– [Narrator] Dogumentary TV, producing the best breed
documentaries on YouTube. (barking) (light upbeat music) – I’m Kraig Guay from
Maximum Power Kennels. We breed working American Bulldogs standard to hybrid standards. So, for me an American
Working Bulldog is athletic, mentally stable, easy to
live with most importantly and they just give it their all. There’s no medium level for a bulldog. It’s first or last and
that’s how we like it. Here at Maximum Power Kennels,
we focus with a French ring for our protection sport and as puppies we focus on a Belgium
ring style of bit work. From there, once they leave the property they’re capable of doing whatever the handler chooses to do
with them at that point. Whether it’s ring or IPO or
hog or pet or protection. Whatever floats your boat, the American Bulldog
should be able to fill it. For me getting into French
ring with American Bulldogs, I was told they couldn’t do it. Which obviously prompts a
lot of people to try it. Then took a lot of time, a lot
of effort, a lot of patience but we put our time in and
we got where we wanted to go but it’s not for every bulldog for sure. There’s a lot that goes into the ring but I think it shows the
mental capabilities of the dog, the stability environmentally of the dog and the will to run at 40 meters over and over and over again to get to that level
that these dogs are at. That’s why I chose to
go with ring versus IPO or personal protection. I wanted that elite handler
control over my animals. (chattering) (horn honking) (whistling) (horn honking) Mentally, an American
Bulldog in French ring or in sport work in general, predictably in the rings because you get, there’s no break in between the obedience and the protection work, it’s all at once. It’s all at the same scenario. A bulldog tends to go red
zone thought very easily and they have a hard time coming back down into the green light world of obedience. So, if you can get your dog
to transition from obedience to bite work back into proper obedience, that shows a lot of character
and a lot of stability on that dog. It’s very difficult. For American Bulldogs,
we have two standards and multiple types in our world. It all pretty much starts,
it starts getting documented with Dr. Johnson that we all know. Very large dogs, short muzzle,
really great for property, close encounters, loving animals that want to
be around their handlers, but can also do some work. Then we have the Scott’s,
the Alan’s of the world, that they tend to be a
little longer muzzled, a little smaller of an animal. Possibly more athletic
just because of their size. Then from there, those
are the two major types and then from there we go into
hybrids and hybrid standards and hybrid bullies and from that mix. The hybrids are a little
bit of both worlds. You get the size of the
Johnson and that nice want to be with you character. Then with the performance or the standard, you get that nice breedability,
can run through fields. You want to go catch hogs, they’re going to be
right there with the wind with the hog. Very athletic animals. I’m in the standard to
hybrid standard world. I like a longer muzzle,
four inches or more, four and a half inches or more. I like to be at a 26
inch wither or bigger. Good size head, like 26
inch head give or take and that puts you right where Tuna, Al The Tuna Capone looks. And that’s what I’d like. A little taller maybe but right there. I think that’s a good working bulldog. He can jump a seven foot wall. He can clear 1.5 on a meter. He can do a four meter long jump, so there’s a lot of athleticism. So, we’re able to do a lot with that dog. Okay, so Al Tuna Capone is
out of Intoxicating Bullies. He’s my older male. He’s been through the ringer with me, we’ve done many, many,
many sports with him. He excelled at French ring. We’ve played in the Iron
Dogs with the bulldogs and the all sportS and
we’ve had some fun with him and he’s been around. His makeup, he’s about 26
of the wither, 26 inch head and about 95 pounds. We’ve never seen him stop. We’ve been training, we’ve sent him, I think it was 27 times full field and the first time he
went, nice full bite, and the last time he went, nice full bite. I’ve never seen that dog quit. ABA, he’s on his way to ABA Champion and we have a qualified
ring one, French ring one. He’s played many times at French ring two. He’s won hardest hitting
when he did his ring one, so he got hardest hitting that trial. He got decoy’s choice. That was all at ring one. Then we went into all sport
and he cleaned up in all sport. Hardest hitting, I think
it’s called an elite canine, is their title there. Then we go into Iron
Doggies and Iron Dog three and he have hardest hitting there and decoy’s choice as well. – [Male] Tell them about your female. – My top female is NorCals
Fuchsia in Fashion. She’s a UKC Champion. She’s a splash dog,
title dog, a therapy dog, French ring one. Amy Peterson had her from a
pup and did her obedience. And also was the breeder
on her through NOrCal. Gave me a really, a lot of
great foundation to work with to get her to a ring one. She’s a little bit smaller,
we call her the cannon ball because she doesn’t have any knees. She’s just full field,
full speed down the field and wrecks everything she
comes in contact with. But she’s a little smaller which was a product of the line breeding. But full grip and again,
I haven’t seen her stop. I’m very happy with the
foundation I have right now for my puppies. Living with a bulldog is pretty sweet. I don’t know if I got lucky or not, but my pack structure’s pretty good. When I first started I
had as couple more males so we were on our toes a little bit more. With experience you learn
what you could be doing and what you should be doing. So, we have a great pack structure here, everybody’s friendly. If I ask my dogs to work,
they’re ready to work. If we want to sit down and watch TV, they’re ready to sit down and watch TV. For me, I don’t know if I got lucky. We’ve had seven dogs
go through the program, more or less here and everyone of them has had that same characteristic. All heart, super lovable, ready
to work, never backs down. You can’t ask for, not
every dog with do that. We’ve had quite a few here, so that something about the breed. Out here, we’re 25 miles from the freeway,
we’re out in the sticks, I’m on six acres and the dogs more or less keep the coyotes out. They bark at the gate, super alarmers. I can’t say they’ve had a
live bite cause they haven’t. No one’s jumped the fence. Anybody’s welcome to try. If they get them, they get
them, that’s what I say. As far as protecting the property, I couldn’t ask for more than
what they’re doing for me, so that’s perfect for me. As far as protecting myself, anyone of these dogs
would throw down for me. I think we’ve proved it. I feel confident in it. I think that goes a lot to
say about the relationship a handler has with their dog is that the dog will actually be for them. In conclusion, for me
bulldogs are my breed, I’ve worked Malinois, I’ve owned Malinois, I’ve owned other breeds. Some other breeds might be easier to train but you’ll never have as much fun as when you’re training a
bulldog and that’s for sure. You can bring them home
and they’re good dogs. You can bring them out in the field and they’re good dogs. For me, that’s my breed.

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    best dog i have ever had the pleasure of owning.proud,gentle,protective,sweet natured,fun loving,loves to be around his human friendswill play nicely with other dogs unless provoked.great dog,very emotional,get the shits when ignored loves food,just a really great mate,one of the best friends I have ever had.Like him more than a lot of humans,and tends to think that he is human.Weighs 60 kilo,and a real big sook,love the breed,very misunderstood regards their aggressiveness.great natured until threatened,then the power of these animals stands him.

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  8. Peter McNeill says:

    Just had to put mine down after 12.5 years rip Lincoln … the best breed in the world !! This was the best description of the breed ever !! Thank you!

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    Scott/standard. Ali. Either way—-dont be there !

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    , my name is Sandra and I recently went to a shelter to adopt an American Bulldog he was one-year-old he's such a sweet personality his personality matches mine he I just love this little guy checking out for a run walked in around and went back with him and told the manager I definitely want to adopt him while she screwed me out of getting him she despitefully and so rudely treated me with such disrespect and provoke me into anger she lied to me and told me that because she couldn't get ahold of my landlord I couldn't have the dog I applied and I was there first I gave them everything that they wanted the persons that they look like they leave feces in the pan so the poor little dogs have to sit in the garbage and I reported them to the Attorney General's office that was looking at the dog was tapping his teeth that told me dog fighting something is not right

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    Kraig, great video and information and thanks for posting. Until 10 years ago I had never heard of an American Bulldog, but an abandoned one showed up at our house on December 31, 2008. We named her Athena and she was the best dog I ever had. Our Vet. estimated Athena to be about 10 months old and she weighted 88 LBS at the time. She grew to a beautiful 130 LBS bulldog and was a great family pet. Athena was loved by all. Unfortunately, she got cancer in her left hind leg and we had to euthanize her on Nov. 12, 2018. Broke my heart. For anyone interested in seeing photos of her and a read about her story, internet search Athena – American Bulldog Tribute. I did her tribute to shed light on this great breed and to possibly reach anyone thinking about a rescue American Bulldog. They are GREAT dogs and I'll be getting another one soon. David G.

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    Awesome video. I have a Scott his father was from the southern white line. I made a mistake and didn't do socializing as much as I should have when he was a pup. The biggest problem I have is he is a very independent thinker. It takes a lot of effort to get him to take his attention off something and focus on something else. Extremely protective of the children especially my daughter.

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  94. Dogs 4 Home protection says:

    I have both types Johnson and Scott; they are extremely smart and obedient. They have pit bull type drive but a little more laid back and can easily be trained to be less animal aggressive. I use them to guard my chickens from stray dogs that like nothing more than to sneak in and kill chickens. The video describes the difference between the two types, the Johnson is more laid back and a better guard dog and have that hilarious Bulldog personality. The Scott type are hot and dog aggressive , they live to catch hogs or whatever you throw in front of them. Great Dogs , I have many breeds and have had many more.

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    Someone I know, has a male 12 week old American bull dog pup in foster at the moment, and he was rescued by a woman whose boyfriend was training him in dog fighting, he has already shown signs of dog aggression, but he’s a beauty. White and gray. I want him so bad, but I know I wouldn’t be able to handle him. But the American bulldog is definitely one of my dream dogs later on in life.

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