Adam Ruins Everything – Pure-Bred Dogs Are Genetic Monsters

Pure-breeding is a form of genetic manipulation humans made up just
to amuse ourselves. In 19th century
Victorian England, eugenics was all the rage, and competitive dog breeding
became a weird, fancy fad. I made a dog
with super loose skin. I made one
with a super flat, (bleep)-up face. Oh, now,
that is disturbing. I’m your god now. Once these Dr. Frankensteins
were satisfied, they dubbed their little
monsters “pure breeds” and used kennel clubs to enforce
their bizarre standards. (thunder crashes) Behold my newest creation. The corgi. A corgi is 10 to 12 inches
tall with a foxy head, wide, flat skull,
and non-sly expression, so if your dog looks sly, it’s a poser freak,
and it’s out of the club! (thunder crashes) That’s all
a corgi really is. An arbitrary definition
made up by a weirdo. Okay, but when you
get a purebred, you get a good,
healthy dog, right? Nope! When you hear
“purebred,” you should think “inbred.” Inbred?
Like a hot dog? Adorable, but no. Kennel clubs
prohibit purebred dogs from mating outside
their breed, and often, they’re mated members
of their own family, making the average pug
as inbred as an Austrian duke. My blood is very pure. (groans, thud) Well, maybe inbreeding
is not that bad. We concur–
inbreeding is quite natural, isn’t it, sister? (both)
Mm… mm… mm… Ugh, definitely not. The sad truth is,
purebred dogs suffer from disturbingly high rates
of genetic disease. It’s because of a problem called
the genetic bottleneck. Here to explain
is Dr. Kirk Lohmueller, professor of evolution at UCLA. (Professor Lohmueller)
Hi, Adam. Here’s the problem
with pure breeding. When species breed
in the wild, they can exist
in large populations and can mate randomly. This ensures a nice,
healthy distribution of genetic variation. But when humans
started pure breeding dogs, we had them mate over and over
again with their relatives to get a specific look. When we artificially limited
the gene pool in that way, we created a genetic bottleneck. As the same
small gene pool is spread between more and more dogs, diseases that would normally be rare, become inevitable.

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100 Responses

  1. Betelgeuse says:

    I like the original. It's funny, and I love the intro to it and I like Emily better. Plus, in this you forgot Bud!!!!

  2. Coffee of the Devil says:

    Poor dogs. 🙁

  3. Skjegget Chege says:

    Older one was better.

  4. Shelm Mii says:

    Does that also apply to chickens?

  5. covin Norlin says:

    Didn't we already do this even some of the jokes are the same

  6. Emma Cat says:

    We did it with cats, too, but not to that extent. I prefer mutts that are not inbred.

  7. Noah Casement says:

    I own a purebred Shiba inu, and she appears perfectly fine.

  8. Corey Moore says:

    They even rehash a bunch of the same jokes

  9. S Buis says:

    this epsiode, i saw it earlier today, with other people but the exact same sketch

  10. Sasha Yurevna says:

    Adam ruins Geico and insurance companies

  11. Rod-knee says:

    Noooo not my husky!!

  12. shastapurpledaisy says:

    I wish I didn't have a dog allergy so that I wouldn't be limited to poodles and poodle cross dogs. I prefer the cross poodles.

  13. De1n P0p0 says:

    I like the austria joke (I'm from austria)

  14. Retro says:

    inbred joffrey 😡

  15. Bobby Priyantono Sokarijo says:

    the original video clip isn't better because Emily was in it. it's better because this original wasnt done in a studio and actually felt like it had more production value.

  16. Sassy The Sasquatch says:

    didnt he already do this

  17. Amira Nand says:

    This is why you should adpot

  18. Ashly Menard says:

    Both my dogs are pure-bred (they're Miniature Schnauzer brothers, born one litter apart). I hope my Mom knows what genetic diseases Miniature Schnauzers could get.

  19. Owen Launius says:

    nice remake

  20. Ethic Ethnic says:

    They tried Eugenics on humans, some "scientist" wanted to create a super White Race aka Madison Grant. –___– To be fair there is genetic diversity among people of the same racial heritage, but still…. Eurocentric Eugenics painted everybody else especially African Americans as on the bottom of the racial-hierarchy. Blacks were an illness to Madison Grant.

  21. Awesomelady 1233 says:

    This is lirterally a copy of the one with Emily.

  22. Nya Means Meow says:

    I still like my bulldog

  23. jakisz says:

    So, that's the science of the Targaryens' from Game of Thrones?

  24. Daniel Lantz says:

    This is extremely similar to the original.

  25. GasMaskGarry says:

    They did the same exact thing with Emily, but this time with a doctor

  26. Aka Yokai says:

    The first one was better

  27. Sam TheFabilous says:

    Nooo! Not the corgi!

  28. ILTHBNACBTAM Luci says:

    Why did they make another one

  29. Niop Tres says:


  30. DanDaManatee says:

    They used all the same jokes as the original one

  31. leoBCM says:

    00:25 TRAPP

  32. Bonnie Harris says:

    No, not to "amuse" ourselves. To create better working dogs and then later, better companion dogs. You have no idea what you are talking about here, Adam. I am really disappointed.

  33. Mythos the Sophist says:

    1:17 Or a gaunt (from Harry Potter)

  34. Dagaminpie -_- says:

    The same thing goes for humans because if you mate with your relative you will increase a chance for a genetic disease that is in every family which makes children get birth defects and are born handicapped but when you mate with some one in another family you will decrease the chance of this genetic disease (correct me if i got anything wrong or if u have criticisms)

  35. Antoinette Hicks says:

    I wish people would stop inbreeding, dogs

  36. TurtleCoop * says:


  37. D G says:

    he never even mentions outcrossing. you could also breed pedigrees without imbreeding..

  38. milkmunstr says:

    So basically we're just stopping dogs from being able to evolve at all, so any disease that could kill them 50 years ago can still kill them now just as easily

  39. Username says:

    Idc if they’re not actually related irl don’t make brothers & sisters tongue kiss

  40. Ashley Joe says:

    My puppy is 100% American bully and I don’t his parents aren’t related. Is that still inbred? Don’t be calling me stupid in the comments for asking a question either.

  41. Maximus the Cockatiel says:

    My purebred Yorkie died 3 days ago

  42. Neelan Ambalam says:

    Why they double up on vid

  43. Joseph Longo says:


  44. Glitchy Glitch says:

    You can't have inbred corgis, they're just corgis in disguise.

  45. Supergeek 110 says:

    This is why every dog I've ever owned and eve will own has been and will be a mutt.

  46. Monroe Robbins says:

    There should be a video on $2 bills, and why they’re so rare.

  47. jeramahia123 says:

    Inbreeding isn't bad as long as no children are conceived as a result.
    The reason why we hate incest is that… we don't want to do it.
    Most of us see our relatives as "gross". Especially siblings. This is because we release a pheromone that our relatives are turned off by to prevent us from inbreeding.
    Try going into your brother's room in the morning after the doors been closed all night.
    Reeks doesn't it!

  48. Monroe Robbins says:

    PROTECT THE DOGS and let them breed with whoever. SAVE THE ANIMALS!!!

  49. Ashlei Evans says:

    Why mutts are the best

  50. WarHorseFilly says:

    Has anyone else noticed how stupid purebred dogs are? We usually rescue, but we’ve had a couple pures come through over the years and they were some of the dumbest animals compared to any of our rescues

  51. Frank Lance says:

    Incest isn't so unnatural in nature though tbh.

  52. Justaweeb says:

    1:22 Alabama 😂😂💥

  53. Youhavetherighttobewrong says:

    this episode is horrible. humans always wanted special breeds of dogs. you can't find a better dog for herding than a border collie. you can't find better security dogs than the ones used and bred for that for thousands of years. yes, humans created breeds and limited the gene pool but mainly to keep the genes that they liked. the only problem is with modern breeders that dont care about the health of dogs and breed like crazy. and also the short nose dogs. is inhumane to breed a animal with health problems. you have a whole team that makes research, ffs

  54. 2075 amymay says:

    This is the same script as the other pure bred video with Emily and murff

  55. Mary Nauta says:

    The standards are not necessarily crazy. A lot of them exist to create healthier dogs. If they don’t meet standards you’re not supposed to breed them. Also acting like mutts are healthier is bogus.

  56. guddboi says:

    why does Adam look like the white version of The Weeknd

  57. Katrina Peljo says:

    Lol didnt people know that wtf , people do reach before u buy or do things

  58. Martin Burneo says:

    Making the average Pug as inbred as a Targaryen.

  59. Sky delos santos says:


  60. M K says:

    It is animal abuse to support that!

  61. Sophie Robinson says:

    My dog is pure bread and he has heart murmur! Don't know if pure bread is the reason but I feel bad for my dog!

  62. Jin Seon says:

    Idk but the side characters have really bad acting. Is it on purpose?

  63. 17RaysPlays says:

    How familiar…

  64. CPFL says:

    I think that they used some of the phrases from the other purebreed dog video, but the argument is still good either way.

  65. something bacon says:


  66. Liz Mowrey says:

    Love my mutts

  67. GayBae says:


  68. Craig Po says:

    They always say who's a good boy.
    not how's the good boy.

  69. TORRES STIVER says:

    B) LOL

  70. Irvin Rivera says:

    I saw the college humor version.

  71. Ronit shadow says:

    the other one is better

  72. Daniel Belmiro says:

    I will still get my german shepherd. My experience with dogs is that adopting you can be unlucky, my mom luckly adopted a very educated dog, very, disciplined, it took only a few weeks or months to loose his strange behaviors like eating trash. She also adopted the opposite, a dog that you can't control, has higiene habits worse than an average dog, poops everywhere, gets crazy when see food. I think if i have space will have a german shepherd and an adopted stray dog.

  73. Spürdo-Benis Brigade says:

    Not completely true, Huskies are not inbred, most breeds of dogs are not inbred.

  74. Spürdo-Benis Brigade says:

    When dogs bred in the wild they tended to breed within their own sub species not others

  75. Loki Jotunborn says:

    well that was grim

  76. MangosColorados says:

    in the end is up to individual choice. of course purebreeds have more problems then muts but if you want a certain look that's up to you. my favorite dog is the siberian usky and when I gatter the conditions to have one I will have one. maybe that will come at a cost and maybe is not the most moral thing to do but I still love that look.

  77. Josè La Placa Amigò says:

    I agree and feel like it's missing out a key part. The work breeds, unless a specific one becomes a tad and then it's a toss up. Their "problem" is that they are literally working dogs if they don't have a job they go up the walls.I have a rather small rescued rat terrier, he was so malnourished we thought he was a chiwuawa. Now that he has a "job" he is quite chill and he doesn't wreck the place.

  78. Josiah Paz says:

    They just copied their own script

  79. Nghĩa Nguyễn Trọng says:

    Emily version and Veronica version

  80. Rose Marry says:

    This is true Tho it's messed and Iove animals even the uglys one more than I love human, I hate it when people hurt animals but it helps with animals over population like cats where they kill in entire species before I even watched this show I did my research, why I adopted my children kids who was already fixedz as my dog I found him and followed me home I've tired everything to look for the owner, I went around multiple area also the people we talked to post a pic of him and give them our contract info in case they found the power, put Flyers,talk to animal control personal that was getting a Neighbors pet, I ased them if everyone has called looking for this dog, I asked them to take a pic and gave them my number, I went went on Fido alert but nothing so after a year went pasted I took down the photo I don't if that was a good call but when took he to vet he had chip and abandonment issues, so two year later I have a big baby as a dog and he's a lap dog 😊

  81. unnamed meme master says:

    you should have aimed for the head 0:04.

  82. María Errecalde says:

    jajaja podrían traducirlo al español … please!!

  83. YELDAH says:

    lol humans are assholes

  84. Zane Adley Ismail says:

    "Maybe inbreeding isn't that bad."
    Well,i guess we're doomed as a species

  85. Dan Rush says:

    Adam can have my GSD clamped to his stupid leftist ass.

  86. Melissa Cooper says:

    We have both mixed breeds and pure breeds. We have a border collie named Lady whom we got at the shelter. A chiuaua named Killer whom we got from our neighbor. And two border collie mixes named Lily and Molly. Lily we got at the same shelter as Lady. And Molly was dumped on our doorstep. We love all of them like our kids!

  87. Chicago Critic Gerald says:

    The movie Felidae proved humans shouldn't mess with genes in dogs!

  88. Michael Gibb says:

    And now some breeds are so far down the bottleneck that there may be no way to bring them back, e.g. English bulldogs.

  89. Georg Roy Nuudi says:

    But i still love my corgis

  90. AvangionQ says:

    That guy playing the Austrian Duke needs some acting lessons … the original did the setup and the pratfall so much better.


    The austria duke joke never gets old

  92. idanos 1611 says:

    Alabama has entered the chat

  93. The new thot Destroyer says:

    Alabama 100

  94. Matthew Bigelow says:

    I would like to point out one thing. Studies have shown that more politically conservative people tend to prefer pure breed dogs while liberals tend to prefer mixed breeds. Adam Ruins Everything and other shows on truTV have a liberal bias. I'm not saying that Adam is neccesarily wrong, but there is a chance that the show writters might have cherry picked to get the desired results, because the show is run by humans and humans are naturally biased.

  95. Geocentric Kingdom says:

    Forget purebred dogs, all dogs are a complete waste of breath. Dogs have killed babies, children, and adults. Enough said. Well, it should be enough. But there are idiots who defend these worthless creatures. And their owners are just as bad. They let their dogs defecate wherever, and leave it. The rain washes all this collective waste down and poisons the environment. They let their dogs bark nonstop, without considering bylaws, or their neighbours. Dogs are dogs, and the word implies lazy, worthless existence. And dog nutters are becoming even more crazy, bringing their dogs into restaurants, grocery stores, etc. And defending their dog whenever it bites someone. You know, it's pretty dumb. If we kept lions or bears as pets, and a kid got killed, those animals would be banned instantly. But not dogs. For some messed up reason we just neeeeeeeeed dogs in our world. Morons.

  96. Konstantinos Nikolakakis says:

    As a dog owner, I knew this already, but, I believe that all dog owners should know this.

  97. grammer nazi6942069420 says:

    I miss emily 🙁

  98. Ryan Shipley says:

    I feel so bad because I have a golden retriever, but when I asked for a mutt my mom told me no

  99. Symbol Guy says:

    1:04 That joke only applies to dachshunds.

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