Adorable Korean Pet Cafes [CATS & DOGS]

Haeppy: Today on twoplustwo BapMokja: Pet Cafes. Haeppy: If you live in Seoul Haeppy: your place is probably pretty small Haeppy: even so, people want to raise pets BapMokja: Yes! That’s very true. BapMokja: So to combat this,
there are many many pet cafes. BapMokja: But what is a pet cafe? Haeppy: A pet cafe is exactly how it sounds Haeppy: it’s a cafe, with pets in it. Haeppy: Usually, there are puppy cafes and kitty cafes. Haeppy: Have you ever been to one? BapMokja: Never. Haeppy: I have. And it’s a great time. Haeppy: There are literally
dogs and cats running around Haeppy: And don’t worry,
if you think that sounds unsanitary Haeppy: it’s not… really… Haeppy: it’s not really. Haeppy: They do keep the place clean Haeppy: and it doesn’t really smell that bad Haeppy: they’re pretty vigilant about it. Haeppy: Since BapMokja has never been to one Haeppy: we’re going to bring you along to pop his cherry. Our first stop was Sang Sang Da Bang in Hongdae. At all of these types of pet cafes you have to pay an entrance fee. But you do get one free drink. BapMokja: Almost as good of hair as mine. BapMokja: Posing? BapMokja: Yeah. Vogue. Haeppy: Hello! Every cafe will have pet treats for you to buy to entice the animals to come play with you. BapMokja: So fluffy! BapMokja: Sleep dog… BapMokja: Big ears! BapMokja: Have you seen dumbo? BapMokja: No? Not Dumbo! Our next stop was Cheong Choon Goyangi which is also in Hongdae. Cat cafes usually have stricter rules because cats are more easily stressed. Haeppy: This little one… Haeppy: has been warning
all the other cats away from me. Haeppy: And he’s been kneading
me with his little claws. Haeppy: It hurts… Haeppy: but it’s cause he loves me. Haeppy: and he’s very protective. Haeppy: Or it could be a she, I haven’t checked. Haeppy: If you come to one of these cafes, Haeppy: you might also get some love. Haeppy: I love you too! Our last stop was another puppy cafe called Puppy Spoon but this time in Gangnam. The dogs were much more lively here than at Sang Sang Da Bang But that’s probably because
we had gone way too late before. Haeppy: So it looks like dogs don’t
like me as much as cats do. Haeppy: Hello! Haeppy: Hello! Haeppy: Looks like I was wrong. Haeppy: One puppy loves me. Haeppy: Actually no, Paul loves me too. Haeppy: But Paul ran away… Haeppy: Oh! He’s over there. Haeppy: Hello… Haeppy: Are you… Maru? Mint? or Pepper? Haeppy: I don’t know! Haeppy: He or she just came up and was like Haeppy: “Hello! Hello Haeppy!” Haeppy: “I want to sleep on your lap!” Hello everybody! I’m really cute. Haeppy: I can’t kiss him! Haeppy: So everbody, I’m telling you Haeppy: don’t come to puppy cafes Haeppy: because if you come Haeppy: you’re going to want to raise a puppy Haeppy: and it’s going to cost a lot of money. Haeppy: He’s so cute! Thank you very much for
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