Amazing 13-Year-Old Boxing & MMA Prodigy

[MUSIC] ADRIAN: Since he was a little baby, he loved
to punch. RESHAT: When I get in the ring, I see a guy
in front of me, I just keep going. I don’t stop. Even if it hurts, I don’t stop. ADRIAN: Reshat is ranked number one in boxing
and number one in the world in kickboxing. He’s undefeated in MMA, he’s undefeated in
muay thai. He has like twenty two championship belts. RESHAT: Right now, I’m five two, one hundred
and three pounds. SOSA: The kid is only thirteen years old and
he’s so good that sometimes it’s very hard to get him a fight. Nobody really wants to
fight him. [MUSIC] [MUSIC] ADRIAN: Reshat trains like five day a week,
two and a half hours a day. He goes to school, comes home, does his homework, eat, then we
head out to the boxing gym. SOSA: I tell my kids this is a very physical
hard sport. You gotta train your body so when you get hit it won’t hurt as much. I’ve known
Reshat two years, but he’s been doing kickboxing and jiu jitsu before that. ADRIAN: Since he was a little baby, he loved
to punch. At age five, Reshat started competing with jiu jitsu and submission grappling and
he basically won every competition he competed in. As he got a little bit older, the kickboxing
matches started coming in and MMA fights started coming in. He liked the most MMA, a combination
of all mixed martial arts, but in New York it’s not allowed for kids, even for adults
so we had to travel all over the country to find him fights. It’s easier to find boxing
in New York so if you cannot get any other fights, we started doing boxing. Now, he’s
a four years in a row world kickboxing champion. He’s a junior olympic boxing champion. He’s
a North American submission grappling champion and Grapplers Quest jiu jitsu champion. He’s
undefeated in MMA, he’s undefeated in muay thai. He’s ranked number one in the world
in kickboxing and he’s ranked number one in boxing in the United States hundred pound
division. SOSA: What makes Reshat special? He’s willing
to mix it up. He don’t run, he wants to fight and that’s what makes him special. He stays,
he’s not afraid to get hit. RESHAT: I can fight different ways. If they
can brawl, I’ll brawl with them. If they’ll try to fight technical, I’ll fight technical
back. They call me Albanian Bear. SOSA: His sparring partner which is Harley
Medros, he’s also a Silver Glove National Champion so it’ll be a good spar. He’ll be
sparring maybe six, seven hours with him. RESHAT: Amazing fighter. Really really talented.
Me and him both won the Silver Gloves this year. Hopefully, we’re gonna back this year
and win it again. ADRIAN: My father was a boxer and he taught
boxing to me. I have a son, I teach it to my son, but it’s a lot of frustration coaching
your own kid. You expect way more than any other kid. RESHAT: My father teaches me like how to punch,
what to do when the situation. Also, he cares about me. He’s always taking care of me, you
know. SOSA: Reshat does get a little nervous before
a fight, but it’s not cause he knows he’s going to lose or he knows he’s gonna do bad.
He don’t wanna look bad in front of his dad. RESHAT: When I’m with my father and he goes,
“stop, you get hit too much. Pick your hands up!” that’s the kind of things that I get
kind of intimidated, like scared of, because I want to prove to my father I’m good enough
to box. [MUSIC] ADRIAN: Reshat. [MUSIC] ADRIAN: Reshat. ADRIAN: Every time he goes to a fight, to
a ring, I worry he’s gonna get hurt and also I don’t want anybody else to get hurt, you
know? Because they’re kids. It is a hard sport, but it’s been there since the beginning of
time. Any contact sport, you get injuries. Accidents happen. RESHAT: I don’t think of like having like
brain trauma I think if you keep getting hit in the head. What I need to do is keep my
hands up so I don’t have to worry about that happening. If I don’t keep my hands up, it’s
my problem. ADRIAN: Nobody wants to see his kid get hit
so I try to make him not to be an easy target. If I see that my son is getting hit hard or
he’s losing the fight badly, I’m stopping the fight. There’s no need to get to a point
that he gets hurt. [WHISTLE BLOWS] [CLAPPING] ADRIAN: From a boxing gym from Flatbush we’re
going to a kickboxing gym which is in Staten Island to continue our training, so that’s
long hours and that’s five days a week actually. RESHAT: If I keep working on it, you know,
in my heart and in my head I know that I can end up being on top. ADRIAN: Everybody has his dreams. You wanna
be the best? You gotta put up your time. [MUSIC] [WHISTLE] Here we go! [MUSIC] ADRIAN: Akmal who teaches kickboxing is from
Uzbekistan and is a two-time world champion at kickboxing. In the beginning he was doing
it old school and he was putting these kids through torture, but they told him in America
it’s called child abuse so he had to switch the training a little bit. It became way softer.
In the beginning it was hard, that’s what I liked and that’s why I enrolled Reshat in
it. RESHAT: I have to train, I have to train hard
every single day. I’ve got mostly all my life trying to be on top. If I keep going with
that I could end up getting famous off of what I want to do most and it’s boxing and
MMA. [MUSIC] ADRIAN: Reshat can’t wait until he becomes
fifteen, sixteen so he can advance to that Olympic trials and make it to the USA team.
If you’re an amateur fighter, Olympics is the top championship. After that, it’s the
pros. RESHAT: I want to become a fighter, you know.
A pro boxer or a pro MMA fighter. Maybe both. You just have to stay focused. ADRIAN: I’m hoping to be the best he can be.
It doesn’t matter where. Boxing, MMA, kickboxing or whatever he decides to do. SOSA: Good kid. Very good boxer, very good
kickboxer, and I believe he will be a great great professional fighter. ADRIAN: As a fighter you want to be a champion
and Reshat was a fighter from the beginning. I didn’t make him a fighter. He was born a
fighter. RESHAT: Subscribe to THNKR or I’ll knock you

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100 Responses

  1. Chris Bellevue says:

    I agree with you and magicapricot. The kid is good but seeing him just from a standpoint of an experienced fighter (I've been traning close to 17 yrs now) its just like you said, hes at a level that someone whos been training 4-5 years should be at. Yes, the Spider Silva fights like a Super Saiyan! But just as magicapricot said, by definition and for his age, he is.

  2. sh9683 says:

    know he is great with all the rules and such,now what about if gets into a fight on the street? with no rules? no weigth restriction? what good will grappling do when the oponing breaks your face every time you try to go for the legs?

  3. ian gaston says:

    I agree with Adam I'm 16 5'10 and right around 200 pounds won states wrestling and a I brawl I'd love to fight that kid let him try take down and shit. One sprawl an I'll crush him. One big hook or uppercut he's done. He's an amazing fighter I'll give him that but for his age and weight class even for other weight classes but if he tried fighting someone my size it's most likely wouldn't even be fair

  4. Burim Duka says:

    Shqipe proud to c u doin good, i hope u make it big u got talent wish u all da best, n dat albanian tank top is sik lookin represent who u r.

  5. djnv11 says:

    great kid, too many kids bumming around these days.

  6. Geheim Schrank says:

    His whole life is fighting, agressions ….oh yeah thats what a child need

  7. Joshua Thomas says:

    He Got Brace ?

  8. Jason Hernandez says:

    Great talent, spreading himself thing maybe…

  9. The Chino says:

    Try thailand

  10. Ahmet M. says:

    Go Albaniaaaa <3 !!!!!!!!!

  11. Zaccardo00001 says:

    good kid fighter but go to china this is average there. When he is 20 there will be 1000 of fighters at the same lvl… but realy good boy. try your best

  12. Lai Zhu Wei says:

    A true legend

  13. Arturo Cordova says:

    Go to see in Mexico and you see lots of kids like this nothing spical

  14. Nikola Barišić says:

    really good just keep on

  15. temporaryaccount200 says:

    Give this13 year old kid 10 years and He would fuck Tyson with like one punch
    : P

  16. ირაკლი says:

    I dont think that he is not a bully :/ . Sometimes its hard to control yourself when you are stronger than others and i dont think he can control himself

  17. MelonHead1848 says:

    cant wait to see this guy fight pro

  18. Sadoruro says:

    You don't know the definition of talent when it is bringed in martial art. If he was a prodigy, a genius, he would be far more strong than what it's shown in this video. As I said, he got the level you normaly achieve when you train 4 to 5 years with dedication.
    He is normal, he trains with dedication, he got the level you get in 5 years when you're normal. This fact, in itself, is already glorious for a 13 yo. But he's not a prodigy. If he was, his level would be far beyond.

  19. BsW Gaming says:

    He looks like the next Mike Diaz (UFC FIGHTER)

  20. JUST2GUYZXZ says:

    Check out my mixtape on Datpiff its called "Greekboii". Tell me what you think about it, and download it if you like it. This really is my dream and my passion and i put a lot of hard work into it. Thank you for your help and support!

  21. PJRinne says:

    You're an idiot… It's the exact same for the kid facing him, there's also his own trainer who'll stop it. Nothing wrong or unfair business there.

  22. everything will be ok says:

    he seems very intelligent to boot

  23. TheAgileFatman says:

    akward moment when a 13 year old could beat my ass….

  24. Tristan La Turno says:

    I dont do kick boxing but i do boxing

  25. heroofalltime says:

    Yeah okay.

  26. sgtsnakeeyes11 says:

    wait till he gets just a bit older and other kids will surpass him physically and he will burn out…

  27. Alexis Zuñiga says:

    I train MMA, BOXING and Jiu jitsu, I have 17 years old but I only need to train Muay thay
    Still with your young age, I think if you knock me

  28. Alexis Zuñiga says:

    Yeah, Sure!

  29. norte1989 says:

    There are hundreds of kids in mexico with the same talent…too bad no one recognizes those kids…

  30. Assyrian103 says:

    Im sure the other parents would stop the fight if they saw there kid getting beat on. And its a sport hes not hitting the others to hurt them.

  31. HitAdventures says:

    Go on shut up with talking shit

  32. TCn TheClassicnathan says:

    He is sooooooo lucky Little Mac is fake because He would get owned by Little mac

  33. Jeremy Delacruz says:

    I could beat him

  34. ibe MrDiaz says:

    nick @ nate diaz u mean?

  35. Xellos357 says:

    lol, i was thinking the same thing! i've seen bloodsport!

  36. Xellos357 says:

    you guys are both idiots! do either of you know anything about Iron Mike?

  37. Jordan Yolo says:

    he looks so weak

  38. Jordan Yolo says:

    he looks so weak
    bn jb

  39. Frank Gallardo says:


  40. Rahil says:

    that dudes sort of right,why let your kid do boxing if you dont want him to get hurt? even if you are a father, when he starts losing stop? he doesnt expect his son to lose a single fight in his entire career?

  41. Lorenzo Ibarra says:


  42. Keralapadam says:

    He has really good skills for a person who is 13. Obviously, we will see him as one of the top boxers in the future.

  43. GT5champion says:

    103 pounds? Wow this guys tiny, i'm 13 and i'm 140 pounds at 5'6 and i'm a better fighter.

  44. pargata afidan says:

    in indonesia mati means death this guy is blessed

  45. Louise Webb says:

    He's a nice kid. Watch the video when he is fishing with his dad.

  46. Louise Webb says:

    He obviously would now but like the other guy said, give him 10 years and he probarbly would win him

  47. JAMES SMITH says:

    This is the future of MMA… Make sure in high school he starts wrestling. needs a real MMA school soon.

  48. dakandeesh says:


  49. Matt Brady says:

    haha they wear helmets how badass

  50. izzy theviewer says:

    there is nothing there he should go to europe

  51. Polis Ranger says:

    Actually I do I am an American and I am a boxer and I beat up Europeans and Asians all the time in the ring and on the street in self defense.

  52. khaled aljaber says:

    im sure he would fuck you with one punch… and i'm sure you're a fat girl commenting on successful people's videos

  53. khaled aljaber says:

    martial arts give u that control… when you are used to going and sparring everyday.. u dont have the need to go fight someone..

  54. Rainhawk says:

    dude i bet this kid will fuck you up in one punch

  55. Ashten Miller says:

    Lmfao a better fighter?

  56. Deez Vannnd says:

    this kid has badass dedication. much respect.

  57. elias navarrete says:

    seriously tho lol

  58. Mc Lovin says:

    Wait until he's old enough to drink

  59. c0019107 says:

    he hasn't fought a mexican thats why he's undefeated. good for him tho

  60. Saroojan Vasanthakumar says:

    i´m 13 years old and i´ve always wanted to do boxing, karate, jiujutsu, Muay Thai, Aikido and many more. but i could not do any of that cuz i´m scared of getting hurt, but he´s not.
    you got my respect bro

  61. asemas kouklitsamou says:

    albanians are born for fight
    keep moving kid
    make your dreams realy

  62. Kirsten Caruana says:

    2:28 ..
    he looks like Obama .

  63. Jean Paul Davila says:

    No need to bag on the kid, he's good but there's others just as good if not better than him out there.

  64. MARCEL PR says:

    even you dead you don't stop


  65. marcusliciniusad says:

    So says you….

  66. DreazyPanam says:

    The future of MMA.

  67. DreazyPanam says:

    The future of MMA.

  68. Miguel says:

    The future of Mixed Martial Arts.

  69. brandon peori says:


  70. brandon peori says:


  71. Hasan Khan says:

    he is so awesome

  72. Lucijan Cosic says:

    I'm 15 and I can tell you this kid is small I'm 5,9 and i weigh 185 pounds of mostly muscle…

  73. Jalessa87 says:

    Neat check my young boy out on my page

  74. Brad Trejo says:

    I like this kid. haha

  75. Chocolate Thanos says:

    this kid will no doubt get a contract with the UFC

  76. Albanian Garage says:

    like if you albanian!!!

  77. shaq thatguy says:

    watch my videos for the REAL deal lol

  78. dan the man says:

    Not if he want's to stay undefeated he shouldn't.

  79. buttery gramps says:

    That doesn't mean anything.

  80. Koba Kabana says:

    He looks kind of like Nick Diaz

  81. Call Me Papi says:

    when that kid said if i don't subscribe or else he knock me out inthought he was serious for a second

  82. AndreProductionVideo says:

    this kid is awesome. i really hope he doesnt get hurt and goes pro

  83. Cornelius Rutherford III says:

    As we all know, the best way for children to grow up is to beat the crap out of each other.

  84. SK Ayrez says:

    the father needs to stop living his life through his son

  85. indramushti says:

    I am 21 and he can beat my ass .

  86. Casey Hardman says:

    He already has heart and a positive, respectable attitude. Hope he continues on!

  87. jason lee says:

    @GT5champion your are not a better fighter then dat kid he is rank 1 your probably not even ranked

  88. goman9078 says:

    wow i can't stand people like you

  89. Danilo Sosa says:

    I'm 14, weight 165 and 5'11, also practice karate

  90. Dan Baig says:


  91. Ian James Batkin says:

    Just wait until he discovers girls, I have seen SO many promising young boxers get ruined by girls. lol

  92. steaua vasile says:

    Am 13 yrs old and i am 198 pounds at 6'1. MMA fighter world champion.

  93. Deny Lunar says:

    No. Your not.

  94. dylan wyatt says:

    Yeah and im so rich i can buyout Detroit….

  95. BilboSwaggins says:

    Bet the bullys don't pick on him

  96. Alok kimbo says:

    Next NIck Diaz I guess.

  97. Maran Nebbeling says:

    Love, give me a link to that title.

  98. Peter Martinez says:


  99. AStar Screams says:

    Some people may see this as wrong because he is a kid , But only people like me who have dedicated their lives to MMA or any sport like this know what is really going on in our heads . You have no idea how good these sports are for you physically and mentally .

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