A New Cat Appeared To A Kitten Who Had Protected Her Dead Dad (Part 2) | Animal in Crisis EP116

The alley is fulled with a kitten’s crying Next to her, there is a big cat who is just lying without any movement PD : Is the cat lying next to her dead? Informant : Yes. he’s dead. been for 2 or 3 days. Into the cold and stiff dead’s arms the kitten snuggles Informant : Don’t know whether she’s aware of the cat’s death But she keeps putting her paw on his body.
she may try to wake him up or something.. Does the kitten think that the cat just fell asleep.. ? Try to lick him like saying ‘wake up’ But.. the big cat is speechless.. Don’t know who’s kitten she is The kitten suddenly appeared and that thing happened The dead cat used to bring the kitty, live together, feed, and take care of her One month ago, the kitten appeared at the alley But, other cats bullied her.. Atm, the dead cat appeared and protected her For the kitty to survive By her side, he always used to care for her Informant : In an alleyway, his kitten was hit by a bike and dead That big cat had a strong obsession for the baby Since the cat lost his baby by the accident He met this small kitten by chance Two of them had relied on each other However, Now… Informant : Oh.. how pitiful she is She became alone again Thankfully, Heard the good news for this kitten that she got a new family Kitten’s new fam : She repaid the kindness of the cat who sincerely looked after her Though this kitten is just a little stray cat I felt how kind and proud she is Heat~ The new owner was moved by their friendship And one more thing Kitten’s new fam : Heard that the cat she relied on was a male and 3~4 years old Our cat ‘Heat’ is also a 3-year-old male cat. Since the situation is similar, that would be good for the two to get along together The kitty who experienced separation with the big cat now had reliable Oppa So her new family visited the hospital Wonder how well she has been so far Aww~~ So proud of you Vet : After arriving at the hospital, abt 10 days passed by and She got Feline Panleukopenia Virus(FPV), but then she endured and overcame all, so became quite plump FPV, whose fatality rate is very high as known However, the kitten strongly endured another difficulty once again Mommy will love you so much~♥ You don’t have to be hurt alone any more The place where she will live from now Aww pretty, you look pretty Aww pretty For the kitten not to be strange The family member warmly welcomes her New owner : We have a cat tower and also a scratcher. I wound it all with thread so that the kitties play The space she can freely frolic PD : Have you named her? I named her as ‘Sapyeong’ which means that her life in the future goes all well(Sa=work, pyeong=smooth) Let’s go to Sapyeong’s house. Here is Sapyeong’s sweet home For Sapyeong who used to roam on the street Now she had a cozy and safe house Sapyeong~~~ Oppa is here The first meeting with Heat But Sapyeong yet does not open the door of her mind To get to know each other The time and the tasty food are needed! It’s chicken tenderloin. If they eat the food together, they may get along each other while eating Sapyeong, let’s eat the treat Like her new guardian’s wish Sapyeong’s wounded heart can be healed by Heat Until Sapyeong eats up enough Heat stately waits for him Still awkward tho It’s said that time heals all wounds As being with the new family, hope to see Sapyeong looking bright back again New owner : It’s like a fate that Sapyeong comes our home, has Oppa and mommy, I hope three of us can live happily Sapyeong~~ Let’s take a rest with Oppa :)) Two hands clasped together, which never be released forever The painful wait on the street has now ended In her new family’s arms What kind of love will the kitten show again..?♥

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100 Responses

  1. Kritter Klub says:

    Happy Valentine's Day, Critter Lovers!
    Follow the link for part 1 ♥🐱

    Part 1 : https://youtu.be/WyO0tHePnA0

  2. eric carter says:

    Ternyata hewan saja bisa memiliki rasa kemanusiaan yg tinggi sedangkan manusia masih memiliki sifat seperti hewan… ini adalah tamparan keras dari Tuhan kepada manusia.

  3. Dmitry Alipov says:


  4. Lie Evi says:

    Thanks to new family for Sapyeong…🙏🙏🙏😍💕💕💕💕

  5. Johnny Toast says:

    Imagine your dad dies, then your new dad wears make-up and walks around naked.

  6. Mercy Espiña says:

    Even the animals have feelings like to us.

  7. Amael78008 says:

    God bless foster Mommy and Oppa for welcoming this poor and sad little baby kitty.

  8. Jose Lopez says:

    I'm so glad that the baby kitty has been adopted by a better family to be loved by. The wonderful lady that adores both cats the same and for baby kitty has a new brother to hang out and play everyday. The lady has my respect granted INDEED. Please take a good care of both of them good. GO babies GO!!!

  9. False Display says:

    This makes me so fuxking sad 😭

  10. Francesco Danza says:


  11. Tangguh Nur Arif says:

    One of the best channel on youtube ☺

  12. yumo universal says:

    Que bueno que encontró casa ese gatito

  13. Campanita GP says:

    Pls rescue the cat that was in her cage first 😥😥😥

  14. Femi Ihsani says:

    Grow healthy and filled with love, Sapyeong ❤️❤️❤️

  15. Ruben Daniel says:

    Happy to see the cat and the little kitten, I thank you very much for your wonderful kindness,

  16. Campanita GP says:

    His cat daddy get her a new home and sister from heaven. He's her angel. 😇

  17. Nisita Dinda says:

    Sapyeong 😭

  18. Noeroel Ainie says:

    Semoga Sapyeong bahagia bersama keluarga baru 🥺🥺🥺

  19. Julio Salgado says:

    me ase llorar que ternura rescate lo por favor 😫😥

  20. Elizabeth Elliott says:

    What a happy new beginning for the kitten!

  21. Elizabeth Elliott says:

    Why does the male cat wear makeup? How do they get it off? Makeup remover? Maybe they just dress him up for special occasions like this one.

  22. tt tt says:


  23. lemontea128 says:

    So sad about the other cat. He lived a very short life. A painful one too. How I wished he could’ve lived longer and had the same chance as this kitten. At least now he’s no longer in pain and in a better place. 😭

  24. CATS Lovers says:


  25. เก๋ จร้ สาวอีสานบ้านๆ says:


  26. Danang Putro says:

    This is 😢💔

  27. LoveBug Loves Jesus says:

    6:10 can't stop laughing. That street kitten, be like WTF? Is that white cat wearing makeup?
    GTFO. I wonder what is going through street cats mind.

  28. Jennie Pauya says:

    Poor kitten.
    Her daddy is dead.
    And it need mom.
    But did she have a mom???

  29. Reyna Gil says:

    Es un gatito precioso 💕😘✨☀️🌟

  30. Lucia Arboledas Luque says:

    Me da mucha alegría saber que existe gente como tú

  31. Sandra Devora says:

    Beautiful end and beautiful lady with beautiful heart who has adopted her.. GBU..

  32. Maëwen Œ says:

    I'm so happy for her, i was devasted

  33. juan dela cruz says:

    part 3 please!!!!!

  34. Chaitali Ghosh says:


  35. suzi suzim says:

    I am not gonna lie I cried little bit. What a lovely cat 🐈 I hope she had a wonderfull life. I wish hero cat was also alive it’s broke my heart.

  36. Ati Rosi says:

    smoga hidup bahagia bersama keluarga baru sampeyoung, mksh buat penolong sampeyoung smoga anda slalu sukses . yg bahagia ya sampeyoung, jangan sedih lg. jangan ingat.ingat bpk mu lg yg telah tiada. ayah emang pahlawan dlm hidup kita, ayah ilove you so much ayah.👍👍👍👍

  37. Laika Thunder Child says:

    Ohhh that bebe kits meow makes me tear up straight away 😿. Aww little darling, it’s going to be ok.
    I love these animal lovers. Thank You ♥️ for being so brave, kind and generous.

  38. Animal Lover says:

    I couldn't stop crying with my girlfriend After we watched this video. Hopefully we have more people to support poor animals

  39. jwel jwel says:

    Good jop i love u girl good plass u u goin to haven with goz will god lovevkind pepole

  40. Concepción Nuño E says:

    No llore es que tengo la vista cansada 😭😿

  41. Ashley The Blonde Squad Member says:

    I cried very much because its so sad! Awww… i wish i can help that poor little kitten..

  42. Alina Calin says:

    Too much pain, omg, too much..

  43. Celia Surugiu says:

    I miss my dad. Kitty, he says, thank you for adopting me and I hope to make it easier for you to lose my father. Thank you for giving me a chance and I will love you😪😪😪👍👍👍😘😘😘. God bless you 😇😇😇

  44. LaOM希望 says:

    Yuhuuu Sapyeong 🐾 is in home 🏡 sweet home now 😻

    Thank you Mommy, I've Oppa too now 😽💖

  45. Zahra Livingtaiwan says:

    Happy ending😍😍😍

  46. Winnie Santos says:

    I was crying on this episode

  47. Olga Derina says:


  48. Sandra Ayala says:

    Que esperan esta pidiendo ayuda esta solito

  49. flee-lil-piggy says:

    The white cat, isn't impressed with his hair cut and rouge!

  50. Anita C says:

    Me before watching: Im not gonna cry today, im not gonna cry, i definitely not gonna cry watching this, i. should. not. cry.

    Me after 25 seconds watching: sobs

  51. Fiona liu Japok says:

    Sister, Thank you so much for taking care her.

  52. Kim uchiha says:

    Im not crying dammit! No… Sobbing

  53. Fiona liu Japok says:

    Please update

  54. __NZM__ says:

    😊 👍 👌 💫 💫 💫 ❤️❤️❤️🙏

  55. Cheryl Mailloux says:

    Great video, I love you guys 😘😊❤

  56. kimberlyaisha1111 says:


  57. AdinanSaad Aman says:

    It made me cry too. When the kitten kept meowing on his/her dead papa. I just cannot hold beck my tear.

  58. AFDYANSYAH says:

    IAM SO CRYING 😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭

  59. лера самое лучае says:

    Почему бальшая кошка умерла

  60. Dr Cho Cho Tint says:

    I feel sad 😞

  61. Dark Lady says:

    Well, we know one thing, there are 80 heartless hard-ons that visited this video!

  62. Gigi Gigi says:


  63. Sara Derany says:


  64. Aulia. Andara says:

    Piano Song please ?

  65. Sittha Soisua says:


  66. facelessninetytwo aka Man of the Rain says:

    I never wanted to cry at the Valentine's Day. Men don't cry, okay? cries anyway

  67. Марина Иванова says:

    Вторая часть??! 😭 я первую вчера смотрела и рыдала ..и щас плачу ..((( первая прям душу выворачивает 😭😭😭сколько раз зарекалась смотреть этот канал ,невозможные истории 🥺

  68. Vonn says:


  69. hakury yuyuky says:


  70. 1caramarie says:

    He's her Oppa (older brother) cute. Really glad that poor little kitten found a great home. She lost, first her real parents, then her adopted father, while still a baby.


    What the title of the piano?

  72. volkan Altun says:

    Türkiye'den sevgiler sizin bu hayvanlara değeriniz beni çok mutlu ediyor iyiki varsınız'(

  73. Natalija Siebert says:

    Thank You 😍😺💖💖💖

  74. Pariscunn says:

    😢😢😢😢🙈verh touch.

  75. Farida Mammadova says:


  76. Shyann Tate says:

    I need English subtitles

  77. james musisca says:

    wonderful animals

  78. Joseph Alejandro says:

    It's so heartwarming sapyeong got new family and gonna heal its broken heart…💓💓

  79. shadow shad says:

    There new to each other and need to get along on there own terms not by forcing it.

  80. Rose Petal says:

    Poor cat😭

  81. Thelma Tellez says:

    Wonderful ending to this story ❤️. I'm happy for the kitten

  82. Wendy 66 says:

    That little kitten doesn’t yet realise it is going to be spoilt rotten and loved forever. 🌹

  83. NUR PERİ says:


  84. MIYUKI PLAYZ says:

    oh man 😫😫😫

  85. Quan Vlog says:


  86. александра александра says:

    С каждым роликом влюбляюсь в этих людей и эту страну.

  87. E JS says:

    too beautiful

  88. Shona Palmer says:

    I hope you give the dad a proper burial 😢

  89. clare cannon says:

    I'm so glad to see he has a loving home now and a mother cat a happy ending. X

  90. Jims Leonheart says:

    I always think korean people only care about their face and their plastic surgery…now i realize how wrong i was…

  91. Hendrika Sunqrout says:

    2nd or 3rd time I have watched this video and cried my heart out. They say cats aren't loyal? This proves otherwise. Happy she found a new home!

  92. Aprilliyanti Lupita Putri says:

    Seriously, Part 1 nya gue nangis, sedih gak kuat😭. Untung Sapyoung sekarang udh punya keluarga, jadi gak perlu sedih lagi

  93. Calico Luvr says:

    1:34 아름다운 삽화 Beautiful illustrations 🖌
    그리고 하늘에서 야옹이 작은 천사의 아름다운 목소리
    And, beautiful voice of this little angel from heaven meowing💫🙏

  94. Rivery Jerald says:

    did they just artificially paint the cats cheeks pink? What in the shitty mausoleum is this?

  95. Sya'ir Sholawat says:

    Indonesia 🙏 Cat Lovers🙏

  96. keong cheong says:

    I never understand of those people who got the thumb down signs what's wrong with them or something wrong with the videos?????????? 😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣😣;

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