So that’s right, sir, I used to.. I pay half .. I suddenly feel bad at home.. Ah, just give it back, sir.. Not so, I’ll take it again .. Not behind it.. How famous is that person.. I’m talking here too.. eh who.. Know.. Have you ever heard.. I’m sorry to him.. But your money is not behind.. Nope bro.. The cat is still there today Do not know.. 32/5000
I begged for this or not.. I think it’s been sold I just left.. Well, I still have money, sir.. how much do you buy.. The price is 60, I already paid 30.. 12/5000
What cat.. That’s British.. Champion him, champion one.. If British can be that expensive, yeah.. 17/5000
Like a teddy bear.. if the color is really blue, even if the race doesn’t win.. So spoiled.. 18/5000
What is this type.. This is scottish straight.. This is ScottishIni scottish.. Long hair.. This is long hair.. This is the fall of her face, like a mixture of Madura.. Do you know the Madura Cat.. 23/5000
There really is a Madura cat.. Google, similar to British.. Hah, really.. Oh so it can be “gegel”.. then this should be separated huh cha.. Hey this is not coming, what is this.. This is still a little satisfied – satisfied, already big boro – boro on the touch.. Where.. The big one is mine’s at home.. This is air conditioned guys.. Didn’t I say that I used the air conditioner in my cat’s house because it had a scottish fold.. If he’s hot he will go up.. Ohiya is right.. Which is your big one.. Very big.. I can carry you.. Already want 30 weight.. And when he starts getting big like that, he already wants to be grabbed a lot.. I slept for 3 months together when I arrived.. You were bitten when he was really big.. not bitten.. Never bite.. Ohh this fit.. Yes, when it’s really big.. That means it’s a waste of time.. Yes, if he’s already this big just kidding already, it means he should be separated.. So if you want to walk like this.. He likes to joke though.. How rude is that.. Because his body is big, he is joking and he is different.. That’s what you have to see.. Paula her cat again.. This seems to be married to British Gold, then he was married to this scottish.. He’eh.. so if for example the same mating british scottish, he can still his scottish.. want ears noarmal, but the name is scottish straight.. I have never bought a expensive cat before.. That’s true.. This is expensive, yeah.. How much is this.. How much is this.. nope, 35.. That’s 35.. More that 45.. This is still 150.. I used to buy it.. How cheap are you.. I bought it with people, so he imported it, we bought it.. There is the Instagram name.. Ohh that one.. No, he is the expensive one.. I bought it from him.. Who is who, who is who.. There is.. Who is it.. Expensive.. I bought it with him, lazy to import myself right.. This one isn’t hard to put in.. The problem is not good.. Continue, continue, continue.. Do you know, munchkin but it’s fold.. I saw him uploading the munchkin fold, munchkin but the ears are short.. Then I asked the price, the price was 60.. He offered me 60.. Wow, crazy.. Then he said this.. I’ll give you Cha, 55.. Ah I think about it first.. That’s really expensive.. search on Google.. that cat is very similar to the one uploaded.. Because indeed the photo he uploaded.. Photos on the web.. I’ll call you.. Russian breeder.. Apparently he said.. No one has bought it yet.. Not available.. And especially Indonesian people.. Gaada didn’t contact you at all.. So he seems.. Taking a photo.. Uploaded.. He shot his own price.. And the price should be how much.. I bought the price.. Everything has the same shipping.. Ah caught.. There are already two names already revealed here.. This is my face blured, my face.. So there I was immediately, ohh okay.. I just know, because my friend is already close too.. But actually this is science, right now, deHakims is right.. Be careful, so if there are many mafia in the animal too.. And be careful also if there are pairs of funny photos, not necessarily the animals are also really.. But it’s true that if he uploads photos, photos that are already from breeders.. So he’s the price of it between 50 – 60 continues.. because he already knows the market price may be 40s.. But strangely, he has a lot of cats, photos.. The most appropriate is the video call.. bored well.. Come here baby.. Very thirsty already means sis.. Eh how come the hair looks like a kiano.. Oh really.. He’s left and right.. just cut.. Here with him.. No, it’s not.. It’s not like this.. What’s her name bro.. Candy, candy laura 2019.. Followers already 15,000.. Already endorse.. Many followers.. So this is me buying white.. Then it suddenly turns black.. 2 times he was breathy.. Mutation.. Not fraud.. So animals are a lot of fraud.. Many mobsters & others.. so, it could be sold white.. Even though the originals are normal.. Bleaching.. But if it’s not.. Koko is a mutation.. Because until now he is not too big – big too.. Shucks too.. This monkey color is like this.. But you are already so normal to feed you like this.. It’s different, that’s that.. there’s already a child here.. euu, already in love – pity.. Give to the lucky hakim all.. which one is British.. British everything.. I’m confused that Paula doesn’t like it.. So marry me I don’t like cats.. Now it’s a lucky British business.. I’m all British.. In business with lucky.. If so, just give me.. It’s stuck here, yeah.. Lucky hakim Cattery.. This has been discovered by the thumbnail title.. Lucky hakim robbed baim business.. My cat is all that.. Now at home I have British too.. Female, already run away – hazy everywhere.. Fortunately, back againi.. Want to be married to the lucky one.. Ki, pay how much I want to talk, pay the cat’s sperm right.. No problem, no need to pay but I want one.. He said like that.. But because it’s given, it’s given.. Yes, it’s not difficult to discuss meaning you are not sincere.. But I’m also not willing.. Why don’t I just sell it.. Oh, that’s all yours.. All.. Why not give it to me.. At that time, he immediately moved.. I was talking about that time.. Because Paul really doesn’t like it.. Paula, can you like it now?.. Suddenly like.. Why do I love – pity.. I’ll take it again next time.. Have you seen Instagram yet.. Lucky hakim cattery.. This is the children.. I have all these socks.. The mili.. Even though it’s good.. The fall is like bee color.. This is all mine.. How many tails.. I give him five.. British everything.. I give all.. oh, you want to suckle at times.. There with father.. Come.. eh you want to ride caracal or not.. Dead means.. That’s it already You will eat the meat, please.. Oh yeah, have you eaten yet.. feed meat.. Quail.. Quail, my application still doesn’t understand.. Quail eggs you know.. Now this is the bird.. It’s been ground.. Mix with chicken.. Yes mix with chicken.. eh, he said don’t use rabbit meat.. Yeah, rabbit meat isn’t good every day.. Once a week.. Because he has a respiratory virus.. I can’t bear it.. He’s just like me.. I’m actually a woman who is anti-rabbit.. don’t feel bad.. But you have to use rabbits too.. Euu actually.. You don’t have to.. There are several vitamins that are in him.. What is the name of the passport.. How come there is no passport.. It uses a passport.. Yes, your ex is selling it, right?.. You should have a name.. Hey, call your ex now.. Really lazy.. Telephone.. I won’t.. Eh caracal the tom has never held.. Which one.. Which one.. Just the small ones if you don’t.. How do you carry this.. This is already big if I can’t do this.. Ehh how come he is?.. He is afraid.. He was afraid.. This is it.. Euuu, baim cattery.. Eh but this in Indonesia has ever been able to give birth or not.. What is this.. There, my friend already.. But, it doesn’t last.. Why.. I don’t know.. I don’t want to take care of it, one.. Second, maybe weve more vulnerable.. Because maybe different times well nature.. Africa, yeah.. So if for example already born.. We want to take it.. You know the solo.. Very fierce one.. It was late taken, it was fierce like that.. Solo is a name.. Mas fardhan, the cat’s name is the name of the city.. Bali, kalimantan (kali), suma (sumatra).. These names.. Yeah, that’s it.. If this was always wanted don’t candy he said.. Nisa.. Because she is a girl.. He is religious.. Anisa.. This isn’t a scissors.. That’s right, right.. Oh my good.. Hey hey, hey.. That was a small until hide.. Now that’s great.. Eh do not pity.. Eh sassy.. He was chased after him.. Eh, separated.. What should I do about this cha.. What I said just now.. It’s better if it’s below.. Made like that so good.. For caracal, yeah.. he needs big space too.. Just try to move your cat, caracal here first.. Ohiya, what if it rains.. If it rains too,.. Paula is afraid of caracal below.. Hey, why are you setting this up.. I give advice.. Suggestion.. Because it’s really a good tree.. He can climb, climb too.. Blurred or not.. He can climb trees or not.. This is what the room was.. Baby’s room.. Good Heavens.. Paula is angry at me.. Baby’s room turned out this way.. no baby room means.. oh well, that means these cats are all expensive.. Both are aggressive – what is anyone.. Why.. The aggressive ones are both.. Both.. Which is the male.. Because his body is small.. Yes I am confused why he only.. Small body.. So this is the fault is separated.. because from now on, this much is like that.. Later we will play it.. So, flush – flush.. Here and now, move it.. There, to our office.. The office is near there.. Oke, oke, oke.. But there is a guard there.. There is a guard.. security.. Then who takes care of it.. No, that means there are still back and forth.. If it must be AC or not.. The fold, unfortunately if he is hot.. the fold is the one with the ears that’s ductile.. Oh if it’s hot like that.. Yes, after a while he will rise.. That’s mine, I’m already a little up, right.. Caracal is folded or not.. But this is next to everything, not difficult to open – open at all.. Here too im.. but here is his area, called the area.. Do not come close.. If not behind.. Bau, it’s closed.. Yes, if not.. I can reverse it.. Smells really bad.. This is no Hexos.. Hexos is not candy.. Yes, if.. Smells really bad.. Yes, but this is often released or not.. No, it’s only here.. If you often do.. No, but what that means is that he is used to going out.. It means you can open the door first if it really smells.. Oh no, no.. meaning small – small precisely outside.. But if you don’t attack him, just do this.. Not really.. Do not.. Don’t, don’t.. don’t, be careful.. Why is he alone again.. Small.. Small.. So your case is bitten.. head straight.. Die instantly.. No, so it’s right to bite.. Usually, if we tap on the back, we pull it off.. Not taking it off at all.. Happens before your eyes.. euhh i cried – cried, in my body all the blood.. I’ve been crying right.. I don’t want to let go, so he really does like this.. Then scottish fold I came.. Scottish Fold, my head is big.. Like him.. Well he saw scottish fold I came.. He immediately turned away.. Take off what you’ve bitten.. New to the scottish fold.. My Scottish fold but, thank God it’s only here.. seems hungry cha.. Not hungry, he’s already hot.. Imbalance.. Luckily the head is big.. So when I hit him, he was released immediately.. Well like this first room.. I am exactly looking at this room.. So if I’m the difference.. Enter the small room first.. There is a big room.. I was over there over there.. Want to come in here.. I want to take a broom.. So when I open the door.. He settles like that.. Suddenly behind my feet.. That’s really fast.. And it was my trauma until this moment.. If for example crowded or not.. It’s better here, Caracal.. What caracal I moved.. Or I have a suggestion, you will be at my house.. Yes there is an empty cage.. Then there is land.. There’s no beeper cat.. How is this going.. Now this is correct, right.. Yeah, right again.. Alright first.. It’s already later when we keep on chatting like this, they’re confused.. Endless.. The point has to move.. Yes the point is you have to move im right im.. I immediately moved it.. Moved now, I’ll follow along too.. Weve want to be moved now.. It’s a good thing I brought you, if I don’t talk to the baim.. okay guys thank you bye bye, Assalamualaikum.. Bye..

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