Abandoned dog bonds with paralyzed cat

>>I would say it was about threee months ago, they were picked up by Animal Services in Osteen, they were abandoned at the end of someone’s driveway, they were picked up and taken to Animal Control, and they were pretty much inseperable. They were found together, and the Dachshund absolutely loves this kitten. The kitten has some health issues, obviously. We named them Idgie and Ruth after “Fried Green Tomatoes,” because of the special bond they have. We’ve had bonds between animals, I don’t know that we’ve seen anything quite like this, with a cat and a dog, I know that it does happen, but this is pretty special. When Idgie gets a new toy, she always takes it over to the cat, and they pretty much share everything, and anytime that there’s a dog that comes in, Ruthie is always first there on the scene to make sure that she’s the buffer between any dog and the cat, of course, they’re in the pen during the day, so there’s no threat to Ruth. We do adoptions through Animal Services, we’ve been doing it since 2007, we also do adoptions through other rescue groups, so when they have something that requires a little extra attention, it’s not uncommon for them to give us a call. We’ve adopted them here ourselves at Hollywood Hounds, and they get lots of attention, so we’re making up for lost time of anything they may have lacked. We like to say they have about 14 mommies here, everytime Idgie goes out, she gets a smooch, someone’s constantly babying Ruth, and so it’s a lot of attention, almost around the clock. Customers come in just to see them, to pet them. We’ve had customers bring them Christmas gifts, it’s just been very touching.

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100 Responses

  1. Maribel Lakes says:

    This is so heartbreaking ='( RIP Ruth ♥


  2. Pam B says:

    RIP Ruth. My heart is breaking along with poor Idgie. After a mourning period I hope Idgie will find another feline companion.

  3. Fat Daddy says:

    hi guys

  4. FAYA BOLTO!!! FAYA BOLTO!!! says:

    I want that. cat ruth

  5. Anthony Labrum says:

    i couldnt stop crying. i cant believe people dump animals like that. i have fallen in love with the kittie. i want to snuggle her and look after her. i have 2 cats and they are the best thing in my life and id not be without them. they bring so much to my life. and i hope this little baby kittie has a happy life now with her little doggy friend

  6. sky claw says:

    made me cry

  7. Rj the Squid says:

    it's so Hart braking 🙁

  8. Hey_neroj says:

    Watching Ruth trying to walk is so heartbreaking he keeps falling

  9. TheYouwatcher2010 says:

    I can take a bullet myself and not cry but when I see animals hurt or struggling I can't stop the tears… it's something wrong with me?

  10. Sarah Rose says:


  11. MandiMoMo says:

    Who gives this sweet story a thumbs down? That's just mean! I'm so sad to learn Ruth the cat has passed away July 2016 😢 I feel so heartbroken for the sweet Dachshund who lost her best friend 💔😢

  12. Ygg9raSs1lL says:

    hard to watch seeing the cat

  13. Sharrie F. says:

    I'm so sorry to hear about Ruth. 3D Systems has some videos of animals where they custom designed prosthetics for animals so they can walk even run again.

  14. Gray Diver says:

    R.I.P dear Ruth :((
    So sad…

  15. dani arlyn says:

    this is cool but you said you saw the dogs in the driveway don't you think someone might own those two?

  16. Faith lmao says:

    awe :"( the doxie

  17. M.A says:

    The only reason these pet groups keep disabled animals alive for so long is to gather charity funds for their cause. Its wrong. Movement is the animals primary stimulation..Theyr not humans. Its inhumane not to end its life early.

  18. guiltygearV says:

    god bless you all, it warms my heart to see things like this especially in these troubling times.

  19. D F. says:

    cats are cute sad…sometimes i think its just better to put the cat yp sleep..its paralyzed

  20. Christopher Palmer says:

    lovely video

  21. Seahawk.Customs.Pc says:

    Sad why any one would throw away beautiful animals like trash.I like to meet each one and show them how much I like that done to sweet loving animals. So how are both of these two of a kind beautiful sweet loving animals…

  22. ashtweth says:

    please try and give the Cat CBD oil (non psychoactive) its safe for cats and will help the condition, they would give it to you for free if you asked a dispensary

  23. Mark O says:

    Made me cry. Gonna go hug my cat for three hours straight. 🙁

  24. modz. says:

    0:59 Seems like a street fight

  25. Mike The Gamer says:

    Look, I am a cat lover. Why, for the love of all that is good and right in the world, did you not put the cat to sleep? Was this to feel good about keeping it alive or something? I just don't understand why people don't put animals to sleep that are half paralyzed, completely paralyzed, missing limbs etc. I just don't get it. Allow the soul to be reborn in a complete body.

  26. Newbpwng says:

    OMG i feel so bad for the kitty

  27. Shannon Cole says:

    how are they doing now could u do a follow up they are amazing and Ruth is. such a strong young lady she is just beautiful

  28. AirAmerica says:

    Who exactly are the 169 soulless morons who "thumbs down" this video. Seriously, are you people that uncaring?

  29. Harriet Martin says:

    These two have a special bond!

  30. Lou Ziffer says:


  31. Seph Crow says:

    god bless those who took these two in thank you for all the good you have done

  32. ᴄʟᴀɪʀᴇ says:

    Ruth reminds me of Briarlight from Warriors

  33. dhanabati hijam says:

    I am happy that you are gonna keep Ruth with u

  34. Shane M says:

    that cat is so silly :3

  35. J F says:

    Inseparable because they have no choice, they are caged together. Making that cat drag themselves around like that all over the ground. That is just not right, their quality of life being subjecting to a pen and not walking is just wrong.

  36. Harriet Martin says:

    What a wonderful story!

  37. mst3kanita says:

    For a split second I thought she was going to say she named them itchy and scratchy. 😘

  38. Yvonne Davis says:

    Ok I cried.. Very touching..
    If you wish to have a human experience , I suggest staying the hell away from people..

  39. Crystal Cordova says:

    this video warmed my heart ❤️ rest in peace ruth you are such a beautiful kitten and idgnie willl forever miss your presence

  40. Sin Vee says:

    Even animals look out for each despite being from different species – while humans fight for the stupidest reasons!

  41. Matt M says:

    rip kitty 😢

  42. J Sailer says:

    "C'mon Ruth, let's go for a walk."
    "What? How?"
    "Here, made this."
    Puts on a harness
    "Wait, you're serious?"
    "Deadly. You've always wanted to visit the pet shop. So, c'mon."
    Puts Ruth on his back and starts heading down the street, laughing and joking along the way

  43. Christine Lee says:

    That cat's disabled but he sure has some fire to slap off his friend hah <3

  44. Cats Diary from Dubai says:

    Very touching story :'( I am glad that they have been adopted by the center and can live happy life together <3 <3  <3

  45. Omar Raymundo says:

    Poor little kitty ! Thank God he's got the best friend anyone could ever have a dog !!!🙏😇🐶

  46. Twisted Kit says:

    We ride together, we die together. Bad boys for life -Ruth and Edgy

  47. simone griffiths says:

    I'm watching the show right now and it moved me so much that I had to find them on the internet, it just shows you that animals are more alive and smarter than we think, the are so amazing makes you really want to be a better person in life. I was so moved by these to beautiful animals and Roth just teach me if she can manage her illness that she was born with, then that makes me realize! that sickle cell disease is noting, that I can fight it just like Roth and her best friend. thank you so much for sharing there stories, it has made me feel that I can conquer anything my illness brings my way. God bless

  48. Jorge E Gonz says:

    ownnn 😍😍😘😘

  49. ResiWorld says:

    what happened 2 the cat?

  50. al G. says:

    God bless you mam!

  51. Scooby tube says:

    how does that cat poop?

  52. Pete Phillip says:

    it's nice the cat has a friend!

  53. Peter McGill says:

    I feel bad for that cat. Please end it's suffering. It will never be able to walk. Just put the poor thing down for crying out loud.

  54. LazyLeon says:

    I want them both

  55. St. Rizla says:

    Poor things, how can anyone do this?

  56. Shaun Phillips says:

    So cute

  57. Jordan Owens says:

    catdogs parents. but,this is is also heartbreaking. seriously heartbreaking.😢🐈🐕

  58. PETER carl says:

    AW BLESS THEM   are they housed together?

  59. XxXMedusaXxX says:

    Sooo sweet, I'm so glad that your not going to separate them. That is such a special bond that they have. Poor Ruth it's so sad to see her struggling to get around, an Itchie looks sweet as all get out. What a precious lil couple!! <3 <3 <3

  60. morena012 says:

    Just look at that cat's face. So full of life, energy and beauty. Lets all be like him, regardless of our problems.

  61. Justin G says:

    Very cute

  62. Mega Danger Games says:

    Two beautiful angels

  63. Stacy Miller says:

    I'm so happy god lead them to you guys!

  64. When I See You I UwU says:

    I want to hug Ruth and never let her go! She is a precious gem 💖

  65. D'vorahJae Corvinus-VHB says:

    BEAUTIFUL…..I PRAISE GOD that the folks in this place adopted these amazing animals.


  66. Ali Bird says:

    Aww :3

  67. gianca60 says:

    Cats and dogs are like Ying and Yang so they go complete themselves.

  68. 보노보노 says:

    Perfect model for Catdog.

  69. Uniquely Different says:

    Poor baby 😢
    There bond is so cute ❤
    How can someone abandoned them 💔

  70. twistedmindsex says:

    Wow! Real life Ren & Stimpy.

  71. Kimberly Rea says:

    I witnessed a bond like that with my pit bull, Morta, and my orange tabby, Harold. There is a video of them walking together on my page. Yes. They walked together. Slept together. Groomed each other. Morta helped me tame Harold, who was a starving and freezing feral when I rescued him. Unfortunately, Morta was diagnosed with cancer within a few months of rescuing Harold. In the video, you can see one of her tumors when we are waiting for the car to pass. Harold helped me care for Morta as her health deteriorated. I euthanized her September 20, 2017. Harold still searches for her sometimes and when I go for walks, and Harold accompanies me, he yells at me. I’m crying as I write this. Animals are amazing.

  72. nalu the best says:

    aww I cried

  73. Carlos Matos says:

    feels so bad watching ruth drag herself

  74. Adam Hope says:

    Truly lovely animals truly sad Ruth gone.

  75. Emily Pugh says:

    Bless you x

  76. suzi akim says:

    Im crying so much when i seen this video, i also have paralyses kitten, i love him so much and i know he knows that i love him, whenever im back from work, he heard my voice than he walking so fast to reach me, kiss me and hug me.

  77. zaccyo says:

    I can barely watch this. Too much reality.

  78. Stoertebekerxyz says:

    Poor Kitty 🙁

  79. Hero of Time says:

    I really love Dashchunds 💖😘

  80. Lucky Star says:

    How precious! God Bless Hollywood Hounds for adopting these beautiful animals!

  81. mama cat says:

    Omg i wish i could adopt them both . but im careing for my blind senior 80 pound dog. But when she goes to heaven im definitely adopting a special needs animal.every animal needs 💘

  82. Candace Roberts says:

    I feel so sad for Ruth and she’s so lucky for idgey.

  83. Luv Life says:

    How can anybody leave a dog or this poor cat.

  84. Julia Gamerz says:

    poor kitten :CCC

  85. Mivi says:

    I love you pets!!!!😘❤😭😭😥😥❤❤❤❤😘😘😘😘🎁🎄

  86. Lana G says:

    What a swset and heartwarming story as i love animals. These two are so precious.Godbless yoh richly for saving anx helping them.💖💖

  87. Toni Thaler says:

    Dachshund ❤❤

  88. Good Pause says:

    1:02 that playing got serious 😂🤣

  89. susan ivy says:

    For Christmas I am making Idgie a dog bed shaped like a hot dog roll, Ruth will get a hamburger shaped cat bed she can peek her little head out of…okay, I'm kidding, I can't sew….but how cute would that be?

    I guess I'll just chalk this up to a "suzie has way too much time on her hands moment".

  90. Debra Reynolds says:

    Just so sad hope that the people who can make those things to help them

  91. Ergo Sum Adrieyl says:

    Y’all can say it’s sad trying to see her walk but did YALL SEE THAT last RIGHT HOOK she landed. My gawd😼

  92. apogeus2 says:

    some people love animals, some folks love animals with disabilities. fetish? aren't we fucked up?

  93. cher z says:

    I've seen their story before and it's so heartwarming. It's also very disturbing to know that someone abandoned these two and left them in diar straights before they were rescued and taking in. Now they're healthy and happy and an inspiration of hope and love for all abandoned and disabled pet's.

  94. J Bro says:

    When I read quadriplegic cat in the thumbnail I didn't want to click because I knew it would break my heart. I clicked anyway and yes my heart was broken at seeing this poor sweet thing have to drag her legs like that but at the same time she also looks happy and I'm glad she has a special friend to share her days with. They're both beautiful creatures. Many thanks to the people who have taken care of them.

  95. The Para says:

    This is so cute

  96. Natasha Lubimova says:


  97. Liz Greenspan says:

    This is sweet💓🐶😍🤗😺🐶

  98. Maggi Hall says:

    Unbelievable story of how true love transcends all forms of life.

  99. Lies, damn lies, and stats Weird says:

    Idgie and Ruth are BEAUTIFUL and AMAZING!!!!

  100. tavia warner says:

    God bless!!

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