Abandoned Cat Became A Monk And Promised Buddha She Won’t Eat Meat | Kritter Klub

Tak tak tak This moment when you renounce worldly desires.. Bodhisattva of Great Catpassion Bodhisattva Cat, Haetal Nirvaba babe Excuse me.. Hello *polite* Shush, silence meow Chief monk : She’s praying PD : A cat prays? Chief monk : Look, she puts her paws together Kitty paws are modestly put together Almost attained nirvana Oh My Buddha…♡ Chief monk : She doesn’t move at all when putting her paws together in a prayer Maintains that position for a long time Whoever comes or not She’s in Zen meditation alone Excuse me, catto What made you become a Buddhist? Chief monk : After finishing the Buddhist service, I found a cat as small as a mobile phone One day, 4 years ago A kitty’s crying resonated through the sanctuary The chief monk decided to embrace her out of pity for her who lost her mom..! Since then, the cat has been thru a lot in joy and sorrow with monks and become a monk..☆ Amazing dude.. Buddhist : A cat praying? Buddhist : Better than humans Buddhist : She has great endurance Haetal’s great compassion for Buddhism Bow Long time no see meow Is Haetal in Zen meditation rn? Jeez don’t disturb me Haetal, where’s Buddha? RIght there Perhaps she’s a monk wearing a cat mask.. Haetal~ Shush~ Haetal Nope, don’t talk to me when I’m praying! Monk : Haetal, the Buddhist service is over, let’s go out let’s go out Already? I guess I should call it a day.. *yawns* I may go outside and chill Mealtime~ Haetal’s fave, a soybean stew♥ Sharing is caring, hooman monk Chief monk : Do you want some? Yessir Yessir.. *cries cries* Is she crying right now..? Chief monk : She cries when she eats delicious food Like when eating a soybean stew, red pepper paste stew, and kimchi stew This taste so damn yum babe I cry Will she eat.. cats fave food, chicken and fish? Monk : I dunno, it’s a cat’s instincts so.. Cats go cray (for these kinds of food..) Haetal~ Eat up (I dare you) The cat.. Rejects fish Eat up, no? What a funny cat Eat up~ Don’t force meow!! I’m not allowed to eat meat of living animal +_+ Go away, you savages!! Chief monk : Ah~ Good girl, Haetal hehehe Coolio.. PD : The cat doesn’t eat at all? Chief monk : Yes, she doesn’t even try Once I added some fishy odor in some of her food, then she only ate the food w/o the odor What I like is this all-natural grass You got that yummy yum that babe Chief monk : Haetal who didn’t meow at all, started to meow one day So I went out, feeling strange Then found her calling me while stepping on a rat with her paws PD : She didn’t taking its life? Chief monk : Yes, she only stepped on it, asking me to put it away She never takes life Cherish all living creatures.. Do not mistreat small creatures..!! Peace in the air Our proud Haetal~ PD : Chu Chu, kiss me! Fluff off *hissing* LOL Chief monk : Pretty Haetal

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  1. Kritter Klub says:

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  2. 아난 디타アナンディタ says:

    Lol these days even cats are more Religious than mw 😂😂
    I also need to be Religious now on!!!
    A buddhist dog video 👇👇👇👇

  3. Joss salazar says:


  4. Sandra Almaraz says:

    Que hermoso gatito😘🙌🙋


    Everything is possible with the great monks.

  6. Anujin1030 says:

    I mean this cat is the definition of the spiritual peace that we all aspire for amiright?

  7. Гражданин Котик says:

    Вроде же был уже этот выпуск

  8. Marlies Rodtgardt-Pelzer says:

    Sweet buddhism cat😻. I wish her a long and healthy and lucky life.🍀

  9. Bego Vega says:

    The little cat is not the same!!!

  10. Brendas Anderson says:

    Just to let ya know cats are true carnivors they canot live with out amino acids found in meat so that cats is going to live a sick life.

  11. Marwa S says:

    Ok thats just creepy wtf let a cat be…

  12. Mari Sok says:

    Главный монах герой♥

  13. Mari Sok says:

    2:06 какой огромный

  14. Olga Helga says:

    Кошкам вреден перец..зачем они ее приучили к этой еде..?

  15. Noor Nour says:

    The title missing :”and she opened a company and put a dog as her secretary and promised him she wouldn’t tell him to wear a uniform “ wtf🤦🏻‍♀️

  16. Артём Заречнев says:

    удачи натаел счастья, здоровья, любви, заботы, мира и спокойствия и да ( кошка монах вот это круто)

  17. Yegane Abbasova says:


  18. AndroZoneHD says:

    Pobre gato, lo dejan sin comer carne de por vida :/

  19. Nik Sherstnev says:

    Кот живёт в мире при храме. Ну что ещё для счастья нужно?))

  20. Lucia Nguyen says:

    but I already watched this like a month ago..

  21. mousemuffins says:

    Wow. This is like The Cat Who Went To Heaven. I am genuinely amazed.

  22. Norie N says:

    Fantastic! go vegan!
    My cat(male) is still pescutarian.
    I'm vegan.

  23. Beaudi Lockwood says:

    Chur good on yah Buddah cat. Subtitles please

  24. vS V&S says:

    Монахам нужно Покаяться и Верить в Иисуса Христа ,а не поклоняться Золотым Истуканам, они все будут в АДУ, Поспешите принять в своё Сердце Иисуса Христа!!!! Он Скоро Грядёт и Возмездие его ,на всех не верующих в Иисуса Христа!!!!

  25. Dana L says:

    very lucky and peaceful cat….. thanks to save his / his life…..

  26. Fred Smurf says:

    Incredibly smart cat. Wow! Amazing how smart cats are.

  27. Dana L says:

    this is my girl….. l,m vegan……

  28. Arie Sweety says:

    Ya Allah 😢😢😢😢😢😢😍

  29. Alina Calin says:

    Jeez…🤣🤣🤣🥰🥰🥰🥰 adorable

  30. 그냥남자 says:

    다음 생은 극락에서 보내거라.

  31. Kassyane Vitória says:

    Sou muito fã do kritter klub, mas, todos animais são feitos por Deus. Como vão adorar a outro???

  32. Ginny kitty Lovett says:

    Ooooooow how much smart and thankfull this cute cat ♥️touched my heart this video. Really this cute cat is very special. He is saved ♥️and very safe and get protection from Bhuda ♥️👌🏽

  33. Puteri Lailasari says:

    So cute 😍

  34. Оксана Матвеева says:


  35. Anae Gamer says:

    Wow I love this cat. 😍😍

  36. Caixian Liao says:

    This cat is amazing.

  37. Tuyet Duong says:


  38. bandali john mushahwar says:

    u r silly people a lot cats vegiterian like my cat dont eat fish or meat

  39. Drexon Bacalzo says:

    Cats are the best:)

  40. florence clement says:

    Trop adorable ❤❤🌷🌷🐾👍😻😻🇲🇫

  41. Arne Ragnarsson says:

    Thank's for showing this movie. I will never eat veggies. Look at the cat. SOOOOOO FAT.

  42. Lawliet says:

    Are u serious?

  43. Настасия Добрая says:

    Красавица 😍

  44. Subha Mallick says:


  45. Everson Bedoya says:

    Divino ese gatito queedita mas que yo

  46. Sara Derany says:


  47. 鳳凰 says:


  48. 鳳凰 says:


  49. Mikosan24rus Miko says:

    Удивительная священная кошечка!…💜💜💜

  50. lucky luck says:

    je suis fan de ce chat! il est au top! ❤❤

  51. Chanaka Pathirana says:

    Budu Saranai

  52. Rocket Icebear says:


  53. K. Chong says:

    All cats are chilled like that during the day! 🙄

  54. LS B says:

    Que onda esse gato budista.. Muito fofo e engraçado 😂💗

  55. Rayaka Ifdve says:

    So cute😍😍😍

  56. L says:

    This cat is Indian that travelled to Korea and is spreading the word (meow)

  57. NintendoKirby64 says:

    what a respectful cat

  58. tan Huynh says:

    I love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  59. tan Huynh says:

    I love it ❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤

  60. AleXa BasCo says:

    So ein "GOLDSCHATZ" !

  61. Immercenary says:

    Cursed story

  62. Kareem Bankod says:

    This is normal my Muslim cat does not eat pork. Eat only halal food

  63. Viajes Precios y Tips says:


  64. Sarvesh Gupta says:

    One needs a Guru to tread some unknown terrains it seems Haetal(Cat) has the one.

  65. Fae Ray says:


  66. [ : says:

    I've never seen a cat cry when they eat delicious food

  67. newnews brooklyn says:

    When cat is outside may be eating birds or mice or bugs.

  68. 13midian says:

    Fluff off…I’m going to have to start using that.

  69. Analy Caudillo says:

    I think he is very smart

  70. C G A says:


  71. Lone Wolf says:

    That Buddha statue wearin a snap back

  72. Tri Pudji Laksono says:

    aaaaa so cute!! 😍

  73. Sonia Silva says:


  74. Aparecida Mussi says:


  75. A Floyd says:

    They need to make sure that cat gets plenty of protein from meat. Otherwise the cat could go blind.

  76. Ali Kovacs says:

    Awwww bless she is soooo cute

  77. sergio santo says:

    O gato falou com os budistas queres ver. Deixem de enganar as pessoas,claro se o gato era de rua claro que prefere ter abrigo,vocês querem enganar o mundo agora os animais também viram religiosos queres ver.

  78. DarjeelingJelly says:

    Cats are obligate carnivores

  79. Dewi Priyani says:

    She is so cute and adorable😂

  80. Mayra Rei says:


  81. nana na says:

    Это так мило

  82. Andrew Ford says:

    Describing what a silent animal is doing as something other than silent is mentally ill deducing incorrectly; all it would show is a ned outside yourself just like religion.

  83. Breeze Despair says:

    Где этот храм?

  84. prince savage says:

    Amazing dude😂

  85. Lady Z says:

    They trained this cat very well. When no one is looking they feed the cat treat mice.

  86. brincadeira de crianca smf says:

    Kkkk llndo!

  87. M࿆ i࿆ k࿆ k࿆ y࿆ A͓̽l͓̽ says:

    Ой какой хорошой! Умный кот, живите хорошои и будь те здоровыми!!

  88. mà Cuộc sống says:


  89. Poyraz Germi says:

    Normel kedi ag

  90. Sang Ayu Putu Puspasari says:

    Maybe this cat is a Monk in her life before

  91. Ирина Колотилина says:

    Лучше бы котику нормальной кошачей еды дали, а то так они ему на радостях здоровье посадят.
    Но кошка монах, это конечно круто! 🙂

  92. Kotic Nya says:

    Пусть живёт долго и счясливо❤

  93. Hayaمنوعات ووصفات مع says:

    ممكن ترد عليي صاحب القنات انت بتتكلم عربي ؟؟؟

  94. Artur Doroshev says:

    😇😇😇 cat

  95. Andromaeda Starkov says:


  96. Beatrice Schilla says:

    This is just amazing💖💖

  97. Massive master says:

    Cats must eat meat. Or they die

  98. Lonely Gemini says:


  99. MangNdie says:

    Aw 😍

  100. Fernanda Marsellia says:

    So cutee

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