– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV. Producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (barking) (light music) – My name is Sara Ruffin. – [Ray] Ray Ruffin. – [Sara] And we are proud
French bulldog owners. According to AKC, the
Frenchies or French bulldogs are well behaved, adaptable,
and comfortable companions and they have a really affectionate nature and even disposition, which
is very true for our puppies. – [Ray] The nickname for
French bulldogs is Clown Dog and it definitely applies to our two. Ruka definitely does a lot of tricks, likes to keep you happy. Wilson’s a little more spontaneous. He just finds random ways of doing things that make me laugh, but Ruka specifically, she’s definitely a bit of a character. – I got Ruka 10 years ago. So, yeah, she’s gonna be 10 this summer and I got her when she
was eight weeks old. (happy music) I actually got Ruka when I
was graduating from college. I’ve always been a dog owner
and I’ve always had Labradors and I was looking for a city dog that I could have in my
first apartment alone and I found Ruka. It was before the breed was really popular so there weren’t a lot of breeders at all and so it took me a long time to find her but on SFGate, there was
a posting about a guy that accidentally got his
French bulldog pregnant, which is pretty rare and so
he was interviewing people to find the right fit. He wasn’t really looking to make money. He just wanted to make sure his
puppies went to a good home. So I got lucky. They’re really good city dogs because they don’t need a lot of space and they’re super drawn to people. They love to be around
people so living alone, they just keep you company. And they also have big dog personalities but they’re small so it was
something I was looking for. They don’t bark a lot
and they’re super lazy. – I always wanted my own
dog, always wanted a boy dog and Sara, she knew that
and she surprised me with Wilson two years
ago as a Christmas gift. I named him Wilson, actually, ever seen the movie Cast
Away with Tom Hanks? He had that volleyball. And there’s that scene where he’s crying ’cause he lost his best friend. So I’ve always felt that if I had a dog and something happened to him, I would feel the same way so that’s how he got the name Wilson. – Funny thing was we
would joke for years about one day you’ll get your Wilson. Like, we didn’t actually think we were gonna call him Wilson, but then we saw him,
we were like all right, this is Wilson for sure. (light music) So living with Frenchies
is never a dull moment. In the morning, we call it
the Running of the Bulls because they’ll, like, run full speed into the kitchen to eat. So we feed them in the
morning right when we get up and then I work from home
so while I’m at my computer, they’re always at your feet. Like, Frenchies, they don’t
really leave your side. They’re super drawn to humans. They love just being around you so even if I go into another room, go into the bathroom,
wherever I go, they follow me. – [Ray] You know, they
spend a lot of time with you so in the morning, you feed them and they’re gonna be pretty active, probably ’til about 11 o’clock. And then after that, it’s lights out. They’re gonna sleep. But when they’re awake,
they’re always with you. If you’re watching TV, they’re– Wilson likes to have contact so he will physically nuzzle up to you
almost every time you’re around. – He has to touch. – Yeah, Ruka’s a little more independent. She kinda roams around a little bit. The only time that Wilson
is independent is at night. So at night, we’ll go to
bed, Ruka will come with us. And they have their beds
at the foot of our bed. Wilson will stay out on the couch ’cause he’s just stubborn,
he doesn’t wanna move. And then, you leave the door open. He’s gonna be in the bedroom
within the next three hours. – And we’re totally fine with that ’cause Frenchies do snore. That’s the one thing to consider, especially the squarer
the face, so Wilson. Ruka doesn’t snore too much but Wilson, he has a really square face
and he snores pretty loud, louder than Ray. (laughing) He’s a snorer but it’s
almost like comforting, it’s like having a sound
machine in the room ’cause it’s like a constant buzz. – When I grew up, we had a pet dog but the dog wasn’t allowed
to sleep in the bed. I inherited Ruka by marriage and Ruka was her bed partner, essentially when we got married, and I was like, I ain’t having that. – She slept like, right here. We spooned. – And I’m a big guy so I
need all the space I can get. You know, she was receptive to it. I just basically said, she has to go and she was receptive to it. Now, she’ll still sneak into the bed but on her side, away from me. – [Sara] Only at the feet. – [Ray] Yeah, and she’ll nuzzle her way underneath a blanket,
especially in the winter months when it’s colder. Now, Wilson’s a different story. If it’s cold, he’s gonna find warmth so you can look at him, and
he knows to get off the bed but when you go to sleep,
he’s gonna find a way to sneak onto the bed and
try not to disrupt you. – Actually when Ray and I met, I did tell him, Ruka and
I are a package deal. So it’s like, you take me and the dog or you don’t get me at all. So I think he understood
there were certain things with Ruka and I that he
wasn’t gonna be able to break. – I like Ruka. – Yeah. And then, actually, there was a time when he moved back to San Francisco and he was like, kind of a dog owner but not like me, like
sleeping with my dog, like, doing everything with Ruka. And then when he was looking for work, it was a summer and the World Cup was on and he just sat with
Ruka for a whole summer. And she like, wouldn’t leave his side. – [Ray] So the life
expectancy of a French bulldog is 10 to 12 years. So according to the AKC standards, the weight of the French bulldog
shouldn’t exceed 28 pounds. – One of the things that I’ve done to help improve her life and her health is just keep her really active. I also feed her a really clean diet. I think that’s helped a lot. I’ve made sure that her weight stays down and I think being around people
all the time really helps. She’s like, constantly
surrounded by people. I see a lot of other Frenchies her age and they just kind of, their
joints look kinda stiff and so I think a combination of diet and exercise has really helped. – [Ray] There’s a dry
food that I really like and what I’ll do is I’ll
mix that with pumpkin seed and so I’ve heard that’s
really good for their health. But also I like to make their own food so it’ll be a combination of
chicken parts with carrots. They like that a lot. (light music) – So some of the things that
we take into consideration with the breed is heat is a huge factor so when we take them on walks, it’s usually in the
morning or in the evening because they can overheat pretty easily. We also have a house in Arizona so we don’t really bring them
out into the heat very often. That’s a huge factor with their breathing, especially Wilson. He has a really square head. So one of the things we looked for when we picked them out was
the size of their nostrils, how easily they could breathe,
even when they were running. And then, cleaning their folds, we make sure their folds are always clean. That helps a lot with their breathing. – So for exercise, we
take them to the park and when we’re there,
we’ll let ’em run freely. They’ll play fetch, so
especially with the older one, Ruka, she’s really good at it. Wilson has just really
recently learned how to fetch, but a big part of it is
just let them run freely and the walks in the morning
or the afternoon is really key. – Yeah, well just like
any brachiophalic breed, one of the biggest factors
is their smooshed face and their ability to breathe freely. So heat, reducing the amount of– Having them outside in the heat can really create issues there. Also– – [Ray] We limit their walking. Really no more than a mile. We’re really sensitive to how far they go. We pay attention, too, when
they start to overheat. – So weight is also a huge factor. We make sure that they don’t eat more than a measured amount at a certain time of day and then we’ll cut back
even, a little bit, if we notice their weight, if they’re getting a
little bit less exercise, like in the summertime when it’s too hot, we will cut their food back a little bit. So try to keep their joints
really free and easy. We also have ramps. You know, like little step stairs so that they don’t jump. I think that can be a
factor with Frenchies ’cause they’re so dense. So we try to make sure that they’re able to easily get up and down off things without putting a ton of
weight on their joints. Yeah, we have a lot of rules in terms– Well, he has more rules than I do. Like, they’re not allowed
on certain furniture, they get fed the same time of day, what other rules? – Biggest thing is keeping
them off certain furniture. I think that’s the biggest thing. Feedings, we have them on a
strict schedule with feedings so it’s always right when we wake up so usually about 8:00 and then we’ll feed them again right around 5. – And we don’t let them bark. We try to really limit–
– We try to keep them from barking. – They’re not big barkers, in general, so we’ve really tried to keep that at bay. We’ve been less successful
implementing rules with our guests because people, when they see Frenchies,
it’s like seeing a baby. Like there’s something about Frenchies that people just– Even if we had rules when people come by, they like, want the dogs next to them and they’ll bring them everywhere, try to feed them, all those
things that we don’t do so yeah, and now that
they’ve gotten so popular, the breed, it’s like anywhere we walk, people will surround us,
try to play with them. So we actually used crate
training for both of our dogs until they were about a year and a half. Especially at night, that’s
how we potty trained them, pretty quickly, crate
training worked really quickly with both dogs. I found that they both
wanted to be in their crate. Like at night, they will go
into their crate on their own and then we eased out of using the crate for both of them. So when we leave the house,
we don’t put them in a crate. – [Ray] I think the
advantage of having two was the older one actually
trained the younger one. That was a huge advantage in terms of pretty much everything,
he just followed her, he learned to use a
doggy door through her, he learned when to go to the bathroom, he would kinda follow her cycle. So it was a big help for us. (light music) – In terms of security, I think Wilson is like an early morning system. He wouldn’t be able to take anyone out but he gives them a little bit of a pause because he’s really protective over me. He actually is like a guard
dog, more so than my labs. – [Ray] Baseball, the sport
that I’m most passionate for. I started playing when
I was five years old and I played all the
way through high school and a big St. Louis Cardinals
and Oakland A’s fan. Actually, I even coach
Little League right now so I coach a Little League team and still like to try to find ways to play but with the French bulldogs, I can still kinda go out and throw the ball around and they’ll play fetch with me. And I enjoy it just as much
as they do, for the most part. You know, since they are Frenchies, you kinda gotta watch them, make sure that they don’t overheat. So you know, it’s about 10 to 15 tosses, you know, you don’t toss it as far, you kinda keep it close by. It’s just important to watch their health, watch their breathing. (light music) – One of my greatest passions and it used to be a hobby and now it’s become a profession is yoga. I consider myself a yogini. I practice yoga everyday
and I teach yoga as well. I also offer opportunities to get together and to heal and I think that that’s what Frenchies have done for– French bulldogs have done in my life. They offer this sense of grounding and relaxation and joy
which is very similar to what yoga and meditation
represent in my life. Like, I think we would
have like 10 if we could. For us, I think the most
important thing with Frenchies is just their personality
and finding a good breeder ’cause if you do, like we’re lifetime Frenchy owners now for sure.
– Oh yeah. – They’re just, like,
non-conventional goofy, loyal, lazy, super funny, but also they’re really smart dogs. I’m partial to big dogs
before I got Frenchies and I feel like we do have
big dogs in many ways. – [Ray] They have big personalities. I think the best thing
about French bulldogs, I think they’re the classic mix of everything you’ll want in a dog. They’re playful enough,
but they’re not aggressive. They can be lazy, which is
good when you wanna unwind. You have a good mix. I don’t feel like there’s
anything that they do in excess. – I could not imagine my
life without French bulldogs. They bring so much joy
everyday, like when I’m working, just every single day of my life is enhanced because of my Frenchies. – I can’t imagine another breed. I’m convinced we’re gonna always have at least two Frenchies in the house. If I could do more, I would do more. I just need a little bit more space, but I can’t imagine life without ’em. (light music)

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