– [Announcer] Dogumentary TV producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (dog barks) (upbeat electronic music) – I’m Brett. – My name is Renata and these
are our daughters. – Giovanna.
– And Gigi. – We’ve had our Dogo Argentinos
for about three years now. And we have three females
and a male, Mambo. The Dogo Argentinos
are very loyal, very protective,
they are affectionate. They’re very loving. The more love you give to them,
the more they’ll give back to you. And they’re very perceptive
of our feelings. For instance,
one time, one night Sparta was in our room with us at night when we were sleeping
and I had a nightmare. And according to my husband,
I was making some primal noises and she jumped in and started
licking me and woke me up and then she laid down right next
to me and she stayed by my side the whole night. So she’s very attentive to us
and what’s going on. – We have our Dogos in an urban
setting here at our house, so the work that they get
is more protection work. I take them to the Livingstone Ranch
where they go down these valleys and chase rabbits and they get
a taste of the outdoors and the ability to run
and be really free and do what they like to do. That kind of satisfies a little bit
of their outdoors desire. – Their hunting needs.
– Their hunting needs. – They haven’t been able to catch
a jackrabbit yet, they’re pretty fast. Although, they haven’t all been
together at the same time doing this so maybe that’ll work out good. So my situation here,
where I live, in the desert. In the summer,
there’s nothing to do. It’s very hot,
the asphalt’s super hot, so the dogs will try to play inside. They’re understanding. – During the summer when they
do their playing inside because it’s too hot outside,
sometimes they play early in the morning
or in the evening. But we allow them to play
inside of the house. So, when they were little,
I removed anything they could break ’cause they
did break some things. And we tried not to have many
things around they can destroy and when they start playing,
like the rest of the year when it’s not too hot outside,
they play most of the time in the backyard. – Sometimes I’ll hose out the grass
and get everything wet towards the evening and they’ll
come out and play a little bit. But if it’s too hot, they’re only
going to play for a short time. But they do wrestle a lot. They’ll come in the house and
they’ll wrestle with each other. And if you’ve wrestle before, you know how much energy it
takes to do that for a long time. These guys do it for a long time. We also play in the backyard
with a fishing rod. The dogs go crazy trying to catch,
when they’re all out there. Walking them is something that we
do when we feel like we wanna do it. Which we try to do often
but if we can’t, for some reason, they have each other and they
play so hard in the yard they wear each other out. Like one of them is a pig
and they come inside and just crash for quite a while. So if we don’t give it to them,
they’ll go in the yard and create enough energy. So they figure out how to
get their exercise. – They run up and down the stairs. – Yeah, we allow them to do
that type of exercising when we know they haven’t
had an opportunity. They’ll run up the stairs
and chase each other around this house. One thing that is good about
our house if you’re gonna have Dogo or any dog, actually,
is the hard floors. Ours are all stone and the
maintenance is really easy. The dogs love it, and Dogos don’t have
a smell but if they did, your really wouldn’t
get too much of it ’cause that’s where a lot of
house odors come with dogs, it’s in the carpet. – But most of the time
inside of the house, they sleep a lot, they take
long naps during the day. They just hang out with us. If I’m upstairs on the computer,
they’ll hang out by the desk, lay around the desk. If we’re in the kitchen, making
dinner, preparing a meal, they stick around, some of them. Maybe they’re hoping to score
a snack or something. And at night, they like to stay
in the bedrooms with us when we’re watching TV or when
the girls are in their rooms doing what they do with
their electronics, they hang out. – [Interviewer] So you guys have
four dogs, four people, right? – Yeah.
– Okay, so Mambo’s your dog? – I think Mambo is my boy.
(giggles) – Yeah, I’m kind of the leader
of all of them so, I don’t… Tequila probably trusts me
more than anybody. They all trust me a lot ’cause
I’m the main feeder. – Well, Tequila and Sparta are
crazy about him too, they’re very close to him,
they always wanna be with him also and Mambo
is more on his own but he’s very affectionate with me. He communicates
with me very well. Sometimes when I’m at a computer
and he need something, he always talks with his paws,
so he comes to me, he taps me and I know he
wants to show me something, what he needs and I follow him
and he keeps on looking back to see if I’m coming,
if I’m following him and then sometimes the doggy door
is closed so he will take me to the door so I can open the
door so he can go outside. Or he will show me that the water
bowl is empty and I’m like, oh okay, or it’s time to eat and
I forgot that’s his time to eat. I’m like, oh, you’re hungry
and he goes to his bowl. So he communicates a lot. I feel like he’s very
expressive with his eyes. – The reason we have four,
one is, that’s our limit, we can only have four. There would probably be more
because they’re a little bit on the addicting,
’cause they’re really cool. If you hold on to them long
enough, it’s hard to let them go. The right kind of person that
would have this breed would be somebody who
has time already to put into a dog. That’s the biggest
part of it. I’ve mentioned before, some
people aren’t physically capable. So they wouldn’t work
for that either. You have to really look at that. But mostly it’s, are you ready? Is that person ready to bring
in another life that’s really going to change things? How they see life,
what they do, vacations they go on
or don’t go on now. The dog is a big changer in how that person
is going to live. So if you’re ready for that,
then great. If you’re life’s all full
and you really can’t see that you got time to
change for a dog, then that’s not a good
person either. – They require a lot of attention
and a lot of training, especially as puppies. They need to be challenged. If they’re bored,
then they will destroy things. So they wanna learn,
they want a job so they require some attention,
a lot of attention and training. – These dogs could live in
an apartment. I know that only because we
have sold puppies, probably to half the people
live in apartments. And from what I hear everything
works great for them ’cause they’ve planned a
time to take their dog out. It’s a part of what they do. With umbrellas, it’s part
of their program. So yeah, they could do that. Also, work schedules,
some people, when they work more
than eight hours, sometimes that’s too
tough on a dog. An adult dog can get up
to there, maybe. I tell people get doggy doors
if you can handle that because that is an instant
game changer. ‘Cause the dogs don’t
want to do it in the house. I know, even some of our dogs,
they get upset stomachs holding it because we weren’t
there at the right time. So, give them a doggy door
and everything changes as far as a dog who has a
problem going inside the house. (dog barks) The Dogo typically behaves perfect
indoors as an adult. It’s the puppy period where
they really don’t know what they’re supposed
to do and not do and they just,
they will destroy things if you’re not on them. I’ve had a lot of puppies
that have left here that people say, oh,
the dog’s perfect, it’s never done anything wrong,
I’m like, wow, ’cause I’ve had some things, carpet,
ends of rugs. But as adults, they aren’t
really allowed to do that. They get in trouble. When they’re in trouble, I pretty much talk to them,
I show that I’m upset. I show that I’m upset
at what just happened. And I look at that, because
if I look at them, they get scared and they don’t even process
what I’m talking about. So, I look at the problem and
I make a big deal about the problem and the dog, at that point realizes,
don’t ever make problems like that ’cause this guy doesn’t like it. And that seems to work. The other ways just haven’t
worked so well when you get in their face
about what they’ve done. I think you scare them
and they’re disconnected. And they’re in fear of
what you’re doing. It works for me with Dogos.
– Yeah, they’re very sensitive. – We don’t have our dogs outdoors. That’s the place where they play, that’s the place where they
go to the bathroom. When they’re done,
they come in here. It’s like your kids, when
they’re done playing they want to come inside
and the Dogos are like that. So we accommodate that part
of their personality because we like it,
we like our dogs in here. I like them playing. I seldom don’t want them around. The only time I think I don’t
want them around is when somebody comes over
who is uncomfortable with dogs. And I know they’re not going to
get over that with a bunch of Dogos sitting around. So I put the dogs away,
they hate that. They love to hang out with people. So, like right now,
it’s their quiet nap time and they don’t know
this is going on. If they did, they would be
all begging to come out here. – Dogos love to be
around their family, around their people. They love people, so they do not
like spending much time alone or in a backyard alone,
specifically. And they also have
problems with their skin because their skin is sensitive. So during the summer, it’s not a
good idea to leave them outside very long but I would say it’s
mostly because of their personality and how they are. They enjoy being with people
so they want to stay inside of the house most of the
time just to be around us, to be with us. So I would say Dogo would not be… If you wanna have a Dogo but
you plan on leaving them, the Dogo most of the time
in the backyard, that’s not a good idea, the dog
would not be happy and it will not reach its
potential as a Dogo. They do much better when they have
a lot of love and attention, when they are with people. – As far as rules
for our dogs indoors, I’m not big on rules. There’s certain, like the recliner,
they just know not to go there. They will go on the couch, we accommodate for them
to come on the couch with some throw blankets
and stuff. They have their places on the floor,
their beds and stuff. And that’s it. As far as when we’re eating,
they’re not supposed to bother us. They can stand close by but, every once in a while,
Ava will try to break the rules and get her head up there
and see what’s going on but that’s not really allowed
so we can be comfortable. The dogs learn to work around us
and what we’re doing. After a while, they get everything
we’re doing, so it’s an easy, you don’t have to say too much. Getting them to go outside when
you know that you’re going somewhere and they need to go to the
bathroom, get things done and they don’t have to,
sometimes they’re like, why. There’s no reason,
they’re not gonna play. They put up a little,
then you have to put on your mean face
and then they go. As far as people coming
into our house and our family, the rules that we have, I just tell people to be normal
and if they’re uncomfortable for whatever reason then
I’ll do something about it but usually the dogs, they’ll
smell you up and down and I tell them, they’ll smell you
and they’re just smelling smells want to see where you’ve been. And after that, they will go
and sit over there, they’re done. They did their job. They’re not interested in
playing with you. – The schedule that we have with them
is mostly about their feeding. He wakes up very early with them. Usually, they’re on his schedule
or his and their schedule. They wake up around five, six
and he feeds them in the morning around between
six and seven. And then I take care of them
at night, I feed them around six and 7pm, so they eat every
12 hours around twice a day. Usually, when he feeds them
in the morning, he gives them their kibble. They are on a grain-free, salmon
and potato dry dog food. But he gives them also
lots of meat, usually pork most of the time. And we also, use some supplements
there’s some enzymes granules that we sprinkle on their food
to help them with their digestion and immune system, it’s just good for their
health in general. We like to put coconut oil
sometimes on their food to help with their coat. And sometimes at night
when I feed them, I don’t give them much meat, I give them their kibble with
honey or with cottage cheese and it’s a lighter meal than what
he does, what he feeds them in the morning. We also put some little herbs
to help with the dental hygiene and that’s done once a day. Usually, he gives that
to them in the morning. – The drawbacks of having
Dogos in the house, I would say would be you now have hair,
extra hair to vacuum that wasn’t there before. It’s short and it’s not,
I mean, we have four running around so you’d
think it’s a lot. It’s not a lot but it’s enough
that you have to be regular. And that’s a big game changer. The other one is, as far as having Dogos is,
you’re vacations, if you have like more
than two, let’s say. Or maybe just two or one. It’s the vacations that you have
to plan with or around your dog and then who can watch your dog,
that becomes a big thing. – How do Dogos interact
with other dogs? I guess it depends much on
their training and their individual personalities. Mambo is very friendly,
very social, he loves playing with other dogs. Ava, she’s a very good girl,
she’s very obedient so she also doesn’t have any
problems playing with other dogs. The two alpha females,
Sparta and Tequila, they have a stronger personality. Sparta, in particular, she does a… She’s not fond of small dogs. We try to keep her apart. – If you’re considering getting
a Dogo for the first time, if you have the time to
spend with the dog, it’s gonna be an amazing animal. These dogs are so in-tune
with their owners from the day people
pick them up. I only know ’cause I get
all this feedback of how the dog is so
connected to them and it’s amazing
and that is just, that’s the breed. The Dogo, they’re so wanted
to be a part of the poeple that own them, so if you can
handle a big dog, then they can definitely bring
a beautiful relationship to the family and the kids. They teach you patience
because they’re so loving. You learn to be a little
more patient with them ’cause you know how cool
they are in the end. And so it helps people to
train them how they think and view everything. Even around here,
so we have four dogs but we have a lot of peace
in those four dogs. And sometimes they
even teach people to be a little nicer if you
just follow how they are.

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  89. Tracey Cahow says:

    Loved loved loved this video this family is DEAD ON not any point I did not agree with they absolutely know and love their beautifull (btw) dogos! Loved it!

  90. Lara Fox says:

    Best Dogo Argentino documentary around; a special thanks for the specifics and in-depth commenatry on their special psychology.

  91. Jarrod Dorsey says:

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  92. Alex Rivard says:

    I absolutely love my dogo. One of the best dogs I've ever owned. I will say that the breed is not for everybody.

  93. Gerard jorefjord says:

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  94. Jamstxr says:

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  95. Robert Lulek says:

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  96. Oluwaseyi Otinwa says:

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