Am I A Good Cat Mom? (ft. Jackson Galaxy from My Cat From Hell!)

– Come here, dude! Charles, no, don’t get her! Please, God, just get along today before the Cat Man comes! (cat meowing)
(spring bounces) Okay, today a is very exciting day because I get to meet
my personal cat hero, Jackson Galaxy. And I’m like, straight up nervous, like chills-level, I don’t know if you can see that, like chills-level excited about this. Just basically everything
I’ve learned about being a, I hope, semi-decent cat parent, is from My Cat From Hell,
Jackson Galaxy’s show. OK, here’s my number one question. I work from home and when I’m
home, Charles is destructive. He wants to like scratch
up the paper towels, he’ll knock stuff off the counter, he’ll do anything to get my attention. But when I’m not home,
he doesn’t do anything. I come home and he’s asleep. And I’m like, “If you’re
gonna knock over paper towels, “can you do it while I’m
trying not to record a video?” See? Oh, watch out for that. It’s really good, though. I’m worried he’s gonna
tell me I spoil Charles because that’s what Ella says. I’m just treating him the way
he deserves to be treated. (kissing) I think he can tell I’m trying too hard. Somebody just painted these. These are my absolute favorites. Oh my God. Charles, do you know you’re
about to meet a celebrity? Do I? Oh, there’s even art of
Charles on the fridge. I forgot that one. Maybe I am a little obsessed with my cats. (doorbell rings) I think they’re here! I’m like so excited! (exhales loudly) You’re a cool guy. Hi! – Hello! – Oh my god! Oh my god! – I’m good, how’re you doing? – I’m good. Oh my God, this is so exciting for me! – Wow, this is exciting for me too! This is pretty exciting. Look at you! – This is Charles. – What’s up, Charles? – He’s very friendly, he’s super social. But it’s not just Charles, actually. – You’ve got two. – We’ve got two. – What’s up, Lady? – That’s Lady. – Hi, honey! – Hi. – What’s up, baby doll? – She’s an exhibitionist. – Look at this, right on cue. – Should I call you Mr. Galaxy? – Yeah. No. (Hannah laughs) – We’re thinking about cutting
ourselves off at three cats. – Here? – Yeah. (Jackson scoffs) – Easily you could have double that. (angelic music) – This is Charles when we first got him. – [Jackson] Oh my God! – [Hannah] I know. – How old is he now? – He’s two–he’s almost two. – That was just two years ago? – Yeah. – I work from home, so I spend a lot, a lot of time with them. Ella was the one who suggested, like well you know, cats
do do better in pairs, we should just get another cat. And that’s where we decided
to get an older cat. Lady’s actually seven years old. – Wow. – Yeah, she’s seven years old. Should I hold her while I talk about her? She actually had babies that were like, “Wow, award-winning kitties!” – I have a house full of cats and on a good day, they tolerate each other. On a bad day they don’t. And nobody is like, “Oh
you’re my best friend.” Nobody. – Well that kind of brings me to like, what I seek your expertise in, Mr. Galaxy. – I just wanted to have a
little special effect, “Ding!” – Oh, we can do that. – Okay, here we go. Ding!
(bell dings) – Charles and Lady confuse
the hell out of me. They’ll either be licking
each other from head to toe in a way that makes you feel like you shouldn’t even be watching. They’ll be cuddling, kissing, spooning, but then sometimes, he
just goes after her. And she is clearly giving like, “I don’t wanna play right now. “I don’t wanna play right now, Charles.” She’ll go into the screechy kitty mode. – And does he hurt her? – No, he doesn’t hurt her. Well sometimes she’ll get a
little scrape on her neck. – Because you just said it started with, “She doesn’t want to play,
she doesn’t want to play.” So he wants to play. Well he’s playing, and
she doesn’t want to play. You’ve already identified the dialogue. If a cat is just geared up to play, especially if they have that sort of kitten-y, Denis the
Menace thing going on– – Yeah, he’s not two, he’s
like a year and a half. He’ll be two in February. – So he’s still kind of
verging on teenager-hood. (Hannah groans) We all know. – [Jackson] Does he do this all the time? Is he like a monkey bar cat? – [Hannah] What are you doing to him? – See, no but here,
this is what I’m saying. Actually, this is perfect. Taylor, is it?
– Well… (laughing) – From this state here, if Taylor just doesn’t do much of anything like Lady would, he’s gonna get more and more and more– – Like, into it. – Stimulated. Now he’ll go to her and
give her a hard time. – I’m like, “Oh he wants to play.” So I’ll spend all this
time playing with him and then just boom, go after her, straight up pounce on her back. – No offense, but that means
she’s a better toy than you. – She is. Dammit. – She presents what is
irresistible to a cat, which is prey, you know what I mean? She does that back-up thing. She’s like, “Don’t hurt
me, don’t hurt me,” and then it’ll almost
encourage him to do more. Number one, you would wanna step up
the play a little bit. – Will he ever calm down? – Yes. – Oh God, I hope so, because I love Charles but, it’s not like 15 minutes of play a day, it’s like an hour. – Which actually makes perfect sense when you think about it– – Charles! Sorry. Okay but sorry, can we
pick up from spirits? (dishes clank) (laughing) – Do you ever try to walk him? – Well… I mean I can show you what happens. I have a harness for him. So he loves the harness,
he gets super excited, he asks to go on a walk, and we get outside. Oh wow, he’s being really good. Normally he just stands there. – This is great. See now this, what he’s doing right now, I guarantee you that by the time we get
back into your house, how long he’s out here, he will not be as monkey bars. It’s like cat TV when
they look out the window and they just zone. And by the way, just looking
at his body language right now, he is 1000% comfortable out here. That’s half the battle. You got him on a harness, you
got him used to the leash. There must be cats in there, or ghosts. (laughing) – Okay but sorry, can
we pick up from spirits? (dishes clank) Charles, look! – And then he’s in, right? So then he’s in. So everyday… And now he gets this because
he was such a good boy. I mean this is how you’re
going to solve your problem. Boom. – This is everything I’ve
ever wanted and more. – If this was only my show right now, how happy we would all be. We’re like, “Oh my god the
cat freaking did something.” You know what I mean? Because when you bring an entire film crew into someone’s house, cats, they’re gone. Over 10 seasons and let’s say 120 or 30 different homes, 10% tops of the cats in the homes made themselves available
on the first day. Now, everyday you get up,
you do your own thing, right? But make this a part of your routine and make it before feeding because he’ll be motivated. Now listen, he’s not yet two years old, he’s gonna be like this for a little bit. You got another year of this
before he hits a down slope and then you’re gonna miss it. – Then you’re gonna be like,
– Then he’s gonna be like Lady?
– “My boy’s growing up.” Well she’s not gonna miss shit. (laughing) She’s gonna be totally
happy about the situation. – Going outside to all the
sights and sounds of the world for five minutes is enough? That’s so possible. – It’s a little wishful.
– That’s so possible. – It’s a little wishful? – Five minutes? No.
– 10? Oh wait look, look, look! So that’s what he does cause he wants the warm spot to sleep. At least he left her alone. He didn’t chase her out of there. – Well no, because again,
you’ve taken just the edge off a little bit, you know what I mean? You put him on your shoulder to let him know it’s feeding time? You know you don’t do that. – No I don’t. – You do that because you love it. – I do that because I love it, but also because when I’m
cooking I don’t put him up here. So that’s me trying to teach him, “Hey, if you’re up there,
you’re gonna get food “but if you’re not up there…” – Does that work? – We’ll see in two years. – You can’t feed a better food than this. – And they come like this, see? Just totally frozen. – Just like that. I’m very, uber happy and proud of you. No I’m serious, Hannah. (Hannah crying) – That’s all I’ve ever wanted! – My little cat protege, I mean honestly. Look at you: Cat-ified to the nines, feeding raw food. I mean, honestly. You took him for a damn walk. – This is the best day of my life. I will say Ella took him
for a walk on Sunday. – That’s amazing! – Yeah, we share a responsibility. – By putting them on the same schedule, by having them energetically – peak and valley at the same time, their relationship will be better. – Wow. Okay. I got some notes. – [Jackson] That’s right! – Oh, this has been so amazing! – They were so excited when I got here, now they’re like, “Shit.” – Jackson, thank you
so much for being here. Guys, thank you so much for watching. If you wanna find out more wonderful Jackson Galaxy tips and tricks, you can check him out at
Youtube at JacksonGalaxy or on Instagram at TheCatDaddy. And you’re going on tour? – I’m going on tour. We start here in L.A. on November 4th. Wanna come? – Yeah. – Right on. If you go to my website,, you’ll find the dates but it is more than you would think it is. It’s gonna be surprising. – I cannot wait. – Guys, if you wanna check– – Puppets. – Puppets?! If you guys want to check out
more about Jackson’s tour, go ahead and check out the link below. And okay, guys, fine, you’ll be free. You can be free. – Be free!
– Be free!

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37 Responses

  1. Cat Poke says:

    My Cat from Hell is one of the only good reality shows because it genuinely teaches a lot, and doesn't seem overdramatized much. The goal is not to make the cats look as evil or troublesome as possible- it's to show their recovery. Love it.

  2. twilightgirl921 says:

    Where do you get that cat food from?

  3. rando says:

    Where is the cat wall thingy from?????

  4. Jenny Cleary says:

    What raw food were you feeding them?


    Jackson plays guitar?

  6. Lio says:

    I have a question! My cats are the same , eslo (female) 11 months and koba (male) 6 months. Koba likes to go after her when she clearly doesn’t want to play anymore. She’ll growl, hiss, and scream. And he won’t stop pouncing and getting her. Should I separate them? Or? Its confusing and alarming aswell bc eslo plays with him alot until he makes her uncomfortable I guess and she lets him know she doesn’t want anymore. Someone help 🙁 google aint shit

  7. Emma Morgan says:

    I could never have been happier for a person thank you so much for sharing this

  8. VeganBítchcraft says:

    This is really random, but I have to thank you. Your video actually inspired me to look into smallbatchpets raw food, and my cats are THRIVING. I even switched my dog over to the brand, and he’s never been better. It’s the little things! Thank you!

  9. anirai1516 says:

    Jackson is so cool.

  10. Fire Breathing Chicken Duck says:

    What is Charles breed, because he looks hairless but I can see a little bit of fur on him (compared to lady who has none) is that just how the kittens are or is Charles a unique little guy.

  11. Laura Jinn says:

    PLEASE tell me where you got the amazing framed art with your cats from the beginning of the video????!!!

  12. Lavender Cinnamon says:

    I felt that fan girl excitement through the screen , ahhhhh xD

  13. Donna Parks says:

    I love ur cat a spinks snowshoe baby hmmm beautiful

  14. carmen mendoza says:

    are you a man or a woman, terrible how you move,.

  15. Saundra Johnson says:

    Please, please, please tell me where you got those beautiful cat shelves on your wall. They're gorgeous!

  16. katrenco says:

    OMG, I love this gal….and her cats……and Jackson, too. What a great video!

  17. Kim Lambert says:

    Yea what Jackson said, I love him, I also have a house full of cats and on good days they tolerate each other and on bad days maybe a small fight. That's just how it is with cats. I love them all anyways.

  18. Victoria Smith says:

    Thank you My Dear

  19. earthandfire says:


  20. Betty Spaghetti says:

    You are a GREAT mama to your cats! Mr. Galaxy only needed to give you a little assurance pretty much! Great video!! 🐾

  21. pieface mozy says:

    Oh My gosh sounds like my husband and I There's so many times he wants to play and I don't. lol she said will he ever calm down, hahaha my thought exactly.

  22. Kitty C says:

    Jackson you are so fantastic

  23. Leonard Stubbs says:

    Wow I just bumped into your channel it's awesome ,I'm a new cat owner my cat is named Jackson 💖😻

  24. Paige Koehler says:

    Some one please tell me what cat food that is

  25. Martina G says:

    😉 loving it!

  26. Jen Wren says:

    Pawesome video 👍🏼🎉😻😻😻

  27. Shannon Smith says:

    My cat has a weird habit where she’ll always want me to pet her as she eats in the same way she’ll bring me presents and meow for me to eat it like how I am with her giving her love as she eats. She’s so thoughtful. But by no means am I ever eating fresh kill she brings ickkk XD

  28. Shannon X says:

    First off, you are an AMAZING cat mom! People should treat their children as well as you treat your cats. Seriously, it's a beautiful thing to see. :o)
    Secondly, you are an adorable ball of energy and positivity and that's a beautiful thing to see too! Please don't ever change.

  29. Kelsey Mccarthy says:

    What cat food was that???

  30. Eliss Bell says:

    Oh my gooooood, I wish Jakson visited us and our Tali, just to show him, hom spoilt she is <3

  31. Nora Animalluvr says:

    Omg LOVED this 😍

  32. Elaina Doak says:

    Good lord those cats are so ugly they are cute 😍

  33. lit Ibarra says:


  34. Caitlin Bushelon says:

    I'm a Vet Tech in NY. We had a client come in right before the ban was passed that said that she needed her cat declawed ASAP. Her mother was a diabetic, on blood thinners and had dimensia. She couldn't have the cat scratching her because it would actually endanger her life. She stated that if she could not get the cat declawed she would have to find it a new home.

    Yes, I agree that saving the furniture is not a viable reason to have that surgery done. But there are cases, in which it is necessary. To say that declawing is all together inhumane, is ignorant.

    My cats came to us declawed (I would not have done it myself) but I see no evidence, honestly that it bothers them to this day. I can rub her paws and she actually purrs. She uses normal kitty litter and runs and jumps just fine. Not to mention that it is true that the pain management has gotten better following the procedure. (Onsior has been developed, which works better for pain relief in cats than Rovera does.) And that the procedure itself has improved as to make sure that the cat will not be in pain for the rest of its life. (The old procedures use to remove the entire distal phalanx. Newer procedures simply remove the end of it, so that the nail matrix is no longer in tact. It's the same thing as when you have an ingrown toenail removed and they burn away the nail bed with acid.) And in this way, the animal does not have to walk on it for the rest of their life. When the claws are retracted, the distal phalanx actually points up and away from the ground.

    I am a huge fan. When it comes to cat behavior, Jackson Galaxy is an expert. But leave the medical debates to the professionals, who actually know both sides of the argument.

  35. Beth Michael says:

    I would looooove to meet him❤❤❤

  36. Eliz A says:

    How. Old. Is. Your. Cat. My. Cats. Name. Is. Ginger. She. Age. 5. I. Hope. Her. Hair grow back

  37. LPdedicated says:

    As a cat owner, I am endlessly grateful for this man! I completely understand Hannah's fangirling!

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