– Ah! It’s even surprising to me. – It’s so cute,
’cause they’re so confused! – You ready?
Here we go. Bye! ♪ (industrial intro) ♪ – Oh, the dog’s so cute. (gasps) I love these! I love these so–
he looks so confused. – Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah,
with the dog and the blanket. Yeah, I wanna try it
with my own dogs. I haven’t tried it with my own dogs
to see if it works yet. – Oh, it involves dogs.
I already love it. Do we have a dog?
Can we do it?! Wait, where’d they go? (laughs) I think I missed the trend. – The dog is so confused. (laughs) – Where the [bleep]
she go? (chuckles) – What? I am not up
on this trend. But I love this. – Dogs are so much funnier
than people ’cause their reactions are so genuine to everything. – It’s so wholesome.
It’s such a change of other memes we’ve been
seeing on the internet, ’cause it’s just like,
“Let me just give you us messing with some dogs.” – They pop up
on Twitter all the time. And I just saw a couple
this morning, actually. And I think they’re so funny. I love seeing
the dog’s reaction every time. – (laughs) – (laughs) Where’d you go? – It’s so cute,
’cause they’re so confused! They’re trying to process
what’s happening. – The dog’s like,
“I’m kind of concerned, but I’m comfortable”–
Oh, there we go. – (laughs) He was like, “Oh.
Where’d Food Giver go?” – That’s cute.
They’re stupid like kids, you know? If you did that to a child,
they wouldn’t know what happened either. – (man) Hey, Ruby.
Hey, Ruby. – (chuckles) Bye. – Ah! It’s even surprising to me. – Whoa! Yeah, okay. Even from here (laughs)
that one looked real as [bleep]. Ruby reacted exactly how I did. – That one was really good. – Part of me feels bad,
’cause I feel like the dog’s having a miniature heart attack
in that moment. – Their owner is the most
important person to them, so when they disappear
that quickly, it’s like, “Where the [bleep]
did the person go that’s gonna feed me?” – Oh, two of ’em. – (laughs) They don’t care at all.
They’re just like, “Huh?” – They’re unimpressed.
It didn’t work with them. – With my dog, I do–
it’s hide and seek, right? I run, I hide, and then…
I don’t know why it’s fun to watch the dog be concerned,
running around trying to find me. It’s cute, I guess. – Oh, do cats…
I feel like cats won’t give a [bleep]. – (chuckles) I’m doing this
when I get home. – (woman) All right, ready?
– That’s not gonna work. The cat’s not gonna care. – No reaction. – Oh, the cat’s eyes! (laughs) – (man) He does not care. – Honestly, I was expecting this.
I feel like cats have just, like, I don’t give a [bleep] attitude. – I wanna try this
with every single animal ever. Somebody needs to make a spreadsheet. – We got a– what is this?
A cockatoo? – With a little birb! – What the heck?
– Aww. It’s so cute. – (laughs) – Oh my god!
That’s what parakeets do? I don’t even know
if that’s a parakeet, actually. It’s probably not. – Even cockatoos care more
than cats. (chuckles) – (baby laughing)
– People video. (laughs)
– (laughs) The dog’s like, “You don’t…
You did not fool me.” – It didn’t work. Baby messed it all up! – It’s adorable.
We’re getting babies and animals? – Baby was just more like,
“I’m too smart for this. You’re not gonna fool me today, Mom.” – We’re gonna try it
on the kid, okay. – He like, “What the hell?
Where Daddy go?” – Oh, that’s awesome. – (dad) Ha!
– (child laughs) – Aw! Aw, he’s so cute. I would try this
with a child for sure. – I love that these
are progressing now to children. Who knows what’s gonna be next? – (man) Scooby!
– Oh my god. – (man) You ready to go?
– (Scooby barking) – Oh my god. Wha– (chuckles)
That doesn’t even make sense. – (snickers) There’s always people
that just mess with the meme. – Did they just meme a meme?
(chuckles) Can they do that? ♪ (dramatic music) ♪ – People are always doing parodies
and scripted versions of memes and trends
that are happening, and I think that’s so funny. – (woman) Grizzly!
– Oh my god. I can’t imagine living
in a house with two big dogs like th– Oh n– oh,
what a fail. (chuckles) – Ooh, [bleep]! (objects clattering)
– Ah! There’s always one! One person can’t hang! – It’s harmless except
when you knock stuff off the walls, but I like that. – This just brought joy to me. It’s just so much more smiley
than other memes, where they can get
kind of cruel sometimes. – (FBE) So, those videos were all
part of what’s being called the What the Fluff Challenge. – I didn’t know
there was a name for that. That’s so cute.
I love it. It’s so fitting. – That’s adorable,
and it’s a pun. What the fluff? – (FBE) The challenge started
a little over a week ago on Instagram. As you saw,
it featured mostly dogs, but also some other animals
were in there. – That bird. That was my favorite one,
’cause he’s like… “What?!” – (FBE) Why do you think people
enjoy animal content so much online? – It’s innocent. It’s kind of fun
to imagine what the dog is thinking. – They’re so cute,
’cause they’re not cynical. They’re just these pure beings
of straight emotion being driven by just the forces
that they know. – There’s so much bad stuff
going around nowadays that, you know, seeing a video
of an animal just makes everything okay. – It’s fun to see that different dogs
have different personalities. And I think you really
get the personality when you watch them react
to what essentially is a magic trick. – I remember binge watching
“American’s Funniest Home Videos.” We’re suckers for animals,
babies, cats, things, anything, honestly,
that’s gonna make us aww. So, this is just
a modern take on that. – (FBE) Some people are saying
that the fun of this challenge is that it turns anyone
into a magician in front of an easy audience.
And compared to a lot of the internet challenges,
it’s pretty harmless. – Yeah. Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I mean, except if you’re destroying your house
like the last girl. – (FBE) Do you think simple,
feel-good challenges like this have a positive impact
on the people who watch or participate, or do you see
all of this kind of stuff as mindless? – I mean, I do think
it’s silly and mindless, but I think, in my opinion,
that is important. – You get on Twitter
and within a minute, you’re in a negative mood
because of everything that’s posted about, you know, the politics,
and this and that and the other. It’s nice when things
like this pop up, because it’s a break
from just the everyday monotony of social media. – If you’re on social media,
and you’re following some cute dog accounts,
I don’t wanna hear about Trump. I wanna see the dog stuff.
Gotta have balance. – The internet as a whole
is just pretty mindless now in terms of social media. There’s always a viral video
that’s going around, and this is just what it is.
And this is the cycle of the internet. And the next day,
there will be another one. And that’s just how
the internet works, you know? It’s nothing special anymore. – (FBE) So, finally, we’re gonna
have you try the What the Fluff Challenge.
– Shut up. There’s a dog. – You have a dog
somewhere around here. Is it behind there?
The black curtain? – Oh my gosh. Hi!
Hi, puppy. How are you? – (FBE) This is Mica.
– Hi, Mica! – (in high pitch) Oh, good girl!
So sweet! – Ready? Here we gooo.
(in high pitch) Bye! – We’re on the same page here?
Okay, cool. Aaand… abracadabra! (laughs) Hi! – (softly) Hey! Hey! Ka-pow! I’m here! – (inhales deeply) (chuckles) Hi. – Hey, puppy.
(kissing noises) – I hope he can’t see me! (laughs) She made the funniest face. She was like… – (in high pitch) Hey, hey! (laughs) Oh, hi!
Oh, good girl! She didn’t care! (laughs) – Thanks so much for watching
this episode of Adults React. You want a treat?
Subscribe and hit that bell. – Let us know in the comments
what you want us to react to next. And shoutout to Chris Wharton
and Rose Mcgosie. – Thanks so much for watching.
Hope nobody has a “ruff” day. – Hey, guys. Ethan here
from FBE. Thank you so much for watching this episode
of Adults React. And if you wanna check out more
from everything that we have here at FBE, be sure
to follow us on Instagram. It’ll be @fbe.

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