Almost a dozen beagles taken from filthy conditions in Mahoning Co.

Eleven dogs rescued from a Beloit home. The Columbiana County Dog Pound took them in today… and it was ALREADY at full capacity. 27 First News Weekend Anchor Katie Wilson spoke with neighbors of the owner. She joins us live — with what they had to say. Mandy these are just two of the many complaints on this Oak Street home. Neighbors say the dogs were living in disgusting conditions…. and it was affecting the whole street! NATS Katie: One by one…. workers at the Columbiana County Dog Pound unloaded the 11 beagles they just rescued. While eager to get out… the dogs seemed to freeze once they hit the ground. NATS Perhaps that’s because their CURRENT living conditions… are a lot different from where they came from. MARJORIE KEANE/ NEIGHBOR: IT SMELLS TERRIBLE IN THE SUMMERTIME… Katie: Marjorie Keane lives next door to the owner of the beagles on Oak Street. She says EVERY neighbor has suffered… because of how the owner kept his dogs. KEANE: THE ODOR IS TERRIBLE. ESPECIALLY LIKE ON DAYS LIKE THIS. YEA IT’S BAD. YOU’D HAVE TO SEE IT TO UNDERSTAND. Katie: Here is what Keane is describing. These were taken by a volunteer helping to remove the dogs. Fesces covered the bottom of their cages… and water bowls were empty. NATS Katie: Even still… these dogs’ tails waged away in their new cages. This is where they’ll stay for now… but it’s getting tight. AMY DOWD: WE’RE IN THE FIFTIES… Katie: Deputy Dog Warden Amy Dowd says the pound is at FULL CAPACITY. She say they can always use volunteers and donations to help out. And in terms preventing another situation like this one… both Dowd and Keane have the same advice: KEANE: BE RESPONSIBLE. The owner of these dogs has NOT yet been charged. We’ll continue to follow this case and bring you any developments.. both on air and online. Live in the studio, Katie Wilson, WKBN 27 First News. [D6]CATCH 6PM

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