Hi! This is TheVR again. We get a lot of recommendations on Facebook to try certain games. This game has been recommended to us by four or five people, telling us to try it out. It’s called Cat Mario. It’s a rage game, which means that it will make you so angry, that you will want to break your keyboard in half. To be honest, I have played this game before, however, Pisti has not. So i gave him the spotlight today, to try this wonderful game. -Let’s see.
-Okay. Look at that cat. Whatever. This looks like the first level of Mario. Yes, good. I have to be careful ’cause the fish pops out. I’ve heard of these types of games before, but to tell you the truth, I’ve never played any of them before. (unintelligable?) We can also add, that I’m stupid, but that’s irrelevant. (Pisti has already forgotten how to talk.) Yes, this has been a success so far… What was that? What-What whas that? They put a rock there so that… Everything is written in Japanese, by the way. This is stupid. Woah, woah, woah, woah, what is that mushroom? Mushroom! The bricks fell from above. It falls. Minus five? Woah, woah, woah, woah, I forgot about that bitch fish. We’ll jump over here and now how should I do this? But how do I make it move out of the way? Hold on, I’ll wait for these things to leave. Yes, and now I’ll jump onto this, and then here, like that. There, yeah. And then it doesn’t fall. Cool! Oh fuck, there was a fish. Flag! What is that? Yes… Wait, what the fuck is this? What? Fuck off! And now here, here is the immurement part. Wanker! I wanted to jump over, you see- Wait, there’s something here. That thing, yes. And now I’ll jump on it, and then over it! Yes… Oh, this is the end of the level! Now what? I have to jump on the flag, right? What was that? What just happened? Don’t I have to jump on the flag at the end? Huh? -Or, what do I do?
-I don’t know. What is that cloud, what is that cloud?! Why does that cloud have a face?! This is an asshole game. Oo, I’ve got some skills. Yes. Is that a rocket, or whatever the fuck? Seriously. Seriously, try this game. Because if you have a lot of perseverance, and you don’t give a fuck that you fail, Obviously, you’d say that you’re mad because you can’t pass the level, No. Even if you play this game for nothing, it’ll reach its goal. What the fuck? What the- Why the fuck can’t I win this? What the absolute fu- -What?
-Don’t jump on it. What?! So how do I jump over it, it’s just there! So, what I was about to say was… That this stupid game, this, this fucking pile of shit, reaches its goal by playing this motherfucking song everytime you restart, and this- This grinning cum-cat… ‘Cause, this is a cum-cat, by the way. Look at him, he’s just a white drop. Yes. Look at them, look at the damn grin on those white dicks’ faces, that almost killed me just now. Look- Look, I can’t believe it. Cloud! I said cloud! I said clou- I said cloud! And I still fucking hit that grinning dick. Unbelievable. And they made the controls, so that you’re pressing one direction, to make him move, and when you turn back he still slides a bit. The pills, the pills, the pills, the pills, the pills, I’m going to fucking wreck something. Yes? Boing! Boing! And now for the rocket trick. Fuck- Diiicks! I have to jump over it. I don’t know if you’ve noticed For god’s sa- Fuck, fuck! The number of deaths went back to minus, uh… Three. That’s because, uh… I quit. By accident. Sorry. Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, what can I break, give me something. Just, something. Anything. Anything. The Rift, the Rift! He isn’t fucking jumping! I pressed jump! Why is this so hard? Look, I’m pressing the back button so hard, I’m gonna fucking break my finger, get it, I’m pressing it so hard I’m going to shit myself, and he doesn’t go back, he doesn’t go back- Yeah, whatever. This game has no effect on me. It’s all childish bullshit. My keyboard wasn’t horizontal, that’s why I lost. It’s sticky as fuck because I’m sweating all over it, because of this fucking game, but whatever, peace, I can do anything. Yes, that’s how it’s done, see? It’s all because I set up the keyboard to be perpendicular, so I can kick ass. What is perpendicular? Whatever. It was a joke. Rocket! Fuck, I did this like twenty times, and not once have I died from this fucking rocket, what the fuck is this game?! By the way, I want all of you to play this game five hours a day I guarantee, that none of your relatives, not one of them will stay alive. After this, whenever someone will speak to you, you’ll bash their nose in so fucking hard, they’ll shit themselves, get it? For real. What the fuck, and why does it say- No problem. That’s it! Fuck me! You’re a whore! Not good, Jani, not good, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, I can’t, asshole cat, asshole cat, what the fuck is going on? What the fuck is going on? I have to. Jani, I have to. I have to. It is Herr Professor Doctor’s turn to play. Oh, what is this? What game is this? Hm, very intriguing, that a cube just appeared like that. Yes. Yes, yes. I wrecked their shit, see, Only Herr Professor can do that. Now we’ll jump up here, look- FUCK ME! FUCK ME! Fuck me! It doesn’t help! Children, just because someone wears glasses, they are still an asshole. An asshole like every other, A fucking miserable piece of shit, look at that, I can’t jump over this shit- FOR FUCK’S SAKE! For fuck’s sake, fuck me! Do you see that cat?! Do you see how this motherfucking game looks?! Like my shit, get it? And then games like, whatever the fuck, I can complete, I play it all the way through, and not this. Stop fucking laughing, you, I’m going fucking mad! Here he is, Jani is chuckling right next to me like a madman, I’m getting fucking mad! What the-?! What, which one is calling me, why are you calling me, you faggot, why- don’t call me, motherfucker! For fuck’s sake! Fucking calling me on the phone, fuck knows when, cause he’s having problems. Yes. I did it. I did it. Well. Herr Doctor. No, it doesn’t go into my nose, fuck. But I could do it, if I put the microphone into my nose, I could. Seriously, I could. Now I’m gonna fuck up because of this. Fuck yeah! I did it! wat Fucking alright then, no problem, it’s cool. You die from the mushroom! That’s how it goes. But this is a new level, it has fucking everything. Fucking hell, how the fuck do I wreck both of them at the same time?! No, I can’t believe it. Boing-boing! Boing-boing! Shit like this- Oh, I’ll just jump in from above, no prob- That’s a fish! It’s a fucking fish. It comes and it’s over, bye. can’t I jump under it? But wha- So what the fuck do i do now, one of the holes launches me, the other hole launches a fish! Huh? Well? Well, well, well… Did- Did I bounce off of it, what happened? This is the next fucking level, this is the next fucking level! The next level! Fucki- Motherfucking mushroom! This is why there are so many fucking serial killers, for sure! You know? Every crazy bitch who decided to go over and chop up their neighbour, played this piece of shit! Get it? But how in the hell do i jump into that hole, for fuck’s sake? How?! Die, you fucking fish! Jump on that fucking piece of shit already, for fuck’s sake. Into the tube! Into the tube! Go and jump into the tube! Fish! But why, why. why do you have to get the fucking mushroom- You touch the mushroom and it’s over. Horseshit. You touch the mushroom and the level is fucking over. The fuck is that? That’s how the level begins. Alright. To the right, to the right! Oh fuck, it grew so big, shit! What’s that? What’s that there? What, what, what- Did the rock grow teeth or whatever the fuck? Stop, stop, at least wait until I land, for fuck’s sake. Which one was it, this one? No problem. No problem, we’ll make it. That was a little surprise. A little surprise cube. Whaaat? WHAAAT? (inaudible) This is a fucking faggot. I can- I see the look on the developer’s face, just sitting there, “Hey! Hey, let’s put a cube right there, those little bitches will freak out!” Fuck yes, that’s it. WhaaaAAAAAAAAAT?! I’m ripping my beard out, fucking hair by hair. No, no, no! Boop! Boop! That’s i- Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck it! Fly- NOT THERE! Was there something here? Faggot- No, no, no. No, no, no, NO! Not this shit! Okay! That was Cat Mario, If you want us to play moe of this, then like the video or write down whatever the fuck, or try it yourselves, I don’t know, I’m not playing any more of this right now- If you like our videos, subscribe to our channel, once again, tell us if you want me to play more of this game buuuut… Please don’t. Until next time. Bye!

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