– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barking) (bright music) – Thank you, thank you. Chew. My name is Lauren Trathen, and I’m a beauceron owner. My dog’s registered name is Jamais Sans Toi du Chateau Rocher. She is a two-year-old beauceron. I own a beauceron because
I needed a new service dog, and once I got my service dog I decided to get her into everything else that they’re capable of doing. So we herd weekly, we’ve been dock diving, we hike a lot, we do tricks. She’s an advanced trick dog. We travel all over. I can literally do anything with this dog. My need for a service animal came about after an accident when
I was in the service. I was left with a traumatic brain injury, which has cause some mobility issues and some unfortunate seizures. So in order to not use
a wheelchair or a cane, I decided to get a large dog. And the beauceron came into my life, and she has changed my life immensely. She can alert to seizures
before they happen. She gives me a ten minute window to be able to get somewhere safe, and then she will make
sure that I remain safe during the seizure, and help bring me back to the world and realize
where I am after a seizure. She also assists with my mobility whenever I’m having issues. The science behind seizure alert dogs is actually not very well known yet. They’re still doing a lot more research, the same with diabetic
alert dogs, and dogs. Any medical alert dog, there’s still a lot more
science to go on behind it, but a lot of people assume that it comes from the
dog’s sense of smell. They’re very, very sensitive creatures, and a lot of the time when
you have a medical episode your body chemistry will change, whether it’s your brainwaves or certain chemicals being released or your blood pressure
or your heart races. And dogs are a lot more
sensitive than humans, they have noses and ears and eyes that are 50,000 times better than ours. And so a lot of scientists believe that they help pick
up on the very subtle changes, such as the seizures. You can measure a seizure
on an EKG, an EEG. And it’s kind of the
same thing, they assume, is that the dog is picking
up on the same things when a seizure is about
to happen or occurring. The dog can sense those changes and can be trained to help react to them. I chose a beauceron because I, I actually was a linguist in the army, and besides Arabic one of the
languages I know is French. So when I was looking for another dog, I was deciding between a
doberman or a German shepherd. And those didn’t really fit my lifestyle, and as a service dog I needed a dog that I was pretty sure
would be fairly healthy. So I found the beauceron, and it just so happened
they were from France. And I happened to know somebody who used one as a service dog, and I began speaking to them, and then I met a few of them in person and I just knew it was the dog for me. This breed is actually very, very old. They actually don’t have any known, there’s no known crosses, like we can’t say such-and-such was crossed with such-and-such
to make the beauceron. The earliest mentioning
of them is from the 1500s. The beauceron has double
dewclaws on the rear dews, and the dewclaws are genetic. They’ve been there as far back as our breed history can tell. Other breeds that would have this would be the Great
Pyrenees is another one, they’re a livestock guardian breed that has them. Some beaucerons actually, they are attached to their bone. Some beaucerons can
actually flex and move them, and they have full usage
of their double dews. People, a lot of the French, the French club and a lot
of old-time French breeders and shepherds assume that the double dews were bred there to help them
climb onto the backs of sheeps, and to help maneuver the
rocky terrain in France. The beauceron specifically has gone into making
the doberman pinscher. That is why when you meet
a black and tan beauceron, you might think that’s a doberman mixed with a German shepherd,
a long-haired doberman. No, they actually made
the doberman pinscher. They were one of the
foundation breeds for that. They were also the foundation
breed for the Catahoula, because the beauceron can
also come in a harlequin color and that helped make the
Catahoula breed as well. There’s some mentionings
that possibly the beauceron helped make the rottweiler as well. The characteristics about the beauceron, the reason that this dog is
definitely the dog for me, is I need somebody to be
there with me all the time. I love that about dogs. They’re always companions, and these dogs are definitely Velcro dogs. I am never alone anymore. I don’t pee alone, I can’t
do anything alone anymore, and I actually really enjoy
that about this breed. My dog is a partner in my life. Her name is actually Jamais Sans Toi, which means never without you in French. And I named her that
because I never wanted to be without her. Also, as a small female who
lives out in a big city, I also do enjoy the fact that they’re very intimidating looking. They’re very fierce. And although they are very
lovable sweet goofballs when they’re in your home
and you know them personally, they do have a very, very
frank, unwavering expression. They’re not, they’re aloof with strangers, and so I feel a lot more
comfortable moving about the world, hiking, and doing all the
things that I enjoy doing with a dog like this by my side. I think that the herding instinct plays a bit of a good
deal into their expression and the way they carry themselves, because their main purpose was to be bred to drive and maintain sheep, also to guard the property and to guard the family if need be. So they needed to be out in
a field, staring and watching and having their eyes on everything, and really thinking and
making sure, you know, is that a threat over there? They are very discerning
and they think about things, and they can definitely assess situations. What I love about my dog personally is Jamais is, she’s sweet. She’s always been very,
very sweet and kind. She loves me and she
unconditionally loves me. I love that she follows me everywhere, which is definitely a breed trait. They’re supposed to be
very much by your side. She makes me laugh in
the things that she does. She’s incredibly, she’s incredibly goofy and she tries, though,
with all of her might to do what she can to please me. And if she can’t figure it out, she’s gonna get it done
one way or another. And I like that about them. I like their problem-solving, I like their intelligence. And she always presents
me with a new challenge. They’re very challenging dogs. And for me, I love that, I love that. They’re like little puzzles that you always get to find
something new about as you go, because they’re a very
slow-maturing breed, which I also actually rather enjoy. They stay puppies for a long time. So if you like really big puppies, this is definitely the breed for you. She takes me to places
that I can’t even imagine. She has definitely opened
up my independence. She needs a lot of
stimulation and exercise, so she enables me and
kind of helps force me to go out into the world
and do things with her. And she always greets things
with such an exuberant attitude that it’s, it’s infectious, I guess. She infects me with her
exuberance and her attitude when we’re out and we do things. And if I might be a little bit nervous or unsure about something, she’s not. She knows what’s going on and she stands there
as a solid rock for me. And I think that’s a lot about what the beauceron breed is
about, is unwavering courage in their frank dedication to their owners. And she’s shown me that, and it’s really helped me
blossom as a person, I think. In order to make my dog
a happy and complete dog, we have to do a lot of obedience training. Not just obedience, though, we do a lot of fun games, mental games. These are the type of dogs that need a lot of mental
and physical stimulation. And so I try to find how to do that outside of, you know, just every day walks and runs and stuff. So we’ll go out and we’ll go into a field, and either we’ll play fetch or
maybe we’ll do search games. And she’ll have to go find her dinner at different points in a field somewhere to open up and engage her mind, because you have to tire them out mentally as well as physically in this breed. Otherwise, you might go crazy. So for her, we do herding
every single week. I wanna make sure that the origin, the original purpose of
the breed is kept up, and she loves it. It’s great stimulation and it lets me know that I have a true beauceron. We also, she loves the water, so we’re obviously out there in the water. We do dock diving. We also show in AKC confirmations, so we have to do a lot of
practicing in socialization. We like to go out to
different shops and stuff. She actually very much does enjoy people, maybe not as much as a lab
or a golden retriever does. But after I’ve told her that it’s okay and that I’d like to be
friends with this person, she’s actually very friendly
and enjoys being in public. She loves children. If you introduce them properly, I actually have a three-year-old daughter who loves her Namay. They love each other, she’s
very sweet to my daughter. I’ve never had an issue, I’ve never felt unsafe with
my beauceron around my child. But again, it’s a lot of management and making sure that your children know how to properly interact with a dog. And I think that they can, they are beautiful with children. She hangs out with a lot of
the neighborhood children. A lot of my friends have children, and I feel completely comfortable bringing her around any of those children and having her be around them. We get out and I make sure to exercise her and socialize her with
other dogs and people every single week. Even though she’s an older dog, she still needs that as a beauceron in order to be a very good dog
in my house and in my life. I have a lot of rules, actually, for my beauceron in my home. For me a lot of the time,
they actually really enjoy, we call them bouncerons for a reason. They love to bounce, those double dews are spring-loaded. So initially when I first
brought her home as a puppy, I made sure to let her know that jumping up on people was never okay. A lot of my rules is, I
don’t let her in the kitchen because they are definitely
known counter surfers. If they can get up there, they will. They’re tall enough, they love, they’ll use those double
dews and get up there. So I manage her behavior a lot. It has to do a lot with management and understanding your dog
and your breed, and I do. I make sure that she has to sit in a place before people come in the door, knowing how aloof this breed is. And I didn’t want her to feel
like she had to greet people and feel like she had to make
decisions when people came in. So I taught her how to go to her place and wait for somebody to come in, and then I would allow her to greet them appropriately afterwards. A beauceron doesn’t really bark that much, they’re not huge barkers. They will bark when
somebody comes to your home or on your property. They are those type of
barkers, an alarm barker, but they’re not generally, they don’t bark at every little thing. In my house, I do leave the doors open. She’s actually very trusted. She can be trusted in my house completely uncrated when I’m not home, but that took a lot of
training and management. In the early stages, she was
crated and doors were closed. Anything that you don’t want destroyed, you should definitely pick up
out of range of a beauceron because they are Houdinis
at destroying things. You think, you blink, and
then it’s in piece everywhere. It’s definitely, you put things up that you don’t want
the puppy to have away, and you replace it with things
that you want them to have. And I just never gave her the opportunity to pay into bad behaviors. So now that she’s two years old, I’m able to leave the house for hours if I’m not bringing her with me somewhere. I could probably leave
her unattended for… Five or six hours, I think I’d
be comfortable leaving her. So if I was working at a job, I could probably leave her
at home for easily a shift, if I didn’t work a very,
like a 12-hour shift. I’d leave her alone for quite a few hours. I allow her on the sofa. I only allow her on when I invite her up. She generally can’t, she’s not allowed unless
I’m having a seizure or a medical episode and
she needs to come over. I like my dogs to understand that the rules of the household are the rules of the household. They generally don’t get to come on my bed or the couch without an invitation. That being said, the invitation is extended quite frequently, but they have to generally wait for an invitation to come up. When visitors come over,
I always ask them to, if she’s barking at them I always ask them to ignore her because she probably will at first, and give her just a couple minutes… In her place, as she’s
sitting in her place. I just ask my visitors to
ignore her for a second, and then I tell my dog,
“Okay, go make friends.” And they’ll just reach down and they can interact
with her however they want after that point, after they’ve come in and ignored her for a moment. I definitely don’t want anybody giving her any sort of attention if she’s giving them negative
attention such as barking, because that can definitely escalate into your dog believing
they can bark and greet. Especially in a beauceron, that they can bark and
greet every visitor, even ones you want them to be friendly to, in an unfriendly way. So I make sure that my visitors know not to give her any attention until she’s neutral and
I’ve given permission. With visitors, I actually… A lot of the times, if
they wanna feed her a treat she always has to do something for it. I don’t allow my dogs to eat human food. Especially with a service dog, it’s not a good thing to let
them kind of get a taste for. So when visitors come over, I do ask them not to feed my dog anything outside of treats and such. And if they’d like to give her treats, I generally give them a behavior that we’re working on that week, and I ask them to try to see
if she’ll do that for them. Generally, I don’t allow people to invite my dog to jump up on them, unless I know them very well, only because I really don’t want her to develop a habit of doing that. So only in very rare circumstances, but generally I don’t allow
my dog to jump up on anybody except for myself or my husband. This breed could be either an
outside dog or an inside dog. It would really depend
on what your needs are. They are not an outside dog in terms of getting a dog
and putting it in a backyard and letting it raise itself. You will end up with a dangerous dog if you do that with the beauceron. However, if you wanna have a dog that can live outside,
stay outside all day long, maybe play in the snow in your winters and come inside maybe just in the evenings to hang out with your family, as long as you’ve done the right training and socialization in the
beginning, absolutely. They have the coat to do it, they love being outside, they enjoy it. They could survive and
thrive in either environment, but they really wanna
be with their people. So this isn’t really a dog
you’d wanna stick outside and never allow inside with your family. The advantage of keeping
a beauceron indoors is really just all positives. I mean, the dog bonds with your family. They will love and protect
your family absolutely. I feel a lot safer having my
beauceron in my home with me. And to be honest, you don’t wanna miss out on all their little quirks
and the things that they do because they’re just,
they’re really great dogs. You always have a shadow. You’ll miss your shadow if you didn’t have your
beauceron indoors, I’d say. In terms of the interior
design in my home, I think I took into consideration I just did not want a lot of things that could fall, I guess, a lot of fragile, breakable
things that could fall. Because they do bounce a lot. They bounce around your home,
especially as younger dogs. So if you have a lot of,
let’s just say expensive vases that you’d wanna put up, I definitely would keep those up until your beauceron is older. I like to keep a lot of my rooms wide and open moreso than anything else, because they are bigger dogs and they can definitely
bump into things a lot. So just making sure when
you design maybe your house, there’s not a lot of tight spaces because they’ll be bumping
into a lot of them. They are very active indoors. If you get a very well-bred,
a very nice beauceron, they definitely should have an off switch, so they should be able to be calm. But they are not the type of dog that will just sit on
your couch as an ornament, they do need stimulation. So if you have a beauceron
as an inside dog, I would definitely recommend… For myself I play with my dog at least 15 minute sessions
probably five times a day, playing with her in the house with toys, just doing a little bit
of engagement and stuff to tire her out so she’s not
bouncing off of the walls. I actually own a Dog Pacer treadmill. So this breed does demand
a lot of physical energy. And being a disabled person myself, also owning a smaller home
and a smaller backyard, I wanted to make sure that my breed got the right amount of
physical energy and exercise. So I went ahead and
bought a dog treadmill. In addition to the indoor activities, we also go outside for a
walk at least once a day. And then we do go to a field, and we actually work on our obedience and we work on our drive building, and I let her get some energy out. Or we might go down to
the local beach here and meet up with some of
our other beauceron friends. She has a best friend named Atreyu that she loves to go play with, and they help get some energy out. For our feeding schedule, when I wake up in the
morning I generally feed her. And the way she gets fed, which always helps with a beauceron, like I said, mental stimulation. So for her, she has to work for her food. So I’ll take her food bowl and I’ll ask her for various behaviors. Right now it’s a spin
and a twist and a jump, and I ask her to do those several times. And I love, she does it very quickly. She loves her food, so we
do excited little behaviors, which helps get some energy out and works her mind before she gets fed. And she’s always really
excited about food time because she knows we’re
gonna play little games. So I feed her twice a day, and I’ll do that in the
morning when we first get up. And it helps loosen up the
bones after you wake up. And then in the evening times as well, I’ll go ahead and feed
her, probably before… Probably an hour, probably
an hour-and-a-half before I go and work her a final time in our field near here. And we’ll also do the
little spins and twists and offering behaviors
games before I feed her. If a person wants to own a beauceron, they should definitely have… You don’t have to have a very large home, but you should definitely
have a larger yard. This is not really an apartment dog. You should not be owning a
beauceron in an apartment just because of how large they are, how much exercise they need. They need some space. If you did wanna own
this dog in an apartment, you would need to be a very active owner, taking them out to a
lot of different places and making sure that you
really fulfill that need, or you’re gonna have a destructive
beauceron on your hands. Your dog knowledge should
be moderate to high to own a beauceron. These really are not for
the novice dog owner. They can present a lot of challenges. And unfortunately, if you
don’t know how to handle those challenges appropriately you could end up with a dog that could potentially be dangerous. If you’re not terribly knowledgeable, it would definitely benefit you to seek out somebody who is
incredibly knowledgeable. You would wanna own a beauceron if you are into sports,
dog sports, AKC sports, if you herd, if you are a dog trainer and you’re knowledgeable about dogs. Or if you’re a pet owner
who is going out there and you’re running 5Ks or you’re hiking and you’re going to
the beach all the time, and you want a partner who’s
just going to be willing to do whatever you wanna
do when you wanna do it, that’s the type of person who
should be owning a beauceron. Basically, the beauceron
is an amazing dog. They’re an ancient breed that
goes back many, many years, first mentioning is in the 1500s. They’re a very athletic breed. They need a lot of mental stimulation, a lot of physical stimulation. They are just a joy. I could never imagine myself
without my beauceron now. She fits into my family life
and my home life so well. My child loves her, all
of my friends love her. I never have to worry bringing her to meet a new person or a new dog, and I love that about my life and my dog.

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