Always Learning: Potential Unlocked with Keyfactor

my favorite thing about working at Keyfactor is our customer base. When I first started the company I was focused
exclusively on our client success team, and then as I’ve been a part of the
company longer, I’ve transitioned into our client development team, and
everything that I’ve done since I’ve been here it’s been centered around our
customer base. So I get to work with some of the top companies in the
world and a lot of the people that are keeping those companies secure are
people that I get to work with every day. And they’re a blast, so it makes life a
little bit easier. Keyfactor has been a great platform for me to not only learn
how to enhance my customer engagements, but it’s also been a platform for me to
grow as an individual and figure out, you know, where my strengths are where some
of my weaknesses are. And it’s been great to identify that and and to do so in
such a forgiving environment where people are constantly focused on how
you’re growing as an individual, and they’re really centered around making
you a better person in your career as well. So I have two dogs. I have a boxer, pit
bull mix, Ruka, and she’s like 4 years old. She’s so cute! And then I have a
yellow lab mix, who is 10 years old. Her name’s Bristol. And those two are like my
kids. I also run, so sometimes I’ll run with my dogs, and in 2017, I think, is I
when I actually made my first marathon happen. Yes so we have a Keyfactor team
that runs, I think it’s our fourth year running now, and we’ve run as a group.
There’s about five people on each team, we do an Akron Marathon Relay. So I’m a big, firm believer that if you’re not learning, you’re dying. And Keyfactor
really does a great platform with that. Every single day, whether you’re ready
for it or not, you’re learning something new. Whether that’s in the PKI space or
you’re learning something new about a customer installation, even into just
having one-on-one communications with not only our customers, but also people
that we work with, and that’s been a really neat thing to kind of see. Every
single day whether you’re ready to do it, you’re gonna learn something. It may be
big, might be small, but you’re going to learn!

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