All I Want for Christmas Are Pups! | The Incredible Dr. Pol

Come on, Lo, get up here. Good girl. WOMAN: 96. She’s putting on her
holiday weight, right? NARRATOR: This is Lola’s
first time at the clinic, and she’s expecting. Wanna see how many
babies are in there? We brought our Chocolate
Lab in to find out how many pups she was gonna have. NARRATOR: Truth be told,
this visit’s about calming first time daddy jitters, too. Feeling a little bit nervous,
because I want to make sure that I’m doing everything I
can to help Lola as she has the pups, and to make
sure that she’s safe and the puppies are safe. Because this is my first time
delivering pups or helping with her if she needs. I’ll go ahead and get
the x-rays, and then I’ll bring them back up. OK. Hi sweetie. Come on girl. The special thing
about Lola’s puppies is, they are due Christmas Day. Good job. I’m pretty excited
for Christmas this year. I’m excited. It’s nice to wake up Christmas
morning and have a litter of puppies waiting for you. And there’s a spine.
WOMAN: Oh my. DOCTOR: So there’s two. We’ll go back in the back,
back here, and have a look. How many bundles of joy is
Lola gonna give for Christmas? OK, I’m gonna turn this light
off so we can count better. JASON: OK. DOCTOR: A skull and
a spine, there’s one. JASON: Yup. DOCTOR: Two, three,
four, five, six. With each puppy I can see
that he’s super excited. Nine. JASON: Ha, ha. DOCTOR: And then there’s
a smile spine here. JASON: Oh my gosh. DOCTOR: So there’s 10. So 10 right there. JASON: What is that? DOCTOR: And then maybe
one here, so maybe 11. That’s awesome. DOCTOR: She’s gonna
have a big old litter. Merry Christmas. Yeah, no kidding. DOCTOR: So we can see how
many puppies she’s gonna have. That way they can
kind of plan, and as she’s having the
puppies, they’ll know how many to expect. Come on, Lo. We’re really excited. The kids are excited. And, uh, they’re
hoping that they’ll be able to open their
presents, and then help Lola with the pups, as well.

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33 Responses

  1. Comet Xpress says:

    First boi

  2. cottoncloud says:

    What a cute lab!

  3. Daira Iraburo says:

    3 comment so cute

  4. Frank N. Stein says:

    Don't you dare not post a follow-up video with the puppies! Coz that's what we subscribed for! Puppies and kittens!

  5. Nut Suphanat says:

    433rd View!!! 13th Comment!!! 2 Hours Ago!!!

  6. GSDmom B says:

    Should have gotten her fixed.

  7. Gobby Hong says:

    Will there be a follow-up video on this~!??? πŸ˜€

  8. Jyoti Verma says:

    Xrsys are teratogenic, not supposed to be done during pregnancy.

  9. Shannon Wilson says:

    That's a very large litter for a first litter. How many times did they breed the bitch with the stud?

  10. Shadow says:

    Please do follow ups plz

  11. Nikeige Louisy says:


  12. Madalin Russell says:

    I own the dog now she is still doing very well, she is suppose to be having another litter I can't wait!!!!!!

  13. giyuutapioca_san says:

    A happy owner , family and dog :3

  14. FacheChanteDeux says:

    Hot owner, cute dog!

  15. Kalar Hall says:

    My chocolate lab had 13 puppies

  16. kara O-L says:

    Yay but so many pups 😰

  17. Selena Lulamoon says:

    breeding labs is the few breeds that I understand why they were bred due to help humans like who are blind, have mental problems and the like

  18. Camille Moore says:

    Lola is a freakin sweet heart πŸ’œ

  19. Debra Yorke says:

    I paused the vid at 1:12…I’m guessing she will have 7 puppies inside.

  20. Mr. Peanut Dab says:

    This is ridiculous. Literally the only thing that plays is this dumb vet on tv over and over and over and over again 12 hours a day. The only other β€œshows” have nothing to do with animals. What happened to this once great channel?!

  21. Shamsher S says:

    God Bless These Nobel Souls.

  22. Fourleafclover kingdragonkillr says:

    Yeah think of all the money he made

  23. The snek says:

    You will be fine

  24. my life sm says:

    Christmas puppies if you have kids that would be a Christmas gift to themπŸŽ„πŸ•

  25. Sasha says:

    11 pups !? Wow what a good mama I was expecting her to be way more rounder hehe I hope the whole little family is healthy and fine β˜€οΈπŸ˜

  26. MadusaNumberOne Fan says:

    wow 11 puppies that is the best Christmas gift ever

  27. Emma Malle says:

    If it was 12 puppies it'd be similar to the 12 days of Christmas.

  28. Patricia Bowling says:

    Lola is beautiful..Merry Christmas Dad. β€πŸ™β€

  29. hey Tonx says:

    10×500$ =5.000$ woow marry Christmas!

  30. sepdafodils says:

    Lola is such a darling! 😘😘

  31. Haneefah Moore says:

    Awww how adorableπŸ’™πŸ’™πŸ’™

  32. Kendra Houston says:

    I wish I could see the puppies

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