A mountain forest walk with German Shepherd/Spacer po górskim lesie z Owczarkiem Niemieckim

Wait for me! Come! He’s looking for deer-roes A mountain walk with the German Shepherd Major, where you’ve disappeared? So, I’ve got you mate Finally we can see you A beautiful day for walk with dog In mountains It’s warm but not hot Peacefuly, small wind Perfect conditions for forest walk Here Major. Leave this dirty water A parking We’re still in the forest But on the road Major, show yourself Can I let you go? Not really, because cars going here That’s right, need to sniff, leave the message Major was here Come here A mountain forest walk with the German Shepherd What did you find? Mushrooms? Come on Straight, it will be faster Here Come on Easy Major! It’s a bit steep here But Major is a wise dog He knows how to choose safely path. What you hear? I hear it too, a storm Carefully Loose stones, you can fall down In very easy way Major has low to falling, because low is his belly If I’ll walk on four legs I mean on legs & arms I’ll have low too What’s up? I see you I see you, but Major, come here Yes, we know this path Mostly we’re entering here from the other side, but we don’t go to the peak I almost fell down I see you Sun’s shining so pretty The end We’re back in the village The walk was nice A long one 6 kilometers with some more What Major? We’re returning to home Someone turned on a chainsaw There’s dog over there Major sees him Such a noise, there was nice peace, we could stayed in the forest To the night, because there’s also peace in the night Usually Let’s go Major Grill is waiting for us, you gonna get grilled chicken legs You wanna to the river? Thanks for watching & see you next time Later

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