All The Small Things (Blink 182 Sad Clown Cover) – Postmodern Jukebox ft. Puddles Pity Party – AGT

All the small things True care, truth brings I’ll take one lift Your ride best trip Always I know You’ll be at my show Watching, waiting, commiserating Say it ain’t so I will not go Turn the lights off Carry me home Home.. Carry me home Late night, come home Work sucks, I know She left me roses by the stairs Surprises let me know she cares Say it ain’t so, I will not go Turn the lights off Carry me home Home Hold your head still, I’ll be your thrill The night will go on My little windmill All the small things True care Truth brings I’ll take one lift Your ride best trip Always I know You’ll be at my show Watching, waiting, commiserating Say it ain’t so, I will not go Turn the lights off Carry me home Home Carry me home Carry me home Carry me …

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100 Responses

  1. Renjit Kurian says:

    Maybe it’s the repeated viewings of IT2 but I can’t shake the feeling this clown is gonna go all Pennywise with the dancing and what not…

  2. Forest Rain Media says:

    Immediately after this, Puddles went to a local pub and stabbed 14 patrons.

  3. Mike says:

    That clown’s voice reminds me of Dio at some points in the song 🎸

  4. Nicolas Ortiz says:

    – el plano me gusta ahí.. el arranca sentado y después…
    -Sisi pero no se ve el baterista…
    -a quien carajos le importa el baterista
    jajajaja tenes razón, hagamosla ahí.
    ambos ríen de felicidad

  5. Jenice McNown Vasconcelos says:

    I can’t get enough of this song! Better than the original! Amazing👏

  6. jason minato says:


  7. juanmoralesvideo says:

    True magic: when you transform sh*t into gold.

  8. Gussys Video Game Videos says:

    Wait, this is good haha

  9. Le Coeur de BJJ says:

    This is magical

  10. Nayda Hossain says:

    I'd buy an album from him

  11. ItsGabo says:

    This guy woulda gone far in americas got talet if he had made a better song choice

  12. Brian Gosselin says:

    WOW!! I fuckin love this clown . WOW

  13. toaster19_3 says:

    this song is like one of those good cries after which one feels tired but better than before

  14. juan sinister says:

    fuck this bullshit

  15. Fjpm says:

    Le pone el culiao, la mansa voz, buena orquesta igual. Aguante blink de los 90 conchetumare

  16. weston colins says:

    When you wake up to get that glass of water at 3:32 AM and are still dreaming, and you see this in your living room

  17. Kitty Louiselle says:

    I love puddles!!

  18. Jessamyn Johnson says:


  19. Jessamyn Johnson says:

    Creepy AF

  20. Андрюс Бальсис says:

    Karma Police

  21. Lucas 'Reydock' FREDERICH says:

    So good. What an awesome cover !

  22. Gen Timperley says:

    Why do I LOVE this?

  23. stereocandy says:

    even clowns go to the toilet

  24. Timoteo Bm says:

    I don't know what I just saw but I love it

  25. Mr. Person Humanson says:

    " carry me home "
    says the 7ft tall baritone clown

  26. Markus M says:

    He is terrifyingly tall

  27. lapse evident says:

    Very kool

  28. Dave Schwartz says:

    Dam… no love for the drummer. Can't see him.🤣

  29. Randolph Cirilo says:

    That blond tho!!

  30. michael cook says:

    better singer than tom delonge

  31. David Krygier says:

    Peter Steele?

  32. HomeSchoolSquad says:

    Hey Puddles, this was amazing!

  33. Chikay Conde says:


  34. Papa Satria says:

    Penny Wise got talent

  35. Alex Klimenko says:

    Amazing. I can't say nothing else.

  36. defvent says:

    Ok I was not expecting THAT voice

  37. Jake Kuhn says:

    Give me that blonde

  38. anarchy69 says:

    The Vocals, He look like "Steve-O" jack ass.

  39. Jhayar Espejo says:

    haha it's kinda funny 😆

  40. Indiana Jones says:

    How about the back up singers

  41. Reyna Rivera says:

    Okay well shit this man is good

  42. Cody Moore says:

    That blonde though!!!! 😍😍😍

  43. Rael Griffin says:

    Blink is lame but puddles makes this great

  44. Shane Gregg says:

    Anyone think this guy could pass for Hugh Laurie in clown makeup??

  45. Carlos Zorrilla says:

    Excelent 👏👏👏

  46. Cameron Shashlo says:

    cant see the drummer lol

  47. Sonora Paragua says:

    Poor drum guy

  48. hollsound says:


  49. Amber Bamber says:

    Kinda Twin Peaks? No idea why

  50. Nevile Ruas says:

    That backing vocal though… Became a Christian for a second just to say "God Damn…" xD

  51. SoundsUnderground says:

    Yeah I don’t know.

  52. J B says:

    Who’s the blonde back up singer? Wowser!

  53. Job says:

    how people with real talent but not the look have present themselves to get any attention…. well done guys

  54. Justin Granville says:

    Waiting for the debut album

  55. David Smith says:

    Better than the original!

  56. Andrew Castor says:

    Uh Oh

  57. Martin Bogomolni says:

  58. AdrianSantanaDrums says:


  59. ruth torr says:

    I believe I have finally found my wedding song 🤘🏻❤️

  60. Eric Milton says:


  61. Вячеслав Тиунов says:

    👏👏👏 ещё бы русские субтитры.

  62. Anime Jesus says:

    This is how you ruin a song

  63. are _ says:

    You must upload this vid on deep web.

  64. Ethan Hernandez says:

    Fuckin hipsters ruin everything

  65. dopp says:

    IT sings well

  66. skeeter 01 says:

    My man got some pipes on him!!! Respect and love the cover

  67. TheOneWhoLied says:

    This truly is some top tier shoot, and I freakin love it!

  68. Diego Salamanco says:

    "Soy de los que cantan con la voz"

    El bromitas 2019

  69. sonny lee says:

    IT has finally retired from eating kids

  70. andy parham says:

    Sounds like the doors

  71. Rubens says:

    Blink should appreciate they are now making real history!!

  72. Rubens says:

    Now this version is for when i am down!!!

  73. kalamazooracing says:


  74. Brandon Palmer says:

    Nice! 😊

  75. Cary Harris says:

    This guy has real talent.

  76. Pat Fanta says:

    Very Very Good

  77. Jose Garcia says:

    Can he go on stage with slipknot and sing his version of snuff?

  78. Dawn of the Thread says:


  79. aokspage says:

    Perfectly amazing arrangement. 💪💪❤❤

  80. Evan Garcia says:

    Have you covered "I Miss You" by Blink 182? If you havent, I feel like it would come out amazing, haha

  81. Steel Mill says:

    Puddles if you and Ryan Upchurch ever got together and sang some of his songs the earth would stop spinning in amazement

  82. CodenameMimic says:

    I sped up the video to 2 and 1.75 it sounds likethe clown is doing a chaos montage

  83. David Abrego says:

    Too bad you cant ffo that in s single take

  84. Uno qualunque che commenta says:

    The name of the blonde one in the back?!

  85. Bender Anglesmith says:

    It sounded crap sorry.

  86. Nico Shala says:

    That blond mmmmmmmmm

  87. Vegas OnFire says:

    Try Officer Down by Bad Wolves. Bet you can't lol

  88. Lb B says:

    He should cover a bunch of bowie songs

  89. Alex Buiteweg says:

    Negative ones know nothing. You've got something. No copy; An original tribute..

  90. ChaoticBun says:

    Yes. King.

  91. hopscotch30 says:

    I call dibs on the blonde!

  92. Bryan hurtado says:

    Heavy vocal!!! Visit my canal guys!

  93. Bob Loblaw says:

    I'm getting an "it" mixed "burger king" vibe from this clown. Needless to say I am a little scared

  94. Danny Bordelon says:

    please do a Screamin Jay Hawkins song

  95. Luvic Acpal says:

    I smell blood,,stabbed by this clown in the heart,, it's soothing,,

  96. Martin Matějec says:

    Is that Leonard Hofstadter on bass?

  97. Jonny Helm says:

    JJ Abrams on guitar

  98. Guido Carapellucci says:

    Puddles is not a small thing.

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