Thanks for joining us on this week of videos that are slightly different than our normal. Today’s video is all about Ollie. You guys wanted to know some special details about Ollie. Yeah, some of his favorites and so we’re gonna let him tell you. Just kidding. We’re gonna tell you. Oh, I was like, oh, that’s a new part. I didn’t know about that. I was, I figured we could like, insert a clip of him just sitting there. [chuckling] ♬ So you gotta breathe, breathe, breathe, breathe ♬ ♬ Let it go and let it be, be, be ♬ [both] Good morning! Hey guys, welcome to today’s video. Ollie’s out of here. Peace out. Peace out Girl Scout. This video is all about him. This is about you Ollie. Hey Ollie, they’re gonna want to see you. Yeah, come here. Come here. Good boy. Perfect. Come around. Here. Right here. Perfect. Yes, good boy. Good boy. Good boy. Okay. Hi, my name is Winnie the puppy. I had a question for Ollie boy. What’s your favorite toy and treat? By far, his favorite treat in the entire world… are his dental treats. Which is hilarious. I mean, I guess they formulated them for dogs to love them. I don’t know, but he loves his dental treats. He gets it every other day and we have a little song that we sing whenever he gets it. And then we have a routine at home, if you guys have seen this, where when we sing the song Oliver goes and he opens the cabinet, he gets out his dental chew, takes it to Mary. Mary says go close the door and he runs back, closes the cabinet door, and then comes and Mary unwraps his treat for him. So. We kind of enjoy that little routine of ours. And his favorite toy, toys, multiple, anything by Planet Dog. We… Well, specifically their Orbee-Tuff balls. Ah, feel that wind. Ahhh! So first it started with the snowball. And then once we realized that this ball was made in a way that he couldn’t destroy it. He is a chomper. Yes. Five chompers. I don’t know. All the way. But he’s a chomper. So he started with the snowball, then… a ton of other balls were added to the, to the mix and now he has almost all of the Orbee-Tuff balls that you can purchase and he loves them. Yeah. So much. They are, as the package says, minty and buoyant. They have like, a unique smell and they float. So we can take them when we go on the boat and all of that. But the main reason is that he can’t destroy them. He loves chewing them. He loves chasing them, fetching them, all of that, but he’ll, some of those he’ll spend awhile just kind of… It’s like chewing gum for him, but he doesn’t get through it the surface so they’re his favorite. Hi, I’m Mandy and this is Hallie and we’re in Arkansas, and I was wondering how you guys deal with public access issues, and how you decide on when it might be best to leave Ollie at home, such as when you’re going on vacation. Access issues. Okay. We try to keep it real calm. And we try to say, oh, he’s a service dog. So, you know, with confidence saying like, yep, he’s a service dog. And if they push back even more we are quick to educate them on service dog laws. But typically when you say… oh, he’s my service dog, the employee or whoever’s… you know, inquiring that usually ends the conversation. Yeah. Yeah, and by access, public access issues, it’s just if someone in like a public store or whatever would say something like, oh, you can’t have a dog here. Right. In that scenario we would say oh, he’s a service dog, and most, I mean, we find probably 90% of the time like, that’s all that, um… All that happens in those scenarios where they’re like, no, no dogs whatsoever. Then we’ll have to kind of educate them about what a service dog is and how he, um, how service dogs help people in public places and that sort of thing and so that’s kind of how we approach that. But of course, as you can imagine, whenever somebody, whenever there’s that kind of… I don’t want to call it a conflict. Confrontation. Yeah. That kind of thing. Your heart races a million miles a minute, even though you know what you are supposed to say, it still makes your heart just race, and so we just try to keep it as calm as possible. And sometimes the conversation doesn’t go as peacefully as you’d hope. But you have to just kind of move on. That’s part of having a service dog. And it is a difficult, one of the more difficult parts of having a service dog, but I have researched and prepared myself to be ready to answer when people do ask and that’s all you can really do. There are a few scenarios where we choose to leave Oliver at home. One is if we’re gonna be hanging out with alligators. A couple years ago we went to Florida and we were hanging out with alligators, and so that wouldn’t be a good time. Or a zoo in general. Sometimes there’s like, animal diseases or bacteria or whatever that can be picked up in like a zoo environment, and so in those situations we typically would leave Oliver at home. An operating room. He’s not allowed in an operating room. And so he does not come with me in that scenario. And then if I’m gonna be on a roller coaster or that sort of thing. I haven’t been on a roller coaster in years, but if it happens, he would stay home for that. Or like, take this week for example. He always stays with me in the hospital when I’m in the hospital and you know, when I’m going to the hospital for a visit for a day and all of that. But like this week, you guys know that we are at a different hospital for a week long intensive testing situation and we are in a completely new environment where we’re going to be in and out of doctors visits back to back to back, Monday through Friday. And this was a scenario where we decided Oliver’s gonna stay with my parents at this time. For a lot of different reasons. Yeah. And I think that, you know, a lot of what goes into us thinking about you know, situations where it might be better for Oliver to be at home than working as a service dog is when sometimes we know that our situation isn’t gonna allow for us to care for his needs as a service dog. So like, some handlers when they go in the hospital their service dog won’t come in with them because, um… there’s not somebody to help care for the dog’s needs or that sort of thing. And that’s like, totally like, it’s all a situation by situation and how it… what’s gonna work best for both the handler and the service dog. Yes, and that is such a good point that a service dog is, you know, you’ve heard the term a service dog is not a robot. He has his own set of needs. And so to make sure that his needs are met the best… that we can do, you know, if I’m in the hospital… I have to make sure that Peter’s gonna be available to take him outside and like, make sure he gets exercise and all of that. And like Peter was mentioning, some patients choose not to have their service dog come to the hospital cuz maybe they don’t have somebody who can meet the dog’s needs. So anyway, this week we just decided there’s a ton of unknowns about the new hospital. We don’t know what its gonna be like, and so for that reason it’s best to take that variability of caring for Oliver and his needs, take that off the table for this week. And for that reason… we decided that he will stay. Have a little vacation with my parents. Hey Mary and Peter. It’s Michaela here. My question is if you didn’t name Ollie or Oliver his name what were other names you were considering? Thanks. That’s actually a really funny question because I think he, in our minds, had different names in the few days before we picked up Oliver. I think we had Tucker. Was one of those? Tucker. Yes. But- Which I had forgotten. Yeah. I think he would be a cute Tucker. Another one was Bear. Just Bear. We saw him as a puppy and he just looked like a teddy bear. He still does but I think even more so as a puppy and so we were thinking of calling him Bear. And it was gonna be Bear Alexander. Oh, that’s funny. Was there anything else? I don’t think so. Tucker, Bear… I think Oliver James is just the perfect name for him. It did take time though, for me to like, for it to click in my mind. Okay, your name is Oliver. Oliver. And like… But now it just feels right. Yeah, and you guys also know that he has plenty of other names like, well, he goes by Ollie. He goes by bones, bonesy. Ollie boy. And of course you guys are gonna say where did the nickname bones come from? Well, when he was a puppy he was a sleepy little boy and we would sing the song- [both singing] Lazybones. You’re moving in slow motion. And so that turned into us just calling him bones and then because he’s Ollie, we, I think it kind of became bonesy. Oh, okay. I didn’t know where that- I don’t know. I mean, I’m just trying to think of some kind of logic between the nicknames we give him. But he pretty much just responds to our voices at this point. He knows, I think he knows all his names. Thanks for joining us on this Oliver’s edition of the Frey Life. And… [both] As always, we will see you tomorrow. Goodnight! [Peter talking as Ollie] Goodnight, guys. We’ll see you tomorrow. [Mary] Oh. Sure, I’ll hold your head. ♬♬

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  7. 112musician says:

    Great video! Mary I have been thinking of you and praying for you all week. You too, Peter!

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    All 4 of my toy poodles have nicknames. Buddy was Buddy boy & Daddy (R.I.P.). His son was Vincent. We had planned on selling him so didn’t name him. After 3 different buyers fell through, was was 15 weeks old and still nameless…I called him “mister” for lack of a name…decided to keep him and spent a week trying out different names. None of them seem to fit him. Watched an episode of LOST. The mysterious very seldom seen dog on the show was named Vincent. When the boy was calling for the dog, mister kept cocking his head and looking at the TV. So Vincent he became (R.I.P.). He also went by Vinnie & MrMr. His mother is Cissy, AKA mommy. Her daughter Daisy, AKA Daisy Duke or little girl.

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    Cute video. Love Ollie boy. If anyone is interested here’s the song “Lazy Bones” that Mary is referring to that they used to nickname Ollie, Bonzy.
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    Also, for me I find I get too nervous in a crowded place so that is another reason why I waited. I really struggle with being in a small area with a lot of people.

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