Alano Español – (El alano español es una Raza de perros para la caza de jabalíes y agarre de toros).

The Spanish Alano has a temperament very
dominant and serious but is a controllable dog and very submissive to its owner. It’s a race is
very affectionate with family and acquaintances. It is also very patient and good with children.
However, the Alano will watch strangers with suspicion and caution, attacking with
easily if the situation requires. This time, I e present history,
general appearance, care and health, this loyal, faithful, hardworking, well balanced,
stable and self-confident, dog grip of wild cattle, for hunting
and in guarding farms and properties, known oficilamente as ALANO SPANISH. Alano Spanish. RSCE Standard No. 406.
Origin: Spain Use: The Spanish Alano is a dog
which it has been traditionally used in the grip of wild cattle and mountain to
their vaccination, marking and general management, in most hunting and guard farms
and properties. classification RSCE
Section 2.1 – Molossian – Bulldog type HISTORY. A native of the Iberian Peninsula, they have
references of its existence from the Century XIV. Possibly descend dogs
of prey brought by the barbarians after the fall of the Roman Empire. Achieves
its splendor during the Middle Ages to the XIX century, where its popularity as a dog
grip for most hunting and cattle puts as race favorite among a large number
of famous people of the history of Spain, who left bibliographic laudatory testimonials
and artistic importance. In the late nineteenth century, with the abolition
taurine luck “bull dogs”, the race enters a period of decline,
post is favored by a number changes in operating systems
livestock and hunting, as well as the influence of alien races. Fortunately certain
Spain villages remain faithful to their traditions and continue to develop with
their dogs grip the veal work such and like their ancestors they did centuries ago.
In the 80s the nucleus is located most important population in the area
mountainous called Encartaciones, culminating in 2004 with official recognition
race. Temperament and Behavior. In the development of its functions, the Alano
Spanish has always worked as a team with other adult dogs of the same sex and race,
or other (villains, hounds, dogs trace or mastines), it is therefore of
gregarious and outgoing moloso capable of twinned easily with other dogs with whom they live.
It has great learning ability and excellent skills as a working dog, combining
its functionality, beauty and firmness in the I work with an innate affection beings
humans. As a family dog ​​is easy to educate, very loving and patient with children.
All the seriousness of its external appearance internally translates into a noble character
and balanced. General appearance. Molosser type dog, well balanced, profile
straight, longilíneo, harmonious and rustic. It is an eminently functional animal, structure
runner, endowed with great agility, speed and resistance, elastic movements
reminiscent of a feline. Brachycephalic, with boxy head, broad skull
and strong and very marked naso-frontal depression, short, wide and deep snout. Important Proportions. Its length should be between 35-37
% Of the total head. Trunk length should be 10% higher
the height at withers. The thoracic perimeter must overcome a
25% the height at withers. Head. It is a brachycephalic dog shaped head
bucket, big and powerful. FACIAL REGION: Nose: Large, wide and nostrils
wide open. Always pigmented black. Jawbone and teeth: Jaws well developed.
strong and healthy teeth; Incisors be large and well aligned, canines
short and wide, far apart. Ideal inverted scissor bite. Eyes: Medium size, separated from each other,
rounded appearance. hazel, amber or yellow color regardless
the layer. Ears: medium high, far apart
each other, usually cut from base, slightly rounded and pointed,
small. If you are not trimmed carried folded over the face and size
medium. Neck. Very strong, straight, relatively short and wide. Tail. Middle, birth thick at the base
gradually tapers to the tip. Length to the hock. Skin. Thick, attached to the body but somewhat elastic,
It is somewhat looser in the neck and head. Fur Short and dense, somewhat thick, has an undercoat
short and fine. Color. Barcino or brindle in all ranges; he
carbonado can occur in all shades. With or without black mask.
Tawny in all ranges, from the sand to red; the carbon may occur
in all shades. With or without mask black.
Black and brindle: shows the distribution color than other breeds is called layer
black and tan, although for special Alano Spanish brands are atigradas fire.
With or without black mask. All layers may appear stained
blank, limbs, chest and neck. Size and weight. Withers height:
Males: 58-63 cm. Females: 55 to 60 cm. Weight:
Males: 30 to 40 Kg. Females: 25 to 35 kg. CARE AND HEALTH. The Spanish Alano is a dog that needs
physical activity important, so I do not recommend having it enclosed spaces
and reduced him out for long walks, to least three times a day. You need an owner
firm who treats you with authority and respect. The Spanish Alano is a sturdy dog
It is not prone to any particular disease, although it may suffer from obesity.

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