#AdoptPureLove – Shelter Pet Project – Ahnya & Lucky PSA

I feel like, like her heartbeat is like, same speed as mine. And I think we have this like deep connection. This heart connection, in her heart, that there’s room for me, and mom. When I’m holding her, it makes me feel calmer. It’s a sensory thing, it’s a thing with Asperger’s. She’s really good with Ahnya. I’ve seen adults react to my daughter when she has meltdowns like she’s from a different planet. And this little animal just sat next to my child and was just like you know, “It’s gonna be cool.” She’s my superhero. Good job, kitty cat. When we adopted Lucky, we discovered all the wonderful things that make her unique. Lucky’s a little bit of a lot of things, but mostly, she’s pure love.

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