Alaskan Malamute Fall In Pool | Alaskan Malamute, White German Shepherd

Sheru come here I am in the pool and my boys they really wanted to come in a pool but I can’t owhooooo owhoooooooo Sheru wanted to come here and Bruno wanted to come inside the pool too come come owhoooo owhoooooooooooe hahahaha Sheru I am going to swim okay if you wanted to come then come over In Punjabi language come here Sheru come over here Sheru come here come here baby talking to him in Punjabi language come come… Daddy gonna comes to you yeah yeah you like it you like it you watch liking daddy oye yeah Sheru is a good boy Sheru is really a good boy you really wanted to come inside the pool but you are scared you are very scared you are not supposed to scared he feel down earlier and right now he is kind of scared he doesn’t wanted to come inside the pool he was really excited he was so excited he was running and he slipped I am going to show you that clip my son had the camera on so he kept that moment it’s seems funny but it’s pretty dangerous come here you are okay shake hand and now same thing happen with Bruno Sheru was chasing Bruno and Bruno was running this way and he fell inside and now Bruno sitting right there hahahaha I have to keep them separate because when they are both together If I am around then they are controllable but with my son oh…they just run around like crazy look at this guy shake hand shake hand he is a good boy he is my good boy he really likes the pool but he just the way he fell and he got scared he is a good boy and I love him They really enjoyed the water, Bruno wanted to come That’s the only reason I am keeping Bruno over there once I am gonna take Sheru on other side then I will bring in one by one if I am in pool then I can control this is a bad boy this is my bad baby Sheru is a good boy shake hand are you scared? somebody push you inside or you fell down it was an accident Thanks for joining Easy Steps This is how Sheru and Bruno enjoys pool Thanks for watching bye bye

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28 Responses

  1. Anushka Sood says:

    Sheru!jump into the water and enjoy

  2. vicky says:

    Sheru is big.. how old is he?

  3. sindhu joshi says:

    How blessed you are to have a private pool.Nice to hear sheru say owwwww……,bruno luv you baby

  4. Mr.Stranger says:

    haha poor Sheru was not looking where he was going and fell in. He is so cute. I am glad to see him run around the pool. He looks completely healed from his paw injury.

  5. Vividtwinkle says:

    love how u howl back everytime when sheru howl, so adorable and natural…..and bruno is soooo cute always with his toy ball in his mouth ! could see that you really treat them like little babies…………like !!!

  6. Boom Cube says:

    Is that your own pool?

  7. DoG MatiC says:

    Nice dogs man?? and nice garden!

  8. platnahc says:

    My malamute Aly is the opposite of Sheru. She loves the water.

  9. jewl 721 says:

    sheru must gotten scared… soon one day he'll b swimming in it.xoxox

  10. Priyanka Naidu says:

    Great to see u all having a good time.. ☺

  11. Angel Magalona says:

    They are adorable,let them swim

  12. Tech Throwdown says:

    I love how I was wat hing his bootable USB windows xp tutorial and then ended up on this.

  13. J & B Watson says:

    Beautiful dogs, your Mal reminds me of our Sib Hus he had the same markings and color. The love for your dogs shows.

  14. Prashanth sagar says:

    Sir what is the cost of malamute puppy ?

  15. Prashanth sagar says:

    I just love malamute… waiting to buy one..but I don't have proper ll u plz help me out..

  16. Pooks Property says:

    He saw your swimming skills and said hell no I ain't jumping in that pool lol!

  17. Aunt Clare says:

    My heart missed the beat, seeing Sheru slipped and fell in the pool. He managed to get out very quickly too. Good boy Sheru.
    Big hugs to both Sheru and Bruno

  18. Dazzling Chong says:

    Both your Princes are such gd boys. Btw, do your human sons ever get jealous of your boys? Lol!

  19. gaming with destroyer 2356131 says:

    I couldn't help to laugh out loud while he baby talks his dinosaur of a dog!! XD

  20. SuJaN kishori says:

    sooo cute both of your dog, btw can you croos with my female german shepherd

  21. Maximilian Schäfer says:

    There is no White ''German'' Shepperd its the Swizz Sheperd

  22. DJNITRO ALLY says:

    Small things amuse small minds

  23. Ellie Roberts says:

    The dog didn't fall in the pool

  24. Aaditya Chavan says:

    pehle swimming to seekh le??

  25. Jasmine Butler says:

    I have a white German Shepard I LOVE HIM SO MUCH!!!!! I live in Ireland and it's sorta rare here where I live you only see back and brown ones here

  26. ratanbarik ratanbarik says:

    My sheru sir

  27. ratanbarik ratanbarik says:

    So so so cute

  28. Irma Wuscovi says:

    Termina el vídeo y el perro no se mete en el agua…

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