First place for me. Good job. First place for me. These are all my swimsuits. I never knew swimsuits
can be so complicated. That just ruined my appetite. [Captions by Judy V. at Y Translator] Good morning passengers. I am standing in my bedroom. It’s all done and the video is up. It is live. It is going right now. Head on over, I am going
to put the iCard right here. I’m also going to put a link to the
video in the description box so there’s two ways you
can get to that video. It’s on Lowe’s Home Improvement Channel. They have a special playlist
called The Weekender, and we were the season opener. The season premiere, like the
first video of the season? And so that’s kind of an honor. I love this bedroom. I’m giving you a little sneak peek. It’s really different, check it out. Tell me what your favorite
part of the bedroom is. My favorite part is the green with
the white walls right here. This is amazing. Like it’s amazing. Makes me want to do it
in the rest of my house. Anyway, I’m really
excited about this video. You’ll have to go check it out. Now, we are gonna give you an update
on the snake and Julie’s swim team. [Music] This is some intense game. I won. I got third place. I got, I got a first place. First place for me. Good job. First place for me. Hey Abby, let’s give everybody,
and Julie, let’s give everybody an update on your swim, Go grab your swimming suits. Everyone wants to
see your practice suits. And Abby, you’ll give us an
update on your snack. Snack? These are all my swimsuits. This is my practice swimsuit. Okay, that’s actually your meet suit. I don’t know which one’s my– That’s okay. Hold it up. This is your meet suit so this is the
one that you’re going to– Compete with? –compete in. Yeah. So show us your practice suits. Aren’t all of these are my practice suits? Nope. Not these, aren’t these
are for going to the– These are the for going to
the beach and the pool. I never knew swimsuits could be so complicated. Okay, so the ones that are… Let’s see the front of it. That’s super cute. Practice swimsuits. So, and then these two are just
for going to the beach. Yeah. Show us your beach suits. So this is the top. Yeah. So cute. And the bottoms are to die for. Look at the… I don’t like the bow. I love the bow. We’ll have to get a picture
of you two in them together because you have matching suits. Well, I haven’t been able to
use my new swimsuits, at all. Can I go get, like my– Well, It’s not summertime. Yeah, go get your practice hat. Okay, so Abby, you’ve got to give us
an update on your snake. Why don’t you come show us your,
you want to go show us your snake? She’s hungry and I can’t hold her. Why is she hungry? Because that, she hasn’t
eaten for like two weeks. Yeah, you don’t want to hold her right now. We tried to feed her a mouse
because that, mice is what she eats. The pet, the pet store that
we bought it at, said that they tried to get her to eat frozen mice, but she just wouldn’t eat it. We are trying to minimize
the amount of stress on the snake, and I understand a lot of you. It was it was a little disheartening
to read through your comments when she got her snake. A lot of you were excited, and
a lot of you were disappointed in us. Why? Why? I have been waiting, I have been saving up
for that snake for almost a year and– Abby has been wanting a snake
since we went to CVX live last year. She was begging for one. Can I get a snake? Please. And so that’s all she’s thought about. So we try to get animals according
to the interests of our children. It’s a great way to learn Science,
hands-on, and in the home. And we try to do it in a
loving way with the animals. But guys, animals are not humane. Animals are, they’re,
they eat other animals. That, I mean, we try to keep things
as humane as possible and we’re trying, we are going to try to train this
snake to eat frozen mice. That just ruined my appetite. But he’s not gonna learn to
do that in a week. He may not even learn how
to do that in a month. ‘Cause it would be inhumane
to bring the snake home and then deny it it’s meals too. So and, and if we didn’t bring it home,
it would just be living in the pet store and, Anyway, we have done a lot of research. So, once we got to snake,
I looked at it and I was like, we’re naming it Pretzels. But then, before I went to bed,
we all agreed on Bagels. So we’ve been calling her Bagels. Her name is Bagels. So we got Nollie, Prickles,
Speckles and Bagels. Are you afraid of holding the snakes? I’m getting easier. What if before I put it
in the cage you can pet them? We don’t know the gender of the snake. So we, so we let Abby choose it. And she said she wants it to be a girl,
but we don’t know that 100%. What makes you think she’s a girl? I want it to be a girl. Because you want it to be a girl. So you want it to lay eggs
then eat the eggs. Snakes don’t eat their eggs. Your snake might leave them. It’s not gonna lay eggs. What do you guys think? Do you think snakes eat their
eggs or protect their eggs? Any other updates on
swimming or on the snake? I got a fine on my debit card. Look how cute Sheri looks in this dress. Sheri, you look very feminine,
very beautiful, very spring-y. Very nice, very lovely. [Music]

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