A Real Dog’s Tier List of 22 different dog breeds [Dog Review]

And the same goes to those stupid show dogs: Poodles and such, you know Complete egomaniacs Just like their humans A: Oh boy.. Hello my friend! So! What’s the best dog breed? Are all breeds born equal? How can some dog breeds sniff out
cancer when some cant even catch a ball? And why do some dog breeds have eyes that pop out? And also Can a dog be a hipocritical breedist? Let’s find out shall we! ~But welcome my friend~ ~It’s The Real Dog Show!~ A: So, we’ll be using the F to S -tier listing Uh, made popular by Idubbbz A: And the first breed up for review is.. If you wanted a cat, then it’s ok just to get a cat You know? I mean, you could get something that has potential to detect cancer and everything but yeah just get whatever you like But! As I said in the previous video they are They are pretty ok you know, but in small doses You know, shibas are cool. A dog is a dog. B! The Sweden of dog breeds! ~Du gamla du fria~ A: Uh, that’s a bit harsh in like so many ways Have you ever met one? A: Well yeah but- And you know how they grovel and worship the ground you’ve stepped on? A: Well dogs in general in my op- It’s so unsettling! Stop being so pathetic! What would our ancestors say?! And also you can smell them like two towns away [visible disgust] But I guess they aren’t too annoying and You know, it’s fun to play with them so E A: So, different dog breeds smell different to other dogs, right? Uh well, yeah? A: So you can just *sniffff A: and instantly tell that “oh, that’s a shih tzu A: and that’s a labrador and- Or we can just like, you know Look at them A: But some dogs have bad eyesight, am I right? The short-snout ones yeah a little but it’s nothing you can’t live with Unless you’re like a chow chow or something like that you know fur getting in the way and all that Also they’re super-hard to read and understand Really unpredictable in my opinnion Nearly bit of my face on time.. And can’t stand the cold at all – like seriously Into the E you go! Oo look at me I’m a movie star… [visible envy] Enviable fur I admit. Good eyesight too They are They are a bit racist, tho A: Racist? Meaning what exactly? Meaning that they only kinda tolerate their own kind A: Uh, I think “breedist” would be a more fitting term A: in this case Well – breedist, racist You know whatever Not all of them of course just, you know, some of them I know one! And he’s pretty laid back and chill in general But you know you can’t really leave him alone with your stuff A: Okay?.. Or y-you can If-if you want your stuff to be torn into tiny little microscopic pieces! Plus they shed like crazy! The Shetland Sheepdog can sit down in the tier C “Shar Pei” More like “Shar Pee” [trolling epicly XD] A: *sigh Heh, I mean get it, y- that c- that can be two things depending if you’re looking at it phonetically or, or A: Yeah yeah yeah, very clever.. Very witty. Thank you! D! Here’s my impression of a finnish spitz krhm! *deepest of inhales Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! Bark! [muffled barking] A: Aren’t you exaggerating just a l- !!!!!!!!! [INTENSE BARKING IN THE DISTANCE] They don’t even say anything! It’s just like you going: Hey! heY! Hey you! HEy! HEY! Buuuuut! They are pretty cool ‘cos they get to hunt bears and do all kinds of other cool crap Too bad they can’t shut up about it… A solid B No wait! No wait- A. A! Definitely A I feel like I’m being too harsh – am I being too harsh? A: Now well, what I’m worried about is that A: this is going online and, you know, you might get A: in trouble down the line A: Youtuber apologies and everything.. Hmmmm… Nah! It’ll be fine! S-tier Please- please don’t hurt me Also S-ti- No wait Better! So, the doberman is definitely S-tier The rotweiler is now A Sorry ‘Cos they’re more like the enforcers whereas the dobermans are the cap- A: What on earth are you talking about?.. I mean- Nothing. Nothing! Uh, Doberman best! We’re cool, right? A bit like the golden retriever but better at being a proper dog B Now these guys are legendary! A: So these are the ones that have like a REALLY good sense of smell, right? [concur] They’re the 1% of 1% amongst us dogs A: That sounds just crazy! Yeah But they are a bit aloof though and really hard to establish communications with But they are so much deeper in the world of smells than your average dog so I can’t really blame them Also: huge and clumsy But still, A stands for these autistic sniffsacks perfectly One word: [Bark to end all barks] C-tier The stuck-up blue-bloods Like most royals: loud and obnoxious A: *laughs Hobbies include: Shedding Being noisy Shedding Being stubborn Shedding! Entitlevitus A: You got anything positive to say about them? BEING ANNOYINGLY PHOTOGENIC! A: *laughs mockingly I mean the bitches are.. Mezmerizing.. S-tier! A: Just for the cute girl-dogs? They’re called “Bitches”! but okay okay, all things considered A plus! A: *audibly exasperated Okay okay, fine! C Known for being great service dogs due to their high prey-drive Also known for being big, fat TURDS! I said: known for being big fat- A: uh, we moved – remember? Yeahyeah yeah… But anyway They have a tendency to be a bit INTENSE and also it’s like they feeel no pain at all I mean, you can just like beat ’em with a stick and they’re just like: “HUH? Wanna PLAY?!” But even though they don’t know how to share and are a bit primal I give them the ranking B but ONLY becase they are part wolf-dog and that they get to do cool, cool stuff like action-army-attack-dog -stuff You know piupiupiu! Explain one thing to me Why on earth is it so fricking amazing when someone runs or jumps through some stupid obstacles like really athletically Like, anyone can do that! Some just don’t w-want to win medals or admiration or anything.. A:Well it’s interesting to watch A: people and dogs doing A: eh, super-human or super-dog feats A: like its training, dedication and- OOH! And the same goes for those stupid show dogs poodles and such, you know Complete egomaniacs Just like their humans! A:Oh boy.. Poodles can keep their stupid prices and prance around in the F-tier Collies on the other hand I am forced to place in the S-tier I know They’re amazing and I’m just being envious [sulk] ‘Ello luv. Need ‘elp wif backing op this lorry? Oh blimey! My ‘ip just gave aut Fish&chips yea? ar’ u havin’ a giggle there m8? I’ll bash ye f- [Bleep] Literally impossible to understand or interpret as another dog Chill and relaxed Which is nice But a bit slow hobbies include eating cardboard D A lot like the english version but smaller and with more energy and is french E Now these guys are absolute super-dogs! A-about as close to a wolf as you can get Incomprable physical capabilities! Cool looking AF! But their dialect is super-hard to understand though I mean, they are really close to wolves genetically and you know wolves don’t really bark so.. A: Okay now that is really interesting You know, it’s kinda like- kinda like a human speaking “ye olde english” you know today! A: Okay O_o But they tend to be a bit overly dramatic when it comes to life in general A: You’re the one to talk.. And their eyes can see right in to your soul! but in general a super-cool bunch Definitely S-tier A: cool! And also have you seen the holes they can dig? It’s amazing! All in all, a pretty cool bunch! Suitable for humans with allergies even for the most part and not at all pushy! Good guys! Sometimes they may be a teeny tiny bit breedist And suspicious But once you get to know them they’re the best friend you’ll ever have! A: I’m sensing some form of favoritism here Whadduyoumean? Ah- well… A: You’ve been busting your chops to pretty much A: every other breed on this list A: I mean, it’s only fair- OKAY FINE! Here’s my impression of a spanish water dog Krhm! Do something A: uh, okay like what? Just about anything A: Okay.. [exists] [Translated from dog: “ALARM! ALARM! ALARM!!!”] Idubbbz: It’s in A-tier A: Did you know that you kinda look like one? I do?! A: but your fur it’s a little different though A: like we don’t actually know what breed you are yet A: I mean, you are a rescue dog so- A: it is possible that you are a mutt !!!!! HOW DARE YOU! My father was certainly a noble grey wolf! How else would I be so good lookin? And intelligent and resilient! And my mother, she must’ve been a beautiful, wise akita Who didn’t have the heart to eat any of her puppies She loved us all AND ALSO STOP USING THAT WORD AS A PEJORATIVE TERM I mean, I have never.. Hashtag: All dogs are beautiful A: You know damn well I don’t mean it like that A: I mean , I don’t personaly care what breed y- !! So now you don’t care about my heritage?! A: I do! That’s why I’m asking! I DON’T KNOW WHAT BREED I AM, OK?! I. Don’t. Know… [breaks down in tears] A. Hey buddy come on.. A: It’s ok. It’s ok. A: Look, you’re my best friend no matter what And you’re my- Trusty assistant A: What do you say if we sort your lineage out later A: but we’ll do it together? Yeah!! Definitely the best dog S-tier A: Ok, now I’m just confused uh whadduyoumean? A: You’ve completely roasted most of them and pugs you decide to leave alone- ApaPAP! Edgar and Maya may be watching A: uh.. And I wanna collab with Felix one day So if you would pleeeeease ZIP IT! [applause] So Pugs are the best dog Yeaaaah! So here’s my impression of a chiuahua No wonder you gotta tram them around in a handbag! E! But it’s not like it’s their fault [Lookin’ at you humans] But on a serious note tho we gotta talk about this breeding thing a bit more A: eh, like what do you mean like uh.. The thing with the eyes… You know?.. STOP MAKING US SICK, GODDAMNIT! A: Yeah, I know it’s.. A: It’s pretty disgusting Everyone! You should really watch BBC One’s “Pedigree Dogs Exposed” I mean I might do a video about it at some point but please Take a look at it A: Yeah, for real – watch it. And to those humans doing the horrible, horrible things to my kind: Bad human! BAD! I think this might do for this episode Way to end it on a positive note, I guess.. A: Plenty of dog breeds left, though A: Part 2? DEFINITELY! And even though I slightly roasted some of you guys you know I’m just playing with you We like to have fun on this channel! A: But just to recap: A: in general all dogs have good hearing, right? [Concur] God-lik- no more like Dog-like! Tehee! Sublime A: And there’s plenty of dogs living in this new A: neighbourhood of ours Yeah there are, it’s very nice! There’s this really cute water dog- A: So they may have heard A: all the things you said about them A: like atleast a block or two away? [angry barking aproaching] A: Right?…. Well, technically yeah but- [barking getting closer and closer] [Masses of angry dogs getting closer] Eh.. Aw crap! [“Frolic” by Luciano Michelini] [The Real Dog Show Theme]

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