A Pack of 13 Puppies | The Incredible Dr. Pol

NARRATOR: There’s a litter
full of cute on the books. There are 13
puppies coming in, and they’re golden retrievers,
which makes me really excited. [country music] And now, there is a
room full of goldens. [bark] Today, these puppies are
in here for just kind of a general check over,
make sure they are healthy, and that they can go on to
be pets at their new homes. Oh my goodness. All right. So what are we doing today? Just the vet check. No vaccines or anything? OK. Basically, what we do is just
kind of a general check over. We listen to the heart, lungs,
look at the eyes, teeth, ears. OK. You want to hold this one? Feel for hernias, make sure
testicles are all there. [yipping] I know, you’re so cute. Basically just make sure in
general, the puppy looks good. OK, both testicles. OK. Who’s next? Oh, this is a
girl, no testicles. [laughter] Five pounds, eight ounces. Seven pounds, 14 ounces. Six pounds, seven ounces. Normally, when I
have so many puppies and they all look alike,
I rely on the owner. Who has no collar? WOMAN: No collar? EMILY: A lot of
times, the owners will have different colored
collars on the dogs. Sometimes, the owners have
random ways to remember. And if all else fails,
you take a Sharpie pen and mark it on their belly. Which one’s Chloe? This one. Mrs. Zane. OK. Ollie? OK. Oh my goodness. Bleh. This one’s all set. 13 is a lot of puppies
to have in one litter. [interposing voices] But I’m happy with it, because
they’re super cute, and fluffy, and friendly. [country music]

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