A Pig or a Dog? Watch the video and try not to cry

He Wasn’t Even Recognizable On a dirt road next to the village of Udaipur in
Northern India, a strange looking creature was found wandering around, looking distressed. He was discovered by Animal Aid Unlimited,
an animal rescue organization, when a concern citizen posted a picture of the creature on
Facebook. The team knew that they had to take action
and get to the poor animal as quickly as possible. The picture of the creature was very disturbing,
as no one was able to figure out exactly what it was, and if it was supposed to look like
that at all. A rescue team from Animal Aid Unlimited knew
it had no time to lose, and set out to find this poor creature in need of help. They didn’t know how much time they would
have to locate it. When the rescue team arrived, the found the
creature wandering around alone. As they cautiously approached him, the team
were shocked to find out that this strange looking animal was actually a dog! His face had been swollen beyond recognition
making both sides of his head disproportional. Despite the dog’s terrible condition, his
demeanor was actually quite friendly, and he became curious about the rescuers. Although for the first minute or so, the dog
was understandably wary, he realized rather quickly that the team was there to help him,
and he approached them without fear and with his tail wagging happily. Once they were able to get a good enough look
at the dog’s face, they understood that his condition was critical, and that he needed
medical attention as quickly as possible. Although the dog was seemingly friendly, the
rescuers knew that it was still a stray dog with in poor condition, so they had to figure
out a way to gently coax him to go with them to the rescue center. They begin giving him treats and talking to
him soothingly.The team knew that they only had one chance to get the dog, because if
he took off for the nearby woods, there would be no chance of ever catching him. After a few minutes of giving the stray dog
treats and letting him get comfortable enough with them, the rescuers were able to attempt
their plan to get the dog in their truck. While one rescuer distracted the dog with
some food, the other one carefully snuck up behind him and gently slipped a net around
the dog. With a sigh of relief, the rescuers had him,
and the dog was one step closer to getting medical care. With the dog safely in the net, the rescuers
were able to scoop him up in a big basket, and carry him over to their truck. Although this dog was a bit tricky, Animal
Aid Unlimited has been together since 2002, working to rescue animals of every kind who
need help. So they were confident that they could help
this poor dog as well, even though he was in really bad condition when they got to him. Once the rescuers got the dog to their animal
sanctuary, they brought him straight in for a medical examination to see why his face
was so swollen and deformed. After a careful examination by the vets at
the sanctuary, they discovered that the dog was ailed by an enormous abscess on the side
of his face. They confirmed this by attempting to puncture
it with a needle and seeing if there was something to drain. After confirming the abscess on the poor dog’s
face, the vets knew that they had to get to work straight away. They gave the dog some sedative to put him
out during the procedure and shaved the entire side of his face that was swollen. They then began the surgery to open and drain
the abscess and then clean and disinfect the wound it left. The vets could not believe the size of the
abscess on the dog’s face, and wondered how he was getting along with it for so long. After opening and draining the abscess, the
vets realized that the enormous cavity it left would have to be taken care of as well. Even though they drained as much of it as
they could, the team made another small incision into the dog’s face and inserted a small
drainage pipe into the hole, so that it could continue draining, even after the surgery
was complete and the pup was stitched back up. The surgery was a great success, and within
a few hours, the dog started to wake up from his ordeal. While very groggy and quite confused at what
had just happened to him, the dog’s demeanor was calm and content. Despite the shaved area and the small bit
of swelling around the incision, the dog woke up with an entirely unrecognizable face. The team could finally see his jawline properly,
and could understand how he was supposed to look. After only two short weeks, the dog had made
a full recovery from his surgery. The swelling from the incision was down, all
of his facial fur had grown back, and he finally had the facial shape of a happy and healthy
dog. The rescue team posted a video to Youtube
to show how well the dog recovered and how well he was doing running around with the
other animals at the sanctuary. Not only was the dog able to start socializing
with other dogs in the sanctuary, but he began to love humans even more. He was finally able to see that people were
there to help him, not to hurt him. After discovering this, he became one of the
most friendly pups in the sanctuary, getting cuddles from everyone he met. The pup is now happier than ever, enjoying
his new life living in the animal sanctuary. He loves the other animals and loves all of
the staff. This dog has gone through a complete transformation
from when he was found wandering the streets suffering with a swollen abscess that he would
have died from, to running around happily with his new friends at the animal sanctuary. This story definitely has a happy ending.

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