Adorable Labrador puppy confused by its own reflection in the mirror

An excitable black Labrador appears very confused when it sees itself in a mirror – even attempting to play with the reflection that it sees The cute pooch wanders up to the mirror and stares at itself for a few seconds trying to figure out what is looking back at it The hound then begins jumping up and down and barking as though it is playing with another dog Mirror mates! The adorable reaction of the young Labrador puppy when placed in front of a mirror was captured by its owner on video RELATED ARTICLES Previous 1 Next Dog owners will be ordered to clean away their pets’ urine Working like a dog! Loyal German Shepherd brings his owner. Share this article Share Jumping and bounding around in front of the mirror, the puppy is seemingly thrilled to have a new companion  The Labrador skids around on the vinyl flooring and wags its tail during the amusing exchange Undeterred by being unable to playfully wrestle with what is simply its reflection, the puppy continues to try and play around   The hound starts jumping up and down and barking as though it is playing with another dog – but it is only its own reflection in the mirror The puppy initially appears unsure about what exactly is happening, before soon having the time of its lifeThe ecstatic dog even nearly knocks over a painting propped up next to the mirror during the funny confrontation Its owners can be heard laughing in the background as the puppy tries to understand what is going on   

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