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8 Responses

  1. Chrissy Spotts says:

    FCI currently recognizes 360 different breeds. You missed nearly 100 breeds.

  2. beverly ledbetter says:

    Some of these dogs certainly know how to play a camera! They range from majestic to downright inspired!

  3. reema Sutradhar says:

    Dogo Argentino is missing

  4. ocToPus ToPHat says:

    You missed out Caucasian Sheppard dog/Russian bear dog

  5. Blitz Wing says:

    you missed British bull dog and Alsatian.

  6. Kathy Mcvay says:

    And just in joy

  7. Kathy Mcvay says:

    And stop complaining

  8. Miranda Holmon says:

    There's an English Mastiff.
    This Guy Has NO Idea How Many Dogs Are There.

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