the Chow Chow's story! Don't miss it:

    (Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=tUKhRyleIVg)

  86. Kim Sebuc says:

    I'm glad that the owner finally see he's chow chow again

  87. Nongothung W. Tungoe says:

    How cool the bred is?

  88. claudio zerbetto says:

    Questi i cani li mangiano…..bastardi

  89. Fran Ces says:

    Dog eating are present in korea.
    But still goodluck i hope im wrong and you find it.

  90. lila 123456789 says:

    Ignore this comment as this is a personal msg for someone

    For michael,

    It seems that your perception of me varies from time to time.
    One time, you will think that im heroic and then later on, it will be the opposite.
    One time you will think that im beautiful, then later on it will be the opposite.
    One time you will think that im something deeper and then later on you will think that im hollow.
    And so forth…

    Its alright. But i think its better for you to know that.
    Maybe someday you will truly get to know me.

    I will not take them personally. So dont worry about that

  91. Savage_Queen XoX says:

    Awh I love chow chows

  92. Urvashi Dubey says:


  93. Blissalicious with hart,mind & soul says:

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  94. Jimin Suga says:

    Que bueno que haya encontrado una familia ❤

  95. Marrycel Del Valle says:

    Live a happy life with your new family Chow.???

  96. 맘아지 says:

    잘키울자신없으면 입양도 좋은방법..

  97. Rute Areco Elias says:

    Também não gostei passa muito rápido para a gente ler não entendi o final

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