– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (upbeat music) – A German Wirehair Pointer is a great, versatile hunting dog. It’s one of the best
upland game dogs there is. It can be a close-ranging
dog or a far-ranging dog depending on your circumstances and needs. It also makes a great water
dog, it has a double coat, so it can stand more extreme temperatures than a lot of the pointing breeds. I’m Cathie Magoon, I’ve been breeding German
Wirehair Pointers for 20 years under the name of Cynister Wires. The German Wirehair is
originally part Pudelpointer, and German Shorthair, and some Wirehair Pointing Griffons. They were originally introduced
in the United States in 1953 and became recognized in AKC in 1959. So, they are still noted as a rare breed. There are not that many of
them around, but, again, they’re getting more all the time. Drahthaar and a German
Wirehair Pointer are, DNA-wise, the same dog. They’re genetically the same. The philosophy on training and breeding are totally different
between the two dogs. The Drahthaar, they have
to pass individual tests in breeding and performance
before they’re certified so they can be bred. In United States, the
German Wirehair Pointer is bred according to the
standards of the parent club and the ethics of the breeder. The standard for the German
Wirehair Pointer female is 22 to 24 inches, around 50
to 60 pounds, on the average, with a one and a half
to two inch-long coat, solid liver head, maybe you have a blaze, with solid liver ears, and a combination of patterns or ticking. They come in liver and
white, white and liver, and solid liver. The male German Wirehair Pointer is anywhere from 24 to 26 inches, anywhere from 60 to 70 pounds, average, with the same body coloring. You want a broad head,
not too big of a stop, nice tail set off the back. You want a good strong front, good front assembly, so
the dog can run good. If the dog is too short-backed and doesn’t use his front efficiently, it is not a very efficient runner. You want a moderate amount of angle, again, that is a personal preference. You don’t want a dog that
is too straight in the rear, nor do you want too over-angulated because it’ll click its
front feet when it runs with its rear feet, or run sideways, and that is most important
in the show ring. In the field, not so much. With the German Wirehair,
you want a good quality coat. The Wire’s coat is double-coated, it has outer guard hairs, with an inner down
coating, for insulation, that’s what makes ’em good
in the snow, for hunting, and also, for water. The German Shorthairs do
not have that kind of a coat and they’ll get colder easier. German Wirehair is webbed-footed, making it a very efficient swimmer. You want a dog that
doesn’t fight in the water, but can use its strength
to be able to propel itself in there, and also to break ice. (upbeat music) In Germany, the Wirehair is used as a fur and feather type of a dog. They hunt everything,
from anything that flies, to anything that runs, squirrels, rabbits, fox,
whatever they want it to. German Wirehairs are very versatile, you know, a lot of people
just want to do duck, some people will hunt deer, I’ve got dogs I’ve sold
that are doing tracking, search and rescue, bomb
dogs, narcotics dogs. They have a good nose. They can stand the
temperatures and the training. If a person is just going
to hunt with their dog, as a personal hunting dog, they don’t want anything that
they have to use a horse for, ’cause most people just don’t have a horse and they won’t be able
to find their birds. So, the dogs traditionally
run out into the brush, flush whatever’s out there, it takes to wing, the hunter shoots it, the dog goes and gets
it and brings it back, all without munching it to death, and it will give it to the hunter. In a field trial, they’re
much more trained. They go out, they find their bird, they point it, they hold that point, that bird is then flushed, takes to wing, the hunter shoots it, the dog is released on a verbal command, goes and retrieves that bird, they have to mark where it goes down and bring it back to hand. You do not want your
German Wirehair Pointer to kill all of your birds, or crush them, because you can’t eat what they squash. So, they really frown on it. We prefer, obviously, a soft-mouth dog. German Wirehairs make a good pet, they’re very versatile in their behaviors and the things that you can do with them. Hunting, they are companions
for backpacking, dog beach, any number of things
that a family would do. We picked the dog because
it would play ball, it had a good temperament, had a decent coat that
we didn’t have to groom, that we could take everywhere. All dogs have a potential
of being good pets, it’s the owners that make them that way. You also have to have
good foundation stock. A lot of time and effort
is put into our Wires to make sure that they’re friendly, get along with people,
and are not aggressive. We treat them as family members. They are born in my house and stay in there until they’re
old enough to go outside with their first shots. German Wirehairs can have hip dysplasia, that is the number one thing, all of the breeders would test for that. Any large dog can get hip dysplasia. We always test and x-ray
at two years of age to make sure that we can
do the very best we can. As far as other things, they can have seizures, be diabetic, you know, but
not really much in this breed. I very seldom have to
take my dogs to the vet. With the proper shots,
and nutrition, and care, they are very, pretty much,
a good, healthy breed. I haven’t had much trouble in over the 20 years I’ve been doing this. (upbeat music) The first dog that you saw is a male, he’s 18 months old, he’s a champion, his name is Champion Idawire’s Vacation. He has not been trained for the field yet, he is too young to be broke. He will be broke at two years of age. He is very good, he places
as Select at the Nationals. The second dog you saw
is a five month old puppy named Cynister’s Murdock. Both of Murdock’s parents
are champions in the show and one is in the field, both. So one is a dual champion and
one is just a show champion, working on his Master Hunter. We have great expectations for Murdock. He has great structure,
good texture in his coat, a nice, dark pigment, and good eye color. He has shown great promise in the field and we can’t wait to see him run. The third dog you saw is a female. Her name is Idawire
Cynister’s Along Came Polly. She is 11 months old and this
was her second field trial. She received a third place today. She has great drive in
the field, a strong nose, beautiful, stylish point, and we can’t wait to see her
as she progresses and matures. Anybody that would like to
own a German Wirehair Pointer should have a backyard. If they don’t have a backyard, or they can be raised in a condo, you must take them for walks daily. A dog that is bored will
destroy some things. They like to go to the dog park, but they have to have exercise. So please, think seriously
before you consider a German Wirehair Pointer for your home. Cynister Wires is a family affair. Without my kids and grandchildren, I would not be able to
continue doing what I so love. With my friends helping me, we show and do field trials, hunt tests, and generally
have a good time. The dogs, for me, is more than a hobby. They’re family. Wires, for us, are the glue
that binds us together. We love our dogs and can’t
imagine not having them. For me, I would be devastated
to not be able to continue. This is a legacy that my
husband and I started together, and even though he’s no longer here, every time we do something, we remember the way
Dad would have done it. (upbeat music)

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    Great video, very professional. Loved the slo-mo shots of the horses! I love dogs but I'm truly a horse person by heart 😀

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  5. Don‘t believe the hype says:

    Amerikaner sollten diese Hunde nicht haben. Waidmannsheil..

  6. Kevin Lynch says:

    How would you compare them to a pudelpointer?

  7. Colin Awram says:

    Are they a good hiking and fishing Dog??

  8. Thomas McClafferty says:

    What about BLACK??? My GWP is, oh wait AKC doesn't recognize black in GSP or GWP. I've seen hundreds of GWPs and some of the ones in this video are unlike many wirehairs I've ever seen. Its amazing what the difference of dogs you get between different dog registry areas. I'd take a NAVHDA bred dog personally.

  9. Revival Stone says:

    I thoroughly enjoyed this dogumentary. Question: It appeared that not all of the dogs were wirehaired pointers in the background shots. Am I correct?

  10. Roman Alexander says:

    Would love to see the Dutch wirehaired pointing griffon

  11. CHAL KIE says:

    my Drahthaar is my brother. best commitment i ever made

  12. Noah Belt says:

    I love my GWP !! He seriously is so well mannered and easily trainable. He typically matches his temprement with mine and its my side by side companion 24/7. I need to find a good breeder in my area!

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    Wow, the California City / German bird dog series – love it – watched (actually played) both commercials lol – small price to pay for this awesome content.

  18. Greg Mathews says:

    Thank you for this video. Wirehaired Pointer is the best dog in the world.

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  22. Jorge Paulino says:


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    We have a lab cross with the site being a drahthaar- best dog I’ve ever had. For hunting and for family. We want a gwp or drahthaar for her successor.

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    I love this episode! I can literally watch it 100 times! The GWHP is the ultimate dog in my opinion. Here in Bulgaria, in eastern Europe, we use them even for large game drive like red stag and the dangerous wild boar. They are sturdy, brave and loyal. Also when I saw Murdoc my eyes melted as I lost my 4 mounts old puppy who looked exactly like him from parovirosis last year just days before I had planed to take him to the vet for second vaccine. Best of luck to your dogs though because they are lovely!

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